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New Moon in Taurus

S l o w d o w n.

Listen. Journal. Undo. Forgive. Own your power. Own your worth. Get creative in your expression. It's time for an inner initiation. Shake things up and do life in a way you have never done before.

Big Love ~


From one of my favorite astrologers for this week:

"To determine whether I am Selfish, Or simply honouring my needs, I can look to the heart of the other, And see the effects of my deeds." ~ Kaypacha

We will gather at Love Yoga Space on Friday, May 6th at 7:30p Please join us. Save your spot here. Wear something beautiful that you will feel comfortable wearing while sitting on the floor.

If you would like, bring:

~ a crystal or other item for the altar (you will take home with you all charged up with our energy) ~ a pen and journal ~ a tea mug

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