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Libra Full Moon - round TWO

Art by: @lamiaa.ameen

2nd Libra full moon of Aries Season This is worth noting. Libra is when archetypal programming shifts from individual, personal development into incorporating other into our relationship with Self. It’s not necessarily the most refined expression of relationship as it’s the first awakening to relationship and often times this means (for Libra especially), to get lost in the intoxication of relationship. Libras often over extend or compromise themselves in their relationships in an attempt to find harmony or keep the peace. It’s a kind of self sacrifice that is unsustainable. Part of Libra’s karma is learning how to ground themselves within a relationship without losing themselves. This is one of the reasons the Libra full moon is so beautifully placed in Aries Season, when the tendency is to be self indulgent, establishing self identity and the ego often gets a boost with all the attention of self. The Aries archetype tends to get too self indulgent, forgetting about the other and their needs and desires, so Ultimately these two archetypes dance to help find the balance - another theme of the Libra archetype. With two full Libra moons this Aries season, it’s helping us remember that we are moving out of a time of the individual and into a time of community and really being here for each other.

Ask yourself: 

~ where have I lost myself in relationship?

~ where am I being too selfish in relationship?

~ how can I tend to my own needs while also being considerate of the other’s needs?

Nothing exists outside of relationship. Nothing. All of existence is relationship based. We can only get so far alone. We need each other. Part of this double Libra moon’s message is too allow ourselves to vulnerability admit that we’re still figuring this relationship thing out and sometimes the best thing to do is admit that we don’t know & begin the dialogue from there. During Full Moons, the Sun & Moon are opposite each other in the sky. You can watch the sun set & turn around and watch the moon rise. The Sun & Moon are square Saturn, Pluto + the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn asking us to look at what we have to unlearn in how we structure relationships - perhaps this mentality of ‘every man for himself’ or ‘survival of the fittest’ are beyond outdated as we move into the community driven, collective consciousness expanding Aquarian Age. What about dismantling and releasing those old programs and replacing them with community care? Jupiter Rx is trine the sun and sextile the moon which puts us in favorable energy flow with new collective wisdom being filtered through to us in the form of archetypal knowledge. By going inward, we tap into the collective, thus the Universal. Our upgrades are coming through this quiet inner work of listen to the teacher within. Libra is ruled by Venus who is currently sitting in Pisces, this full moon wants to bring harmony to our relationships, but not at the cost of our prosperity in all its forms, including Spiritual prosperity and love. The sun’s ruler is Mars, who sits in Gemini, making for a little back and forth of which of our passions get fueled, or what side of the debate you’re sitting on. It’s square Neptune in Pisces, bringing a bit of confusion or a lack of clarity in the form of illusions. Even though it might seem like a time to take flight on an idea, I say sit with it a little longer and nourish your most precious relationships instead. Vesta, is sitting right between Mercury and Chiron in Aries. One of Vesta’s most transformative powers is an energy of self containment pulling us inward. Incubate a moment longer. Chiron is the childhood wounds, the alchemist & the teacher & with Vesta snuggled up close, we are being asked to look at our wounds & bring them into our hearts & homes for transmutation. Vesta governs kundalini energy & Uranus moves it. Liberation. Uranus is conjunct the sun, opposite the Moon telling that sudden, even shocking information or spontaneous action could awaken something important within you. Keep listening, make time to listen to your inner voice and open yourself to your nearest and dearest for insight. 

Sometimes the other can see what we can’t. We expand when we choose to add the other into our world. This isn’t a solo journey.

To help with healing relationship, seeing a bigger perspective in relationship, maturing your understanding of relationships pull out the Libra Season Astro Nidra and do it again. If you haven't done it yet, you can get it here. Happy Full Moon Lunar Lovers! 

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