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Taurus Season

{collage art: Jess Wells // Model: Jacobie Gray (an actual Taurus) // Photographer: DJ Pierce}

Taurus has been mis-perceived by pop culture. Likely because it is represented by the bull, it is easy to think that Taurus is a masculine sign and people like to give Taurus a bad reputation as being stubborn and stop there. But there is so much more to this sensual sign. Remember that the cow is held as the most sacred animal in India. Taurus is a feminine, fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus is romantic, reliable and compassionate. Taurus like to take her time, so that she can take it all in because Taurus rules the five senses. There is something indulgent about this season. It a return to creature comforts. Taurus rules the culinary arts and often has an intuitive way in the kitchen. Taureans have a sense of smell like no other and may find themselves in love with and connected to essential oils, flowers and herbs. They have an eye for beauty and a way of creating beauty within themselves and all around them. Taurus can tell in an instant the quality of textiles because their ability to feel is extraordinary. They love good music and it re-organizes their state of mind and connects them with their heart because of the depth that they hear. Taurus is the sensual side of the zodiac and one who is scanning for and creating pleasure. Taurus governs property and the home and often have homes adorned with their favorite things and their definition of beauty. They love to have collections (art collections, record collections, etc) and they are story tellers. (store / story - this is their domain). Taurus season is where you reset your values. What are you values?

Taurus energy IS the Matriarchy. Can you imagine Taurus as the Mama who puts her foot down and holds down the traditions of the house? 'Every one home for dinner.' It’s the Matriarchy who lays down the non-negotiables and really lets us know how to be family, to be good to one another and take care of and nurture each other. She'll make you put your sweater on before leaving the house on a cool day. Taurus in some ways, IS the Divine mother. The matriarchy often leads the way and teaches us values.

(Cancer is where the mother conversation often stays, but why put the mother inside only one sign? The Divine Mother has multiple expressions and that includes beauty and abundance and all things pleasurable which is exactly what Taurus is all about... As we continue here, you'll see even more clues)

Taurus can be seen as the power of fertility. This can be in agriculture and in any type of creation. I just love the polarity of the Taurus season full moon in Scorpio's sexuality and Taurus's sensuality. You can allow your imagination flow to see what that creates. Taureans are often master manifestors. They may take a moment to get started, but once they do, they go all the way and create of the highest value. Taurus rules money / wealth / finances. Taurus Season is about grounding and remembering your worth, your value. This full moon in Scorpio has the medicine of a break through in it. This comes with just enough stress to make sure you're paying attention. Make sure that you take advantage of this time by grounding yourself and getting on the inside of your experience so you can discover what is underneath.

I think a big lesson from Taurus is how important it is to have a healthy, Sacred Masculine to balance the Divine feminine or else they are both out of balance. We see this in how determined they are to be comfortable and even slightly luxurious. Taurus brings a lesson of us of a return to WHOLENESS. For the feminine to rooted in the feminine, the masculine has to be rooted in the masculine. {Remember that this isn't male and female -- we have the masculine and feminine within each of us}. As we reclaim and elevate the feminine, we need to maintain in our awareness and honor how the masculine has held us through our own feminine development. (The wide array of styles and techniques used are debatable, but the structures provided safety, sustainability and cared for basic needs before they expired or became corrupt and there have been many advancements in our technology and communities because of the patriarchy). Now the Feminine gets to return the favor: hold the masculine as Sacred in a way that allows a recalibration and rebalancing within the masculine. A Sacred masculine that is vulnerable and lives from their heart. We all know that the men in our lives crave connection and love to the same degree as the women – this truth is a hint to the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine. You can see this by hanging out with a sensitive Taurean man. It’s time to go beyond the programs and get honest with what it means to be a human. The heart LONGS to love. Now, we give permission to love and live from our hearts unabashedly no matter what your history. The more I think about this in the most expanded terms I can comprehend, the more I understand that we need to take turns. The Patriarchy can't hold it forever, nor will we be able to hold the Matriarchy for ever. This is the natural flow of nature. There need not be a power struggle if we look at it this way. The masculine is tired and burnt out and needs to go into a cycle of softening. As we observe that the masculine is broken, it's an emerging responsibility for the Feminine to rise so the masculine can rest and get reinspired and ready for when it is their time to rise again. It will flow back and forth for eternity. Nothing lasts forever. I see this ebb and flow within my marriage even. We take turns holding each other, supporting each other, stepping up for each other. It is healthy and wise and loving.

Because Taurus is a fixed earth sign, being out doors in nature is especially healing for them. Yet they also will often be found being the voice of the earth and the ones protecting our natural resources.

Significant shifts this Taurus Season are:

~ the movement of Chiron from Pisces into Aries happened just before the sun moved into Taurus, yet the beginnings of this 8 year transit will be felt here. It will dip in to Aries April 18th - Sept 25th before it's retrograde journey slides him back into Pisces for about 5 months to remind us of what was so you can bring that felt, emotional wisdom into this more fiery expression of your wounded healer. Once he slides back into Aries Feb 18th, 2019, he will stay there until June 19th, 2026. This time will cause a significant shift in how your relate to and heal your deepest wounds. Chiron is the musician: The song of your heart and how you express your vulnerability may go through a metamorphosis. Time to turn your pain into passion and use it to create a new prototype for healing. Wow. That's exciting. Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus as the moon returns to new on May 15th. Uranus will spend 6 months in Taurus before his retrograde journey slides him back into Aries from November 6th, 2018 until March 6th, 2019 and then he'll stay in Taurus until July 7th, 2025. During the almost 8 years that Uranus was in Aries, he was innovating new technologies, recalibrating our power distribution systems and showing us new prototypes in many different areas of currency and technology that have currency running through it. Now it's time to put this prototypes into action in the main stream. Think block chain everything. Total redistribution of power. We are going to see significant changes in currency, technology and power. I'm loving this. It's such an exciting time to be alive. Just remember that this rebirth period that we are in might not always feel awesome, so it's super important that we keep our mental health practices steady. We are getting a full reset of our nervous system, so tune into your nervous system. Uranus calls us to speed up and Taurus requires that we slow down. Deep listening will diminish confusion. If you've been at any of my new moon circles, you know that this is actually such a huge topic that I am going to leave it at this for now and closer to May 15th, hopefully I'll have time write a whole thing about Uranus in Taurus. I have a lot to say ;-) This Taurus Season Nidra addresses all of this and the energy of the full and new moons. The entire season makes for a story that has nuances and the nidra takes you through the essence of this journey. You'll get more of the story when I publish the new moon in Taurus write up around the 15th as well. Tune it. Practice it at least once a week and watch how the practice shifts as the planets move. The design of these nidras are such that you will get the message you need from the astrology as it is communicating through your subtle body every day whether you are aware of it or not.

Nidra channeled and recorded in Sardina, Italy during my retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza (woah!!) Sound Scapes by Geoff Agosti

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