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Winter Solstice

In the northern hemisphere, this is the longest night. In the southern, the longest day. Either hemisphere, this day marks an important shift. In the north, we are fully exhaled, in the south, at the peak of the inhale. We so beautifully create the whole. Together. Balanced. It's a perfect time to do a personal check in with where you have been leaking energy or wasting your time and efforts or dancing in your shadow for a little too long over the past six months and view these as opportunities for refinements of how you use your energy and your daily design. Reflect on where you could be more attentive, more truthful and offer more depth from your heart. Make a commitment to yourSelf for some type of daily practice to ride until the next solstice or Equinox if you prefer shorter commitments :: it could be simple such as a daily gratitude journal, or a 20 minute meditation or daily Spiritual practice. If you already have a daily practice, kick it up a notch. How precious does life become when you wake up and feel your heart and breath before all else? It is as easy as waking up 5-7 minutes earlier.

With Mercury in Retrograde, I recommend deepening your listening practice. Sit with the finger tips of your left hand feeling and listening to your pulse on your right wrist for long enough every day that you get to know the rhythms of your heart. There are messages coming through for you now. This practice gives you something tangible to get to know your heart and offers the Spirit of your Heart a clear message that you are listening.

We are in the energy of this Opposition between Uranus and Jupiter, which will go exact on December 27th {the first of three oppositions from now until Sept 2017} :: this energy holds the potential for radically expansive awakening to the Highest. Uranus in Aries wants you to push off for the shore of what is known. Be brave and do something you've never done or never even heard of someone doing before you. Since Jupiter is in Libra, look to your relationships for the clues {All relationships, including food, the earth, your possessions, the solar system, media, yourself, animals, your practices, etc.}. Yes, in how others are showing up, yet more so in how you are responding internally to the dynamics in your relationships and how you are expressing. This favourable opposition is square both Pluto & Mercury which will amplify the transformative process that comes with it. Pluto is showing you your power in what you are capable of building & creating this year. It will show you what is ready to retire / expire and what to put energy into birthing forward this year. Mercury points to {psychic} communication, commerce, technology and travel and how you can harness these in what you are building. Harness is a key word. It all depends on you. When we look at the Astrological weather, it's up to you to go for it and harness the support of the cosmos. This is a great time to assess where you have been and draw the map of where you are headed. No announcements yet, no contracts, no major commitments to anyone but yourself. Use this three week retrograde period to get it feeling right inside and then take it to the streets once Mercury goes direct January 8th and onward.

With Mars freshly in Pisces, cross check your work with how it feels in your body, especially your gut when you imagine it coming to fruition and in all the steps to make it so. If it doesn't feel right, keep adjusting until it does. Keep listening to your heart. Keep checking in with Spirit. Be honest with yourself and call yourself out on any way you might be compromising the messaging from your Higher Guidance and integrity.

This year has the potential to be an incredibly awakening and transformative year. Let's set ourselves up right!

Love you!!

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