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New Moon in Taurus // Uranus in Taurus (teaser)

Art by: @ododua.aum

Taurus – fixed Earth, ruled by Venus.

24°36 Taurus

This new Moon’s medicine is to sit back so deeply within yourself that all the fluctuation and undulations around you have nothing on you. Dig so deep into the earth that you are the only one that chooses if you move in any direction. Spend time each day leading up to this new moon and the days following this new moon sitting or laying down and visualizing yourself entering the layers of earth beneath the crust and pull your energy inward. Reclaim all your energy from anywhere you have fragmented it off, left it behind, made a bad investment and bring it all home to yourself now. Part of it is protection, yet more so it’s the pooling of all your inner resources into one vessel so you can know exactly who you are and what you value in life. You unplug from everything (hopefully you practiced that during Aries season) and go inward. There are the most extraordinary treasures inside that you can only discover through stillness and surrender.

See, when you root down like this and become a layer of the earth, surrender is simple because you recognize that the world around you has absolutely nothing to do with you until you make it mean something to you. You have a chance to pull yourself out of the game of life, observe the world around you and then re-engage through conscious choice and only engaging with that which is in beautiful alignment with your values, your pleasure, your Soul’s purpose.

The Sabien symbol is of Bees Returning to the Hive. This is a metaphor for all the parts of yourself returning home to your heart. Remember, Taurus is a hopeless romantic. It is time to romance yourself like never before. You are the only one who understands you and it’s time to pull all your attempts to be seen and understood from the outside world, in to your inner world and see and understand yourself.

Take time to indulge in your senses: essential oils, healthy vibrant foods, beautiful nature spaces, soothing, healing music.

Taurus is ruled by Venus who is sitting at 25° Gemini which has a sabien symbol of “A cave in deep ocean waters.” It tells a story of a hidden treasure chest brimming with lost knowledge and wisdom. That when we find that treasure chest, we are able to access a multidimensional reality of self that is a portal to past, present future and everything in existence that deepens your understanding of your purpose that your Dharma or heart integrity is known. Yet it tells us that the contact point to find this treasure is underneath conscious awareness and integrity above all. Yoga Nidra practices prepare us for the state of awareness that is underneath conscious awareness and the integrity I believe the symbol is referencing is the integrity of the heart.

On the same day as the New Moon in Taurus, there are other big changes presenting. After eight years in Aries, Uranus is moving into Taurus and will stay here for eight years. It’s important to understand what this means for you and how to self manage / regulate before extending yourself into the world to understand what this means for the collective. There is no mistake that he new moon is asking us to pull everything into our own center and root down below the surface in a way that nothing can mess with you.

This generational shift that comes with Uranus moving into a different archetype is resetting your nervous system from a fiery power source to an earthy, fixed inner source of power. Uranus is in a perfect square to Mars at 29° Capricorn showing us that we are going to reorganize how we do things and quickly. The structures and form that you typically work through are up for an upheaval.

(Capricorn governs integrity, structure and system + Mars is passion, how we show up in war // Taurus governs the senses, how we indulge and find comfort and where we place value and our personal worth)

You take the external world in through your senses and Taurus governs the senses. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear an increasing number of stories from people reporting an opening and extending of their sensory perceptions over this eight year period. We are becoming more sensitive all the time, but this phase specifically, is an accelerator. It could easily be bypassed and the opportunity missed, so spend time with your senses and notice that as you bring the information in through your senses you are having an internal experience with it all. This is the interpretation that matters to you. Smell your food before you eat it. Before you use any plant in any way, feel it smell it, really look at it, pause with it and listen to your intuition before consuming it. As you listen to music, or people speaking, feel into your body and notice how their sound current re-organizes your insides. Look at the whole person, including the space just outside of their body edges and allow yourself to be curious about what you see there.

Taurus also governs the hands (how you feel and how you heal). As people are able to sense deeper into the invisible world and bring more love into their hearts, there will be more energy moving through their hands to heal.

Uranus governs currency of all kinds. Money, electricity and power sources. Uranus governs all the new technology that has currency running through it. Uranus is the revolutionary, tyrant, dictator, the awakener. Uranus moves suddenly, shockingly and spontaneously. Uranus is unpredictable and likes to move lightening fast. When Uranus makes a move, you feel it through your nervous system first. Now would be a good time to make friends with and become very loyal to how your nervous system works.

Within this Uranus in Taurus generation, we can expect to see many things shifting. While Uranus was in Aries, the protoypes were being made: crypto currencies, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, block chain for power grids and currency and so much more. Now that the prototypes of these new technologies are out there, we’ll see them materializing in more homes as the early adopters show us what is emerging as the next wave of technology and the prices shift into more attainable realms. There is so much more to report with Uranus, but I’ll be honest in that I have to keep this short because I am in a cycle of expanding my understanding of the technology that I have come to understand the nervous system best through: Yoga Nidra. I’ll write more about Uranus later.

The Astro Nidra for Taurus Season is directly working with the energies right now. Here’s a link for one with healing soundscapes by Geoff Agosti, one with a silent background and a bundle of them both.

I hope you invest in yourself to ensure that the transition is smoother rather than rough.

Sending so much love ~


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