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New Moon In Gemini

This new moon is quite interesting. The Moon and the Sun sit in Gemini at 4°.

Gemini — the twins. A mutable air sign - it is a time for transformation of the mind. Gemini is very social, talkative and sometimes known as being a little sh*t disturber ;-). The Twins are sometimes felt as the angel and the devil on your shoulders battling for your attention, and other times felt as the gap between the inner workings of our mind / creative passions vs the outer world expression / felt need to keep up with society. We are reminded that there are two sides to every story. The Gemini archetype can earn a flighty reputation since they can find the truth within the lie, be crafty with their words and because of how quickly and frequently they change their mind or perspective on things. They can travel quickly from one end of the polarity to the other and this can also be one of their most enduring traits as teach us the ease of metamorphosis and how to traverse the polarities. When we are able to go from one end of the spectrum to the other, we prevent ourselves from getting stuck or too rigid in life. The speed at which Gemini changes their mind or exercises their quick wit will keep any bystander on their toes and youthful in their step.

As social as Gemini is, the fourth degree of Gemini where this new moon is activated is one of honoring your individual expression by spending more time rooted inward. There is an island of gold deep inside each and every one of you that is more easily accessed when you unplug from all the external influences and opening yourself to the Inner Island of your Soul’s work.

To powerfully create new future realities, we have to travel outside the map that has been drawn. We are in a time when the potential of our future reality depends on us recreating structures. It requires that we unplug from what is currently being created so that we can re-investing our energy in a life we can live by our own design.

Since the sun and moon are in Gemini, we also look at the ruling planet of Gemini, which is Mercury — the planet of communication, commerce, travel and technology.

Mercury sits at 10°, almost 11° Taurus refining this energy.

Between these two degrees, they tell a story of the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine. The Masculine stillness that listens, while offers himself to God for guidance and simultaneously receives inspiration through visions and impressions. You are reminded again and again that all we need to do is get out of our own way, pay attention to life and practice remembering this with a dedicated discipline. The Feminine is the muse; she is unstoppable and on a mission. She inspires deeper listening because her life force comes alive the moment she taps into that still wisdom that lives deep within, unmistakably fed by Source. These two inner energies dance with Grace and ease when both are given their time to play and activate. How closely are you listening to this inner dance of stillness and action? Where does the inspiration come from guiding your actions in life? Are you spending enough time at that deep well within? Communication comes in many forms, including your intuitive senses.

The Sun and the Moon are trine (favorable energy) with Jupiter. Everything Jupiter touches expands and evolves with even the slightest effort toward that growth. Jupiter at 13° Libra, also an air sign, yet cardinal — a story new beginnings that comes as you allow yourself to really be seen. A vulnerable exposure of shared experiences that often live behind the scenes, unspoken. Because these planets are dancing in air signs, this as a complete rearrangement of mind where you can recognize the cycle that you’re in and see it as that knowing that this too is changing. Sometimes upheaval is necessary for new beginnings to take root. In the same why there is a readiness to allow yourself to be seen by the world, there’s also a readiness for you to see more precious and vulnerable aspects of Self. Jupiter’s expansion doesn’t always feel good (opposite Venus, both square Pluto), but with the trine to the moon — we are blessed with a feel good aspect where perhaps harder news to hear can be delivered and we are in a place to receive it with ease and Grace.

Venus is sitting opposite Jupiter at 19° Aries. The Sabine symbol is of someone performing trephination — Trephination is an ancient Egyptian surgical practice where a hole is drilled into the skull of the patient with the intention of releasing mental dis-ease. To release fixed patterns or programming that limit their existence. It is a point in life where the past must be dropped because it is no longer relevant. A new trajectory is set because the moment we empty out and release all petty limitation and habits that hold us back we have the space to allow for infinite inspiration to flow through us.

Pluto sits at 19° Capricorn, squaring Venus and Jupiter which may make this mind transformation challenging to navigate, yet also ensures that it cleans into the corners and creates somewhat of a pragmatic vision of self while defragmenting the programs and conditioning of your past. It reminds us to keep going deeper within to find that inner island of gold and pay no mind to the disturbances / outside sources. This isn’t a time for external validation, it is a time of inner revolution. Emotions may be stirred and while that might not feel comfortable, it will make for potent fuel for your manifesting power.

Jupiter is trine Mars in Gemini, while Saturn in Sagittarius is opposite Mars. This tells of another refinement of the same story. We are in such potent times. If one planet isn’t hitting you in your natal chart, another one is making sure we are all getting the same message: Unplug from what isn’t working. Unplug from external validation. Unplug from needing to fit in. Plug into your Heart and Spirit. Listen inward and take action upon what is revealed in there. There are endings this new moon and the more graceful and willing you let it go — the greater the expansion into something you may have never ever imagined yet. Creativity is strong this cycle. Go play. Set your mind free of that which binds it. Break out of status quo and be more you than ever before. Remember your Spiritual practice to lead the way.

This is a favorable energy to grow and expand and feed your passions. Along the way, there is a good chance that your shadow will be revealed. Remember, as we have our shadow revealed to us, it is because we are ready and strong enough to see it and it is time for you upgrade. You are never being punished when you see this way, you are being initiated into clearer vision and higher vibrational living.

Thank Spirit, thank the moon, thank all that is great in your life and then thank your challenges.

Sending you so much love ~


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