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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

Cancer is the Mother, the womb, belly and the breasts. Cancer is ancestry. Cancer is the mother wound and how we learn to nurture and care for ourselves. Cancer Season is about reclaiming the home and family and redefining it beyond what we were shown in our childhood. I’m going to use the word Mother throughout this, but you can also exchange it with or add your primary care giver as well.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is a cardinal water sign. So this is a moony-moon as the moon feels at home here and is able to really communicate with us.

Emotions run high, you might feel like you want to run away. Wounding about self rejection vs. self acceptance or self doubt may rear it’s head.

The new moon is a partial solar eclipse, so there is much more power to it than a normal moon. It’s here to help us forgive, clear and heal our past. When we look at the original programs we inherit and adopt, it’s often the shadow of our mother or other mother figures that subconsciously becomes our own shadow to unpack this time of year.

The moon represents our shadow self, our emotions, our maternal line, our programs and conditions. When our shadow is in the dark, it appears as projections on others. We come alive and awaken when we coax our shadow out of the dark and into the light. This is some of the greatest work of our lives.

During Cancer season, we get to look at and heal our relationship with our mother OR we get to take a loving, compassionate look at our own blind spots adopted long before we understood that the universe didn’t revolve around ourselves and there are more ways to exist than the way of our mother. These early transmissions from our mothers are some of the hardest to see because they are so deeply rooted in our subconscious, they can cause us the most pain and be a beacon for relationship attraction points (both functional and dysfunctional). They will keep showing up in as many ways as we need in order to see.

This eclipse is on the moon’s north node, so it has to do with relationships of our past (mother / ancestors along with any past relationship), it is opposed by Pluto who is showing up with a sword, ready to eclipse or sever these old ties for those who are ready and willing to take a look. Pluto is death, destruction, transformation and rebirth. Pluto shows us our power. Pluto doesn’t care if you’re ready to change, when he shows up, he works in extremes to ensure his message is clear.

Since we are being given an opportunity to head back to our earliest programs with this moon, it can be powerful to intentionally adopt a little of that egocentric view of the world that a child has and let the world, the people in our world, the environment all become personal because everything you see and are triggered by is a reflection of something inside of you. When we do this… When we walk into our past with compassion in one hand and self love in another, there is a profundity in our ability to convert what we experience into the nourishment that heals us.

Make a little more time to spend time with yourself and journal, bath, play, dance, breath, meditate, do yoga nidra, sleep or roll on the ground and moan if you need to. Let yourself daydream back into your childhood and sort out some of those unresolved emotions from your past. How many of us as kids where told how we should feel about something, rather than being given a chance to feel? How many people were told not to cry or that we were being too sensitive? Every emotional experience we have had that gets interrupted, gets stored in our cellular structure to be felt eventually. It’s waiting inside for an opportunity to be felt. Let yourself feel. Let yourself cry. Let yourself go through a tear filled purging ritual. This is exactly the symbol of where Pluto sits now. Pair that with the eclipse and we can all lop off some old emotional history, shed some spiritual weight and find a lightness inside that can be used to create something new!

The thing is, we are initiated into this life with ancestral gifts too. Our mothers program in some incredibly virtuous gifts as well. The challenge is that the human psyche is designed to see the negative first as a means of protection. So to get to the gifts, we have to sort through the muck.

One of the more tricky aspects of cancer season is that our intuition is increasing as well. When we are listening to our intuition, there are times when hidden history is confused for intuition. Our nervous system is an ancient recording device and it will hold on to any unresolved experience and continue to signal the endocrine system to create the exact hormones and chemicals it needs to utilize in order to release the experience. It looks for any and all opportunity to create release, making any and all interactions fair game in it’s attempt to clear. That means that until you’re able to find the release valve, patterns will continue to repeat themselves. The wildest thing about it is that we are programmed to CRAVE the situation until it does get released. So not only do we suffer again and again, but we create the same situations again and again bonding us to this hidden, subconscious condition until we finally recognize that our reactions have very little to do with the present moment and much more to do with our unresolved wounds.

With Jupiter freshly direct, we are getting a jump start for these releases. Jupiter is on a major mission to clean out your mental and emotional closets and storage spaces. We can get honest with ourselves and own up to our programming or we can continue to point fingers and suffer in blame patterns.

If you go into your mother relationship with pure, sweet gratitude for being the vessel that gave you life, that gratitude – the high vibration of the frequency of gratitude will help you to clear out some of the more challenging aspects. It’s not by battling with the wounds and the hurt, it’s to crowd out, to shift the frequency and the perspective so that you can access the gifts, the blessings, the heritage that sets you up to live your Dharma this life. If the concept that we choose our mother’s is true, there has got to be something so beautiful about that relationship that inspired the choice in the first place. Something shiny that brought you in, that ignited the attraction. Find that.

There are incredibly beneficial Water trine and earth trines in the sky right now too. Together they make a Star of David and are working in our favor to manifest big dreams. I'll come back and finish up thoughts on this tonight.

Lots of favourable energy here to help us grow!

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