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Cancer Full Moon 2017

All the planets are direct! Hallelujah! Things are picking up quickly. All the focus you have been cultivating to welcome this New Year and new nine year cycle is ready to be put to work. Time to get moving and stay on top of your game. There are potent manifesting and building energies flowing in the next couple weeks paving the path ahead! We are being reminded that it is time to live from your Soul. If you are unsure if it is coming from your Soul, ask “How does it make me feel?” When it feels like your heart is on fire, you know you have found your Soul’s work. In the past, patriarchal society, there has been such a huge focus on profit that promoted the suppression of the human experience. Now we are shifting to focus on the Human Potential and respect for the Earth over profit. We see more than ever that we have to care for each other. Isn’t it great that we have these figure heads challenging us, causing us to activate our voices for the voiceless? It is all activating powerful emotions causing us to voice our wounds and stand for our fellow humans to reinvigorate a sense of humanity!

This watery, emotional, Cancer full moon has the potential to reveal what has been left unseen or unfelt. Spend time in water and let the tears flow to clean your inner channels and release the old wounds that are coming to the surface to be healed. Swallowed emotions create separation. Vulnerable shares create deep connections.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Cancer moons are the most emotional moons. In the body, Cancer governs the breasts and the stomach {which I personally perceive as the womb}. She is the Mother. She nurtures, offers tough love when needed, is soft, compassionate and vulnerable. She knows when to retreat and when to come out of her shell. She listens and is intuitive. With all these emotions surfacing, be gentle with each other. Receive each other with the same tenderness you would receive a child. Really listen to one another. Give yourself time to be emotional and then get over yourself long enough to imagine what it would be like to live in their shoes.

This cosmic energy is like a magnetic pull on your emotions and wounds from which you can no longer hide. It could show up in a number of different ways and it would be wise to trust that there is a karmic connection to the people involved in your experience. Even if you are not the one instigating the emotional experience, stay present, compassionate and open with the ones that are, because there is something for you in this too. Watch your tendency to say what is kind, rather than what is true. As we are moving into a psychic society, this is becoming a major source of suffering. One thinks they are doing another a favor by swallowing their feelings and dealing with them on their own and the other is tortured by a deeper knowing that the story isn’t being fully told. They know there is something more and being told there is not is damaging to their intuition and suppressing their immune systems whether we are aware of that or not.

One persons repressed pain is all of our pain. Leave nothing festering under the surface. If you have been holding something in for fear of rocking the boat, spend some time with yourSelf so you can choose high vibration language and utilized skills in non-violent communication to finally clear the gritty bits that have been sitting beneath the surface preventing your from truly connecting with your friends and loved ones. You know the feeling when you put on a face but under the surface harbor resentment or pain from an altercation of the past that didn’t get cleared. When that exists inside of a relationship, we can’t really hear or empathize with each other because the suppressed wounds speak louder than the external voices. Unaddressed, this is a classic example of Spiritual By-Passing.

Since we are all going through this activation portal, it is as much medicine for them to hear it as it is for you to clear it. If they have been ignorant in the ways their words or actions have caused you to hurt, with your thoughtful and heart-felt words and actions, have that tough conversation and let them in on what you are going through. Hopefully the love runs deeply enough that they truly don’t want you to suffer and at the same time it gives them an opportunity to open a vein of empathy and compassion where they were previously missing out. Then give them an opportunity to share their side of the experience as well because they likely have something to clear too. Stay out of the defensive. There is no place for it here. Listen and let each other’s story land deeply inside and serve as balm for your wounds. Things are rarely as they seem. No longer shall we suffer alone. We are all suffering with something.

{there are great coaches who can help you design this type of conversation if you find yourself to be challenged in this area of life}

With the moon in Cancer, our inner Nurturer is being awakened. Often times, when people feel heard and respected they soften to a point of self-reflection that makes room to see their role.

Last July on the Cancer Moon New Moon, we were guided to nurture and Mother ourSelves. To give yourself what you needed emotionally and don’t rely on anyone else to do this for you or need external validation to complete your healing. Continue that process here until you can be in service to the collective. With Jupiter squaring the sun and the moon, we are being asked to nurture our relationships. If once you have had time to clear with another, if there is still no opening or understanding, it might be time to create some space between you so you can work on forgiveness and releasing it without picking at the wound so it can truly heal.

This full moon comes with a grand cross in Cardinal signs, which is about initiation and taking action. It might feel like you are being pulled in a number of different directions and it is up to you to practice discipline and discernment to prioritize where to spend your time and energy. Every other planet is in a mutable sign, which means there is an openness to change. The possibilities and potential for transformation as you dive into your projects are huge. Especially since the Jupiter-Uranus opposition’s role in this cross is disruptive AWAKENING, prophesizing unimaginable transformations. Pluto is working in the grand cross to help you let old wounds die and transform into wisdom teachings.

We also have a Pisces party with Mars, Venus, Neptune and Chiron leaving us with all the sensitive feels. Venus is in a tight conjunction with Neptune. Mars which is all about me, me, me is sitting tight with the wounded healer Chiron culling the wounds to the surface. . . I think we’ve covered that already.

This is an intense week.

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