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Gemini Season

{Collage Art by Jess Wells // Photography by Dj Pierce // Model: Humberto Le Pelch}

Gemini season is curious, changing, growing. It’s unpredictable and playful and witty. It’s social and intelligent. Gemini is the messenger, knows how to communicate with anyone. Gemini season represents the duality of the higher and lower mind. The dark and the light, the day and the night. Any duality is up for us to play in the polarities and as we do, we deepen our understanding of Unity. Once we see that, we understand that we have a choice. If dark, shadow and light are on the same spectrum, how and where do you want to play?

Because Gemini season is so playful and curious, it helps us to desire to explore new realms and possibilities. Gemini changes their mind quickly which helps them to develop a keen sense of discernment over time. They are perceptive and awake, which helps to develop intuition. This is where we can aspire to awaken our Spiritual Identity in that if our higher mind and lower minds are being illuminated continually, we are presented a choice: go high or stay low. Succumb to our circumstances and conditions or rise above them? When you make the choice to rise above your conditions again and again, you alter your entire life because you change your reward system through your endocrine secretions (addictive hormonal chemicals) and you shift the magnetism of your electromagnetic field. The Gemini adaptability creates versatility in the way we respond to life which is very helpful along the Spiritual Path. This is no easy task, but a worthy journey. As we continue through the zodiac this year, we have some big and important work to do, some of the most important of our lives. So it’s a good idea to get on the inside of your experience. Who is the master of your inner world?

The Gemini archetype that has awakened their Spiritual essence is able to travel from one end of the polarity to the other with out judgment, while maintaining connection to the Oneness of it all. They are equanimous and playful as they are aware of the Cosmic joke and choose to keep life light, while still infusing every moment with wisdom.

Gemini Season starts off with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces Trine at 16°. This is a beautiful omen of inspiration, dreaming, tapping into your wisdom and applied knowledge to enhance your life to make it more prosperous in a multitude of ways for both self and other. It requires that you allow yourself to dream, day dream, lucid dream, remember and make cosmic connections. Spend time in contemplation and conversation to help bring these dreams into reality! What you find inside this Gemini season is gold!

(remembering that sometimes that process includes cleaning out the closets)

Lately, I’ve noticed that the recognition of my own innocence is like taking a superfood for my creativity and dream states. It makes perfect sense too: when you are the most innocent, ages 0 – 6, your brain is in a dream state continuously and imagination is never ending.

Over the next 25 weeks, we are getting introduced to what Uranus is going to feel like as he travels through Taurus from March 6th, 2019 – July 7th, 2025 because when he goes retrograde back into Aries (November 6th, 2018– March 6th, 2019), we’ll get to review a bit of Uranus in Aries to ensure that we truly got the Highest Teachings from the Uranus in Aries upgrades we received over the past 8 years. I anticipate that time he travels back into Aries to be highly creative, motivating and productive. Until then, we get to recalibrate our nervous systems to the earth element and attune to our senses in a revolutionary way. There may be a feeling of wanting things to move quickly, but being schooled over and over again to slow down, take your time and do it right. Listen to this. We are rebuilding our cultures and we NEED to listen to each other. We need to linger were it sucks so that we don’t create more of that in this new paradigm. There is no need to repeat the same mistakes twice. This is why we are being shown so clearly just how much pain we have caused the world and each other: so we can heal it. And we can.

Chiron is doing a similar dance between Pisces and Aries, which I wrote about last month.

Sagittarius Full Moon // Sun in Gemini

This Sagittarius / Gemini polarity is helping us to remember that mentors and visionaries are extremely helpful in our lives. When we get stuck in the short-term vision in our lower mind, the golden hand that lifts us up and out into our higher mind is vital. Gemini will give exceptional short-term advice, but often miss out on the longer term consequences or results of our actions. The two archetypes help each other out immensely: Gemini can be objective (mind / air) while Sagittarius can get too caught up in their version of truth (seeker / fire). They are both Mutable, which means they are changing and moving. They are social, outgoing and fun. Air and Fire elements go together beautifully when in balance. Fire actually consumes air to exist. No oxygen, no fire. But also too much air puts the fire out when the flame is weak. They need balance to both be at their highest.

The Sun is at 8° Gemini and the moon is at 8° Sagittarius.

The moon tells a specific story of looking at and feeling the heaviness of the world and / or your life and facing a choice: allow yourself to be punished about what has been done / co-created OR welcome the light of your Spiritual practice, drop all judgments, open to compassion and forgiveness (for both others and Self). This moon wants you to dream of a new future, to tap into your visionary self and rise to great heights!

The Sun tells a story of how important it is that you recognize your luminescent, creative light that is unique to YOU! To recognize that we are unique, yet at the same time, we are all one and when we can see ourselves in others, that’s when compassion blossoms. Joy lives in those connections when we recognize our Self and we soften our hard edges, our rigid ways and all that holds us back from a full release into love. The path to being able to see and experience that is to deeply, intimately know yourself.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so we look to Jupiter for more clues on the power of this moon. Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio at 15°51 (which I love that mirror number, further illuminating that ability to see, feel and experience the mirror of self in everything you see).

(to be continued)

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