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Taurus New Moon

Earthy, grounded, traditional and steady Taurus ruled by feminine, prosperous Venus is here to help move out all the frenetic energies and ground into creature comforts. While Aries season had us individualizing our experience and defining who we are, Taurus season comes with determination and strength to bring your desires to life and get it done well. Taurus lives through the senses. Taurus loves to nourish the body and Soul through culinary delights, medicinal oils and the comfort and ease that comes with aligning with nature. Give yourself permission to slow down and indulge in your life. Enjoy it. Press pause for a moment and let the sunshine land on your face. Soak those Sun rays in and absorb the information the light is gifting you in every moment. Take a deep breath in and remember how abundant your life is. Hundreds of thousands of oxygen molecules are traveling through your body right now. Breathe deeply. Each one of those molecules has an innate desire to heal your body. Are you breathing deeply? Plant your feet on the earth and feel the frequency of our planet. Gaia, she is here to feed us, nourish us, house us and give us life. Her frequency heals us. Feel water running through your fingers, notice the sensations, the temperature, water’s ability to cleanse. Water’s Spirit lives inside you. Sift through photos of loved ones and let your heart radiate love. Allow your memory to travel back into your recent creations and relationships and congratulate yourself of a job well done. If you have overcome any type of obstacle or challenge recently - give yourself props for making it through to the other side. If you’re ‘in it” still, trust that you are being shown exactly what you need to awaken or rediscover your power. (this month’s nidra will help to alchemize past hardships into fertile soil to plant new seeds). It’s through taking action and witnessing ourselves as powerful co-creators that we can also discover our self worth. Higher octaves of Tauruan energy is the fullest expression of your own internal Divine nature and KNOWING that we add value to the world when we do what makes us come alive!

The more you pay attention to what you love and invest your time and attention into it, the more life force moves through you. When you have that combination alive in you, it becomes very clear which weeds to pull from your inner garden and which seeds to nourish.

It’s time to reconnect to your values and establish boundaries that help you to tend to your own garden and honor the inner cycles.

As you till your inner soil, continue to listen as Mercury dances with Uranus through this retrograde period. It is important that you slow down enough that you can listen to your inner senses. Taurus lives through the senses and Mercury governs the senses, so be open to hearing, feeling, seeing and more through your Inner Senses as we go through this refinement. Society has called our "Inner Senses" our "Higher Senses" which I believe has detached us from the possibility of turning them on or connecting to them. This one small shift in your semantics could change everything for you. I’ll talk more about the retrogrades in a different post, but how sweet is it that we are having this indulgence of our senses as we integrate the information from the recent Venus retrograde. Venus retrogrades are a refinement of our psychic Selves, now give your Self time to really feel what was downloaded into your energetic body from that retrograde! (you can read more about Venus through the Underworld here).

Venus rules Taurus and she is traveling the last degree of the zodiac: 29°. Pisces conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at 27° Pisces. We have been and are moving through a profound healing chamber around perceptions. Use this pause to look into your life and identify anywhere you have been placing blame or feeling like a victim. Blow up the story. Dissolve it completely. — Something happened. End of story. — No “he did…” “I felt…” “I wish I would have…” Something happened. That’s it. We don’t know the why or what the other was thinking or what lead them to believe that what they were doing is okay and it doesn’t matter. You can’t change the happening. What you can change is the story you tell. What matters is how you choose to carry that happening. Make room for a new story to arrive. Today, tomorrow, the next day, peel back the grip you have on the painful or even traumatic story of your past. When Venus gets closer to a full 30° Pisces she is impregnating us with new possibilities, alternative futures and completely different perspectives that will unplug you from what was and open you up to a whole new reality.

In the 200 hour yoga teacher training I am running this year, we have been looking at the difference between Victim Consciousness vs. Co-Creator Consciousness and Tribal Justice vs. Divine Justice as explained by Carolyn Myss. Carolyn Myss teaches that we are not actually meant to carry or hold our trauma in our body for so long, yet, society teaches us that we are supposed to suffer for a long time and that anyone who caused that suffering in you should suffer too. Anywhere you place blame prevents you from living a fully Empowered life. Blame is an energy leak that keeps you from your power. Blame is you saying you don’t trust the Divine. What if you imagined that the whole Universe is rigged in your favor and what ever you are transiting through is the exact experience you need to awaken. Sometimes you are clearing Karma, other times you get pushed down so you stand up stronger. We don’t know. But what if it is? And nothing is a mistake. And some part of you already agreed to endure what you have endured so you could get the wisdom that is waiting for you through fully realized healing?

The combo of this Venus placement and the dance between Uranus and Mercury makes us ripe for a deep download of a completely different perspective, new wisdom or a whole new take on life. Open yourself by unshackling yourself from your past. We may never have a combo like this again in our life. Be willing to heal right now by letting go of the story and the need for the other to suffer or be punished. Any part of you that wants the other to suffer is locked up in that investment and you can’t pull your attention and frequency out of that story. The second you drop it, you have opened up your energy portfolio to invest into new opportunities. Uproot!

The Taurus New Moon is a powerful Manifesting moon. You can almost feel it in the air, it is palpable. Get clear on what you are saying YES to now and be even more firm (or channel the Taurian stubbornness) on your NO’s. If it doesn’t bring you more joy, say no. If you have to do something out of responsibility or duty, do it with great love knowing that your thoughts, words and actions are relieving another’s suffering. Prioritize what gets your attention. Say no to the rest. Make room to take care of YOU!

Remember to do your intentions & a full ritual designed by myself and influenced by Uma-K is up on

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graphic design by Robin Red of AWMYL

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