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New Moon in Virgo

It’s a Virgo party. The Sun, the moon, Mercury, Mars and moments before the New Moon goes exact, Venus enters Virgo. That’s a lot of Virgo energy. As with every archetype, there are variable octaves of this energy, so dive in and explore so you can find the higher octaves of Virgo. Virgo is a mutable earth sign. That means we are in a state of transformation. Virgo is the Healer and the Herbalist, which through this moon, puts us in a deep state of self healing and can strengthen our relationship with plant medicine. While an unrefined expression of Virgo comes across as highly critical which is born from an inner yearning to fix and perfect everything. In the higher octaves this yearning supports these highly intuitive healers. What you might not realize is that Virgo sees and hears everything. Their perceptive abilities are incredibly astute. Virgo connects to the angelic realm and is linked to the purity of the Virgin. Virgo has an aptitude for perfection, organization, practicality, pragmatism and analysis; all of which make them outstanding students, yet can also make them a little high strung until they figure out how to ground and use these gifts of perception. Virgo will continue to absorb the material they are learning until they become it. It is in ‘knowing’ it all or perfecting their craft that helps them to feel safe, validates their purpose and soothes their emotional well being. I know, some of you are thinking Virgo’s don’t have strong emotional imprints. This is a misperception. They feel everything deeply and have many emotions, they just might not show you because of a fear of being seen as anything less then perfect OR in their own process of learning to protect themselves from that inner tyrant that accompanies the (sometimes) critical nature, they may have learned to protect themselves from their own emotional waves OR figured out to categorize their emotions OR become so pragmatic that everything can be reasoned out by the strength of their mind, yet it’s all there. Virgo perception can slice right under the story and feel the vibrational frequency underneath the conversation and hear, at the cellular and spatial level, the underlying non-verbal communication being transmitted body to body.

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury – so even if they may need to learn to articulate what they see into a healing light language, it doesn’t stop them from communicating even if it is a little critical or piercing. They would rather know the hard truth than have a sweetened version that skews the truth. As they step into a Spiritual practice, their need for perfection turns into practices of purification which can be a healthier expression for this archetype. It’s not an easy karma to be born into because they know that self-mastery is so close and can be relentless on themselves to achieve that mastery. This Virgo New Moon specifically comes with it’s own spice because Mars and Mercury are in their third and final dance (conjunction, thanks to mercury’s retrograde journey) where they are coming to completions with some ongoing battles of passionate communication patterns, internally and externally that were also activated by the Leo Solar Eclipse. This conjunction just won’t let the inner truth rumbling inside remain dormant, something making this dance one of a battle between the heart’s desire and the lower mind’s old story. Mercury it is sitting directly opposite Neptune which adds unnecessary confusion as it either injects delusion/fantasy into the conversation OR dissolves the dialogue whether they are finished with it or not. The Neptunian energy when harnessed can be used to dissolve negative self talk patterns, limiting belief systems (square Saturn) and because of their trine to Pluto these challenging patterns can be put to rest and transformed once and for all! Enter forgiveness. The ego battles us out trying to hold on to the old belief systems as they have played a strong role in personal Identity. What are you going to do with this energy? Is your desire to heal strong enough to release these patterns of the mind? Or will the ego win having you continue to hold on, passing through this transit unchanged. Either way it is going to be uncomfortable for a short while – the question is, are you going to hold on and repeat the patterns of the past? Or are you courageous enough to let it go and travel into unknown territory to see who you are without them? There’s a fire trine between the north node in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius who will be happy to take it all away and burn it up if you’re ready.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury making it a moon vibe ruled by the mind. The sabien symbol of this new moon is of an Autumn Leaf pressed into a book. It’s essentially showing us that our mind is constantly scanning to see if it can find things in reality to confirm what it already knows. This is wonderfully validating, yet it prevents us from learning something new. It strengthens the ego. Underneath this repetitive and validating pattern is another part of the mind that is connected to all that is and when it is given a chance to play it stirs up enough that life may be uncomfortable for a moment while it expands to include the rest of existence. In what way are you playing small? Or overly sure of what you ‘know?’ Disabling you to see the full spectrum of reality? Saturn in Sagittarius is waiting for the perfect moment to disrupt that safe place of knowing so that it can shatter the cloak that prevents you from seeing and flood you with new light. You could make it easier on yourself by admitting that you don’t know.

Then we are coming upon the final Uranus in Aries – Jupiter in Libra opposition that has been at play since last December. Remember Uranus is the awakener and Jupiter expands, brings abundance and the Highest Teachings – in Libra it’s in the name of justice and beauty. We may be shaken to awaken in the coming weeks. Jupiter’s next move is into Scorpio where he will guide us into the underworld for an interesting healing journey. Take some time to look at your routines and convert them into rituals. Call upon the Angelic Realm to support your manifestations. Allow for space to do Self Healing by listening to your thought patterns and re-write the script. Do something ceremoniously to release the old patterns by offering them to the earth or fire. Reset. Renew. Much love Lunar Lovers!


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