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Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon

Aries, the Ram, ruled by Mars.

Cardinal Fire 

When thinking of cardinal fire, think of the moment the fire starts. Sometimes there are a few attempts to get the fire to burn, but when it does, it’s instantly hot and starts to transform the environment. Where once there was darkness, now there is light. Where once it was cold, now it is warm. The first needs to be tended to with great care in the beginning or it could become reckless or fizzle out, yet sometimes we get lucky and spark a fire with the perfect flame. This usually comes when the environment and circumstances are just right. This entire time that we’ve been swimming in this Pisces party with Mercury Rx in Pisces (still in the shadow period post Rx), Neptune / Mercury conjunct in Pisces and now we have Venus in Pisces – we have been setting the scene for a steady and comfortable flame to be built on this new moon.

Now, I know what a bunch of you are saying. That Pisces season and Mercury Rx were HARD! Sleepy, dreamy, spinning tires, couldn’t quite find your focus, or even the words to explain what you were feeling. But we were being pulled out of the analyzer, the intellect so that we could surrender to the Universal intelligence animating this whole Universe. There is a wisdom that organizes all of this and when we think we know better, we get ourselves in trouble.

Listen, Pisces Season and Aries season are the closest to Source that we get. Think Death and Birth. These are the stages of life that we are emerging from or returning to the mystery. Our connection is fresh. So is this time.

These past few weeks have been reminding me of the teaching of the Tao. Do nothing. Don’t engage in conflict, don’t mettle in other’s business, sit back, allow yourself to feel and let it permeate you Being on a level so deep that you start to reorganize the underbelly of your operating system.

It would have been so easy to keep on has you have, mounting in frustration as things don’t work out exactly as you expected. Muscling on, pushing forward only to hit walls or dead ends. Thinking you understand a situation only to find out you had it wrong. It could have felt like deception, or perhaps you had a revelation and what you thought was clear needed more refinements as you learned more. This is all okay. 

Others of you surrendered and allowed yourself to explore dream space and the luminal mind while giving up the battle and noticed that your dream space was going OFF like never before. Some of you even received messages in your dreams that you may still be decoding. 

See, at the same time as this new moon, we have Pluto conjunct the south node of the moon. This conjoining of forces is like a deep psychic surgery that is so necessary for us to continue progressing through these times. The conversations have long been about how the way we have been doing things isn’t working and we need a new way of walking this earth (or as our fearless teenage Climate Change Activist, Greta Thungberg says: we are walking toward an 11 year deadline on climate change were we will not be able to turn it around any more. We will have pushed our climate past it’s ability to support Human life for much longer!) And in order to do this, we have to not only change how we’re talking about things and how we do things, but we have to go so deep into our inner structures and rip out the old hard drive so we can install a new one. These are our belief systems, our patterned ways of doing things, the very structures we have built our communities and governments on. (Jupiter in Sag / Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn)

Lucky for us the people currently running and the ones looking to run the countries of the world are so unappealing that it is blatantly obvious that we need to change. That government isn’t necessary the place we go to for trusted information any more and most certainly not who we look to for non-corrupt sources of information Ask who’s funding what study? Do they have a stake in the outcome of the study? What do we do?

It is time for us to face this. Head on.

We go learn for ourselves. We listen to the rebels who are doing the research without funding from big corporations. We listen to the sick and pay attention to their journey and what they’ve learned by following blindly and now suffer the consequences. We take matters in our own hands. We grow our own food. We learn what it takes to build healthy bodies by the food we eat, the water we drink, the sleep we get, the movement we commit to and the environments we live in.  We reduce our reliance on plastics and fossil fuels. We choose to stop voting for the corruption by spending our dollars on sustainable companies, with light and environmentally friendly packaging, organic produce whenever we can and get off any unnecessary pharmaceuticals. Here’s the thing, I don’t think the function of pharmaceuticals are bad, but I do think the over subscription of meds is out of control (yes, I did say subscription – they are the OG subscription business model and know exactly how to make money).  Get that entity out of your body and recalibrate back to the inner genius that has built you from the first day your mom’s egg and your dad’s sperm met inside your mother. That intelligence that knew just how to build your body from two cells into the genius and complex technology that it is today, is also the intelligence that we need to listen as we embark on our journey into healing.

If there is anything I can recommend at this time, it’s to do everything you can to get to know this inner genius so that you restore your connection to the designer of your temple. No one knows the design and the path to healing like you do.

I digress.

Aries New Moon.

The Chandra symbol of this new moon in Aries is a man with pointed ears who is so tuned in that he receives the secrets of the Universe. Insights into truths so radical and profound that he stands out in a crowd of sheep as the crazy one, but no, he’s not and it doesn’t matter any more. He has the front seat to the grand unfolding of everything and such a fine tune connection to truth that you have no problem going against the status quo, for you know that going against it  is the path forward. This kind of fullness in embodiment of inner knowing and following your inner compass allows for an openness to whatever the Universe presents because navigating life happens with grace and you can handle anything when rooted here.

What’s interesting to me about this New Moon in Aries, which is typically known to be a time of initiation and new beginnings, is that, we still have three planets in Pisces and Mercury is still in the shadow period of the Rx journey. Thus, telling us that while it is time to take action, we only do so when the instructions are clear from this inner source of truth and unconventional thought / idea. If we move forward from ego, the Pisces energy will speak up again.  There is a piece of each of us that is so ancient, we carry the original codes of humanity and our design which is in perfect symbiotic relationship with the planet and we are being asked to connect to and listen to this ancient intelligence and wake up to the lies we have been fed.

Mars is freshly in Gemini, who is ruled by Mercury. How we converse can turn into a battle, or can turn into an opportunity to gain insight and ignite passion. The triggers that come up at this time are meant to help you decode old systems and inner structures that need to dissolve in order to gain access to that deeper layer of truth and wisdom.The moment you catch yourself on the defense, sit back and listen more. So yes, get to work. And no, not too fast. Make sure that you’re still able to listen with all sensory systems online to ensure you’re getting the most profound intel available to you right now. I don’t remember a time when we had such easy access to this kind of intel, yet to get there, we have to surrender the ego, put down the swords and listen at such a refined level with your whole entire Being.

It’s so easy to go with the proven path, but we are seeing clear as day that the proven path is only proven to lead us astray. Remember, Aries follow’s no one’s lead. This is a time of renewal on a whole new level. It’s a time to go back to Source and begin again with a much more intimate connection with Mama nature and our Truest, Ancient nature. 

The Aries Season Astro Nidra is here to help you decode this Astrological Download and what it means to you personally. You can read all the reports in the world, but there is no greater opportunity then to activate this within yourself and connect to that inner genius yourself.

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