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Full Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo

There is a collective energy of too much, perhaps showing up as anxiety, nervousness, disassociation, numbing, running, neurosis. Too much to do, not enough focus or time, too much confusion, things not making sense, decisions that are head scratching and unbelievable. Mercury stationed direct at the same degree that hosted the Leo Solar Eclipse reigniting that mega download of information, transformation, recalibration of power. Mars is conjunct Mercury having just passed that 28° of Leo, so we have been in a portal of reactivation. Have you been reactivated? Activated? Or Reactive?

This moon, all cozied up with Neptune who is also opposing the Sun along with Mercury in a grand fire trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, they psychic airwaves are alive and active, the barriers are being dissolved. Next time you catch yourself in a wave of emotion or over active in your mind, pause a listen for where the source of this internal activity or noise is coming from. Because Pisces merges so easily with the collective and Neptune is busy dissolving all walls, you might be feeling a surge of someone else’s emotions or neurotic mind.

Uranus governs awakening and technology, mercury governs communication and Saturn governs maturation – I am feeling this moon as a portal to the pathway of your psychic awakening. Listen. What is the noise? What is stalling you? What is confronting you? Is it really yours? And if it’s not yours, having felt that struggle inside, can you use that experience to awaken compassion and forgiveness for others? There is so much turmoil in the world and we’re all being confronted with extraordinary circumstances be it weather, finances, deportation threats, fire, childhood wounds surfacing, racism, our own lies and bullshit – we would do well to take pause and allow ourselves to feel it so we can drop back into our hearts and heal it. There is another way. Remember, the Sabien Symbol of the eclipse was about “The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through.”

For those of you who still feel called to resist, go ahead. For the rest of us, we need you creating, building, dreaming of a different system, a different leader, a different way to walk. The population needs options and new leadership. {I personally hope that Chani Nicolas decides to run for office. She’s my favorite political activist out there!}

Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mutable = Changing. Some say that the water of Pisces is more like vapor or steam. Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. This is a multidimensional sensitivity. Pisces FEELS everything. Pisces dance with ease between the physical and ethereal realms, yet prefers the ethereal or dream world. Here you can access the widest range of emotions that will rise and fall for a myriad of known and unknown reasons. Pisces merges with the collective and lose themselves if their not self aware. The Sun in Virgo is a time of noticing EVERY detail. Virgo meticulously KNOWS things that you don’t even know yourself. The lower octaves of this is a hyper critical, over analytical way of observing that can be challenging for both the one observing and that which is being observed. Ultimately, Virgo is looking to purify, perfect and heal what they see. The balance of Virgo with Pisces is that Pisces always brings us back to Spirit and Virgo cuts the crap and tells us what is leaking time and energy. Virgo helps to ground the ethereal Pisces energy into reality.

The combination of these two archetypes in a sun-moon opposition is a powerful initiation into knowing too much, activating psychic centers (we’ll come back to this) and an accelerated manifestation wave.

The Moon in Pisces is ruled by Neptune who is snuggled up nice and close to the full moon. Neptune is a dreamer and the characteristics are to be radically tapped into the Infinite and psychic realms on one end of the polarity and to be lost in delusion, running, numbing, co-dependance or addiction on the other end of the polarity. Pisces’ reputation for being one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac is multidimensional because and we communicate to the Spirit world through our emotions. Guess who walks around deeply connected to Spirit and the invisible realms? The other end is when the emotions take you for a ride, seeking ways to numb out to or run away from all that is felt. Be brave, find the courage of that Leo energy and stay in awakened presence to what you are feeling. There are messages for you in here.

We are also in a phase right now where the eclipse energy is being reignited with Mars and Mercury passing over the same degree that the eclipse happened. When Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, it happens at the exact degree -- so give yourself some time and space on Tuesday to go inside and spend some time with your journal as a place to express your heart and feelings. You never know what will come up. We will be unpacking the light messages of the Eclipse from our tissues and subconscious minds for some time. So develop deeper listening skills to your internal world. Trust your heart and your intuition and it will lead you to your own path of totality. This eclipse was a re-organization of power -- both internally and externally and in unlikely or under realized places.

Do you remember what you were up to in February at the Pisces solar Eclipse? If you’ve been keeping a moon journal, go back and look at the seeds you planted back then and see how they’re doing. Now would be a good time to add more fertilizer to those seeds!

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