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Full Moon in Taurus

The perfect message from this full moon ☝🏼

The Taurus full moon peaked this morning with a grand cross in fixed signs meaning that we’re meant to sit in this for a minute and really feel what’s going on under the surface. Once you see what wants to be seen, you'll be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Don't settle for almost there... This is your chance to find the root of what holds you back.

We are supported and grounded by Saturn’s reminder that you DO know yourself {see, Saturn’s not all bad – it’s a good life plan to befriend Saturn}

The Sun at 1 ° Scorpio conjunct Venus Rx opposite the Full Moon at 1 ° Taurus conjunct Uranus Rx

The north node and south node are at 1 ° Leo and 1 ° Aquarius respectively.

This moon means business


Indulgence in your senses and sensuality


Releasing the past

TRUST your inner voice and compass. You have come a long way in this life and along the way you learn what is loving to you and what is not.

Pay attention to what Venus retrograde has been stirring up inside you. It’s giving you the signal of what needs to be cleared for your progression. Stuck energy, stuck emotional embodiment makes for a stuck life. It’s time to unstuck yourself.

These emotions are guiding your healing right now, don't look out, look IN. This one is about YOU. It's time to face what you've been afraid to face.

Personally, I’ve been getting a full education in betrayal within feminine relationships. Not because anything big or dramatic is going on, but because this feeling has been stuck beneath the surface and I’ve so diligently used my masculine equanimity practices over the years to normalize it and let it happen.

I was taken back to the first childhood betrayal on the playground when another little girl ditched me the moment she got to sit beside the little boy we both crushed on and I was instantly cast away. Or when the new girl was friends until cooler friends came along and I disappeared. These moments set the tone for so many teenaged and adult relationships. I have awoken to the ways I have betrayed myself in trying to be something I’m not meant to be while ignoring my true calling or by giving my loyalties to women where it hasn’t been returned. Illuminated are the ways I have betrayed the friends who have really been there for me by holding out on giving myself to that friendship because of a desire for friendships with other females who are not interested in a friendship with me. The discontentment and suffering that all this has caused is such a potent theme in my life. This created a complete mis-management of my attention and energy that has impacted my potential. Little me saying: See me! See me! Incessantly all life long. Only able to see where love is lacking rather than how loved I am by the ones that do. I was unable to recognize and receive the love from true friends because I was convinced I wasn’t deserving of real feminine friendships. I even invited in ‘friendships’ who reinforced that belief. These betrayals have created a pattern in me where it takes me a long time to truly let women inside my intimate experiences. As in that I would trust that they would be there for me or get to know me in the midst of an emotional experience or be vulnerable around them and admit that I need help -- but when I do and the betrayal happens within that inner circle of trust – the damage is done. The friendship can go on if there is a desire on both ends, but they don’t get my trust again. Not without some deep and honest shared vulnerability to process the experience. Ugh. There are layers of this betrayal theme within my feminine relationships, but some musings of my inner psyche shall remain a mystery. This awakening and clearing is something that has been brewing for ages. The most significant event leading up to this opening was in a medicine ceremony where I experienced forgiveness for all the broken feminine relations in my life times across time as space and all eternity and then gratitude for all I have learned through these experiences. That forgiveness and gratitude had to happen so that I could see. I’m so grateful to finally see it this clearly, from a place of inner awareness and confidence that is allowing me to transform because of it. Woah.

Isn’t that interesting though: True healing begins with forgiveness and shared vulnerability is the medicine to heal. The vulnerability is what created the betrayal, yet it is also the cure?

{And please don’t let this side of my relationship with the feminine discredit the depth and trust that so deeply exists within my feminine relationships, because I have some of the most incredible friendships with women too}

We all have something like this inside of us. An original imprint. An incomplete emotional experience. A self deprecating thought pattern, or even less obvious: a limiting belief system that is holding us back from living more rooted in our potential.

These limiting beliefs are deep down inside our subconscious psyche. Go in. Feel the rage, the anger, the betrayal, the jealousy, greed & envy. Explore it. Where have you felt this before? How far back does it go & how many times have you bypassed these emotions? Or justified their behavior? Not now. Not anymore.

Feel it.

This is the gateway to the biggest healing your Soul is begging for right now. It might have been better for you to wait to feel it as a form of survival, but: It’s time.

We are in rebirth energy.

When you go back in time and see how it all played out from your childhood until now and you pinpoint that theme, the moment you see it is the same moment it begins to transform.

Anchor into your grounding practices that help you feel safe. Reach out to the ones you trust if you need it. Set yourself up so you can get messy.

Get ready. It’s time to shed this old skin.

Who you are each day is in a metamorphosis. Expect to have to re-introduce yourself to yourself each day of this Scorpio season. Make it a daily practice.

Grab a journal and answer these questions:

Where have you sacrificed your values?

What is your patterned response to conflict?

What are you only letting yourself feel the surface of? And what’s it going to take to go explore the underbelly of that feeling?

What urges do you keep at bay?

What experiential themes are you applying equanimity practices to?

What are you not allowing yourself to feel?

Where are you judging yourself?

Where is your inner compass pointing you (with zero external influences)?

What do you KNOW works for you?

What are your sacred practices?

How do you tap into your intuitive nature? How do you recognize that your intuition is speaking to you?

What do you trust within yourself?

What are you grateful for?

What have you over come in your life against all odds?

If you’re not all that you have been, who are you? And what are you becoming?

The Taurus Astro Nidra is perfect for this full moon in Taurus.

You can get it here.

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