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Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus

{Art by Cosmic Collage}

Scorpio – the underworld, the scorpion, eagle, snake and a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s all about the occult, the mystery, healing, alchemy and shamanism.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Water in the thick of transformation. This is why I often think of Scorpio water as boiling water. It changes anything that is immersed in it. Alchemy is turning one element into another. Shamanism is the transformation that happens with when a human allows for the emergence of their Soul and blossoming of Spirituality. It happens when one is willing to truly sit with their own emotions, wounds, triggers and any unconscious behaviours they are playing out and decides to liberate it from the unconscious and subconscious into the conscious. This is why it’s called the underworld journey. You get to go and look at all the aspects of self that have been ignored, projected or rejected and finally buck up and say “Woah. That’s me.” It’s the ultimate death of the ego. When this type of transformation is upon us, it lays down a new foundation, designs a new landscape upon which a new life is built. What emerges is more confident and whole and allows for an evolved expression of authentic self. Scorpio is notorious for being mysterious and we would be wise to surrender to the mysterious nature of this archetype, for when it comes your time to travel this underworld journey, you too may like to remain a little more mysterious. {this is not to say you have to go through a dark night of your Soul alone, but often people do like to go quiet and inward when traversing more challenging emotional terrain and that shall be respected when desired}. Scorpio is the ultimate keeper of secrets, so when we travel through this portal it is a gateway to see the secrets we even keep from ourselves when you get quiet enough to listen. When it’s the Scorpio full moon, the Sun is always in fixed Taurus, the mightiest of manifestors.

Taurus has been mis-perceived for a long time. Likely because it is represented by the bull, it is easy to think that Taurus is a masculine sign and people like to give Taurus a bad reputation as being stubborn. Taurus is a feminine, fixed earth sign. Taurus energy IS the Matriarchy. Can you imagine Taurus as the Mama who puts her foot down and holds down the traditions of the house? Every one home for dinner. It’s the Matriarchy who lays down the non-negotiables and really lets us know how to be family, to be good to one another and take care of and nurtur each other. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Taurus is romantic, reliable and compassionate. Taurus is the culinary arts, the sensual side of the zodiac and one who is scanning for pleasure. Taurus can be seen as the power of fertility. I think a big lesson from Taurus is how important it is to have a healthy, Sacred Masculine to balance the Divine feminine or else they are both out of balance. For the feminine to truly be feminine, the masculine has to be truly masculine. As we reclaim and elevate the feminine, we need to maintain in our awareness and honor how the masculine has held us time through our own feminine development. (the techniques used are debatable, but the structures created safety before they expired or became corrupt and there have been many advancements in our technology and communities because of the patriarchy). Now the Feminine gets to return the favor: hold the masculine as Sacred in a way that allows a recalibration and rebalancing within the masculine. A Sacred masculine that is vulnerable and lives from their heart. We all know that the men in our lives crave connection and love to the same degree as the women – this truth is a hint to the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine. It’s time to go beyond the programs and get honest with what it means to be a human. The heart LONGS to love. Now, we give permission to love and live from our hearts unabashedly no matter what your history.

Taurus is about self worth, material assets and real estate, yet reminds us not to be too attached to it all as it can all be taken away. Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) and Venus (ruler of Taurus) often gives hints of changes in finances and prosperity, so this is a good time to do visionary work around your creative projects including the financial rewards for your efforts. With Pluto and Mars conjunct it is a perfect time to launch a new creative project!

You put this Taurean energy opposite Scorpio, the one who defies tradition, divorce, death, rebirth, sexuality and all things mysterious and indulgent and these two have quite the pairing.

Sex AND sensuality. Tradition and the defiance of tradition to venture into the unknown. The Romantic and the deviant. The dark and the light. Transparency and secrets. But it’s important to remember that this defiance and this breaking of tradition isn’t for the sake of a breakdown, it’s for a break through. Scorpio only wants to know truth and what is boiling underneath the surface. And we are ripe for a breakthrough right now.

When we look at the Moon’s energy, we have to look at the planet that rules the sign that the moon goes full under. In this case it’s Mars AND Pluto who are sitting conjunct (or at the same degree) in Capricorn. This is passion and transformation in order to learn about your power. This is raw power to destroy systems and structure that prevent you from seeing and living from your most true self. And sometimes, in order to do that, we have to let a part of ourselves die before we can open the gateway to authentic living. Sometimes we don’t even see how cloaked the truth is until it is revealed. We are in a time of revelation. Eyes are opening, we are seeing the corruption and waking up from the hypnosis that we didn’t even realize that we were under. Of course, there are still those who wish to stay sleeping and we need to be compassionate toward the sleepwalkers. They don’t know what they don’t know and it’s not even their fault because we have been lied to for far too long. As we wake up, let it inspire those creative projects I mentioned before!

It’s important to remove the toxins from your life that are numbing your intuition, that are calcifying your pineal glad and preventing you from feeling. Scorpio represents addictions and it’s time to break FREE from those addictions! Even the creators of social media are finally hitting a morality wall and confessing to bringing in specialists to ensuring they are creating the most addictive products on the planet. They did it on purpose. As much as these connective platforms are great, they too have a shadow side as we are waking up to that as well. I have far less desire to being on my device and return to the activation of my Dharma that has nothing to do with addictive scrolling. Anyone else?

Neptune in Pisces keeps reminding us to dream a bigger dream. Let yourself go into that innocent, child-like nature that believes anything is possible. Dream like a 5 year old when asked what they want to be when they grow up. We are in such a transformative time (like a 5 year portal) that ANYTHING is possible. Dream big.

Jupiter is 10 degrees ahead of the Moon reminding us that as the emotions get stirred this full moon, the way out during the days following is to divest your attention from that which is stirring your emotions and invest your energy into the Cosmos or the Divine and elevated emotional states so you can see the larger picture to go beyond your own wounds, programs and conditions. The emotional eruptions are your own subconscious programing coming to the surface in order to be seen. If you were clean and purified on the inside, other people’s behaviors could not get you going. You would be able to see their actions for what they are: a product of their conditions and programs, not a personal attack. People external from us are helping us to see what is inside of ourselves and we do the same for them. It’s never personal. This is hard to see when we are in the thick of the emotional experience, but as we learn to rise above our conditions and to go beyond our programs this becomes crystal clear. Yet if we can remember that were we place our attention, expands – would you rather expand the pain or the Divinity of your situation? When you expand into the divinity, you’ll begin to see that it’s not personal, rather an opportunity for your own growth. Yoga Bhajan said something like: Turn your emotion into Devotion otherwise its commotion.

Venus, while not super active in this chart, is the ruler of Taurus, so her message is to be honored. She is begging you too look more closely at the inner experience than focusing on the outer which reinforces every other message from this time. Mercury in Aries says: Look at the repeating patterns. If it’s repeating, its not them, it’s you. Use this opportunity to clean it up once and for all! No more ignoring your own inner programs to excuse you into separation, judgment or justify the divide. Okay my loves. The Taurus Season Astro Nidra is multilayered and inter-dimensional. It works with this energy, prepares you for the upcoming new moon and so much more. You can purchase it three different ways. With a silent background, with healing Sound Scapes by Geoff Agosti OR you can get a combo pack that includes both!

Loving you!!


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