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Libra Season Update: current astrology

Collage: Jess Wells

Photography: DJ Pierce

Libra Man: Sam Lee

My apologies for not blogging about Libra season and the Libra new moon beyond my Instagram posts. My attention has been channeled into a couple rather large creative projects and I just couldn't fit it all in. Instagram is always a good place to catch the quick notes!

{I've included those Insta updates here in case you want to catch up, otherwise skip past the italics for the new stuff!}

Oct 8th

Libra Season is ruled by Venus who is Rx in Scorpio until the end of October.

Libra is a cardinal sign which means initiation + wow: we are in the midst of a global initiation.

Libra is ruled by Venus who is Rx in Scorpio [ruled by Mars]. Libra seeks justice, balance + desires to restore harmony. He is diplomatic, political, knows how to communicate with many.

Scorpio has a way of digging up everything left unsaid, showing us our shadow + making us uncomfortable with her sting.

Here’s what I know: I need to feel safe in order to really open my heart to love. When my intuition keeps telling me something stinks, my heart won’t open fully. It would be foolish.

We are not going through a massive breakdown. We are in the process of a massive reveal-ation. The stinky clues of our intuition are all being validated.

We are being asked to really question how we show up in relationships, what we value + what we consider living a prosperous life is really all about.

The astrological downloads are great, but we all have to do something.

Here are a few things you can do:

♀write out your top 5 personal values. Define these values for yourself, so you are incredibly clear. If in a partnership / family, sit together to define relationship + family values. This way, when shit comes up over this Venus Rx {which it will!}, you can lean into your values to help you navigate was arises.

♀reflect on how you are showing up in all your relations, most of all with yourself. Venus Rx sometimes pulls us apart or it strengthens the bond. My hubby + I have had some deep convos already + we’re aiming to strengthen our love through this process by chatting about the things left unsaid.

♂ Are you in involved in a battle that is out of alignment with your values? Bow out. Take more time for you + the relationships that add value to your life!

♇ Pluto is square this new moon energy until Oct 11th ~ this will help you transmute wounds to wisdom + cut out what needs to go!

Oct 10th + 11th

The moon, Jupiter, Venus Rx + Mercury are all in Scorpio. Stop doing. Allow yourself to BE. Listen to what bubbles up from beneath the surface. Grab a journal and a pen and just write. Questions to ask yourself: What do you value? What do you value in your relationships? What is your relationship to the closest relationships in your life? Are you being authentic? Or accommodating to keep the peace or fit in? Let it all be felt. Put your pen down lots just to let the emotions flow. Resist the urge to judge or make sense of anything that comes up. It’s just coming up so it can move through. That which triggers the emotion is not necessarily the root of the emotion. Emote. Emote. Emote. Then rest.


Moon Void of Course

After over working myself and recognizing my level of over responsibility for all things, I started to ask: Where are the scheduled breaks? Then I remembered that when the moon goes void of course, there is nothing that needs to be done. It is the Astrological break to integrate what was experienced while the moon travels through each zodiac constellation. It's for reflection and integration. Some are long, others are short and I can only assume that they're all perfect. Some say that projects initiated during a moon void of course are not as celestially supported, but deep dives into our psyche are supported. I do believe that we could all use some scheduled down time, family time, partner time, fun time, chill time, whatever your flavor.

The way I understand the moon is that she goes around the zodiac the quickest, so she checks in with all the planets in every lunar cycle! Each time she passes by the same degree as a planet, she gives our intuition a download of that planet's teachings. Ancient astrologers noted the time when the moon makes it last aspect to another planet before changing signs. This time until she moves into the next sign are the void of course period!

{She is also in communication with all your natal planet placements during that same cycle,

but let's save that conversation for another time}

What if we looked at astrology through that lens for a little while?

I wondered what it would be like if we all honored these beautifully scheduled breaks as a form of self care and mental well being. You'll see me sharing about them more as I go forward.

Upcoming moon void of course times (all in PST):

Oct 16th 2:49pm - Oct 17th 12:36am -- moon moves into Aquarius

Oct 19th 5:27am - 1:20pm -- moon moves into Pisces

Oct 21st 4:47pm - 11:58pm -- moon moves into Aries

Oct 23rd 11:18am - Oct 24th 7:33am -- moon moves into Taurus

Oct 26th 7:49am - 12:41pm -- moon moves into Gemini

Oct 27th 10:37pm - Oct 28 4:27pm -- moon moves into Cancer

Oct 30th 7:31pm - 7:42pm -- moon moves into Leo

The week of Oct 15th

The start of this week is time to get yourself organized. Be the CEO of your life (moon in Capricorn). Make lists, prioritize, then make a new list so it’s crystal clear what needs to get done and DO IT!

Last week, inner waters were being stirred, uprooting years, even decades, of emotional sediment from deep beneath the surface. The Sun squared up to Pluto at a 3rd quarter square, final ‘crisis’ of this year. Think back to March, what flickered the emergency lights then? Any reoccurring theme? Some felt super powerful last week as they experienced Pluto’s annual ego + identity lessons integrate more fully. Others went bottom up as it felt like the world was caving in and went into crisis about what the f*ck are they doing?! Thankfully that doesn't last forever and most of us have gotten out of that hole!

Sunday night after sun down (10/14), the moon chatted with Saturn at 3°, almost 4° Capricorn.

Saturn reached in, put a finger under your chin, to lift your eyes up to the horizon and said ‘pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do something. You know which way to go. Stop wait or relying on someone to do it for you. Maybe you made some bad decisions in the past. Maybe you got tangled up in a relationship that wasn’t the healthiest for you. You made some mistakes. So what?! These things don’t define you! YOU DEFINE YOU. How can you step up your integrity right this instant?

Do you need to step up? Set some boundaries? Make amends?

Venus Rx + Mercury are still chatting it up at about 19° Scorpio, plotting away. Discussing how to communicate in a way that you can get your message across and be heard. Sharing intuitional secrets and getting to the bottom of things. Pause and feel before you speak. How can you share your truth, leading with your heart. That doesn’t mean all rainbows and lollypops, that means LOVE and love comes in many forms including tough love. Sometimes communicating truth doesn’t feel good while it’s happening and maybe even uncomfortable once it’s spoken. Yet it’s relieving for everyone to be honest because on some layer of our Being, we know. So listen closely and then speak up once you can do so from your heart.

At 1:54am Tuesday (10/16) morning, the moon will have a chat with Pluto at nearly 19° Capricorn.

You’ll get more information about how to step into your power. Pay attention to your dreams. Keep listening to that most intimate inner knowing {do the Libra Season Astro Nidra or come to class Monday night!!}

Between now and 2:49pm PST on Tues, Oct 16th prioritize your focus and get clear on steps moving forward

Venus Rx is still squaring Mars in Aquarius begging us to recognize how important it is that we don’t go toooo far into one side or the other of the masculine / feminine polarity.

One of the things I fear is that as the feminine rises, it’s going to go too far into that polarity and down the road, we’ll find ourselves in a completely different mess, but one that expresses the imbalanced feminine.

Squares typically indicate crisis, and this is first quarter square, which shows warning lights of what’s to come if we don’t listen.

At 2:49pm PST this Tuesday, Oct 16th, when the moon goes void of course [voc], lay your pen down, close down your devices and computers and just breathe. Read a book. Indulge in taking time to make a meal. Have fun. Just be sure to give yourself full permission to enjoy your evening minus your responsibilities.

Some questions for contemplation:

How can you honor the Sacred Masculine within yourself?

Do you have the systems and structures in place to support your own unfolding? Your listening? Your creativity?

How can you tap into the Divine Feminine within?

What keeps you inspired?

What is your Divination tool? It could be anything you can imagine that connects you to fully embodied presence. Yoga, meditation, painting, yoga nidra, astrology, tarot, eating, breathing, playing with your kids, making love, you dream it and it connects you, you got it! Then once you’re there, do you let yourself be uninterrupted long enough that the quietest voice within can be heard?

Now where do the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine dance within? How do you express yourself? Adorn yourself?

Do you see where creating a boundary could actually grant you more room to play and access creativity?

Where do you need to say no, in order to align with a bigger YES?

Oct 17th - 22nd

Oct 17th just after midnight, voc ends as the moon moves into Aquarius where you can start envisioning your future and bring it to life by rehearsing the feeling state of it’s arrival. Go to bed with a journal by your bed and write down your dreams before looking at your device in the morning.

at 4:50am on Thurs, Oct 18th the moon has a visit with Mars at 14° Aquarius which just might bring up more of that historical sediment from beneath the surface, making it a little difficult to communicate (square Mercury). Pause, feel. Let down your defenses and allow what is being shown to you permeate deeper layers. The loudest voice will be the ones of this life's drama. If you can process that and return to your Higher Wisdom, there are extraordinary cosmic messages awaiting you here. Remember, we are going through a massive purification process and that means seeing the stuff we've been ignoring or stuffing into boxes. Once processed and released, we'll feel so much better!

Oct 19th at 1:20pm PST, the moon moves into Pisces. You can take that morning for self reflection and self care which can include completions or organization as the moon in void of course from 5:27am - 1:30pm PST today. There may be some AhHa moments embedded in this time.

Mercury and Mars square up on the 19th, so be aware of communication. Feel free to write a little more than you speak to flush things out before speaking. Instead of saying the same things and being misunderstood or unheard, dig deeper and find the place within that expands what you are trying to express. Give it rang and texture, then see if another expression emerges from there. Oct 20th at 5:07pm PST, the moon has a visit with Neptune. Checking in with the places we want to escape, numb out, or dream about. This one is always a fine line between delusion and psychic awakening. The difference is your level of presence to what is real.

Void of Course starts at 4:47pm PST Oct 21st until 11:58 the same day. Permission to relax and day dream.

I'll be back to write for Scorpio Season.

In the meanwhile, check out the Libra Season Astro Nidra. It's one to help refine communication in all its forms and help create ease and flow in your relationships.

Big love Moon Lovers!!

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