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Full Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries

art by Roly Orihuela

This full moon is POTENT! Woahza!

First of all, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter, both in Libra. Jupiter expands, offers the Highest teachings and is the Guru planet. When you work with Jupiter, what ever it touches turns to gold. So this is great news! Use this time to get in right relationship in every aspect of your life to align with prosperity (not just financially – in all ways).

If you’ve been following along and have done your homework with the Sun in Aries – you’ve spent more time getting to know who you are and are experimenting with ways to express yourSelf more authentically. As the moon in Libra sits in opposition to the Sun in Aries it is now time to expand your “Me” into a “We.” The Sun is in Aries – the first sign of personal development and the Moon is in Libra – the first sign of social development. Libra is the sign of relationships. The mirror who seeks justice and balance in the world is also ruled by Venus who is currently in retrograde in Pisces. It is now time to balance Self with others / society.

These two actually put each other in check quite beautifully. Aries can go too far into the ego self if left unchecked and Libra can over compromise or even sacrifice themSelf, always trying to please others. With the opposing forces of this polarity, balance may be restored with Grace for both.

Libra is diplomatic, full of grace and charm. They create beauty in their personal environments and in the world. They can be quite pragmatic as they use the scales (they are often represented with) to weigh both sides of the story / equation and measure to perfect proportions. They can be idealistic, optimistic and cooperative. They love to please and have a refined intuitive sense that enables them to fit into a diverse range of situations and circles. They can speak to anyone with ease. They gravitate toward harmony and are often sought out as an ear to listen and help restore fairness and justice in challenging situations.

Libra is a cardinal air sign, Aries is a cardinal Fire sign. Cardinal signs signify initiation of change. They are the signs that transformations hinge upon. Both Libra and Aries are near equinox season so they are changes to bring balance, where Cancer and Capricorn (other Cardinal signs) are near the solstice, so they bring about changes of extremes. Where Libra has a reputation for being indecisive, when balanced by the Aries Sun, there are opportunities for clarity on which direction to go and what decisions to make.

With Uranus conjunct the Sun in Aries, opposite the Moon and Jupiter in Libra – we will likely see quick, sudden or spontaneous changes. Uranus, the Awakener, governs the nervous system and innovative technologies. The Jupiter –Uranus opposition hints toward a revolution. In America, it was Scorpio Season where we saw the first upheaval with the Presidential election. No matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, in Sagittarius season, the seeker of truth, we started to question what we are aligning with, believe in and questioned just how honest the new sources really are. Some belief systems were strengthened and others dismantled and continue to be worked on with Saturn in Sagittarius until December 20th of this year. During the ambitious builder, Capricorn season, at the same time the President Elect started to build his team, the resistance started to build incredible strength with the planning and excitement of many different Marches to give platforms for different voices to be heard. The first day of Aquarius season was the inauguration and the next day was the Women’s March which some estimate was the largest march in American History to date. The people shouted: ‘Here’s what we want for our future!’ Up until now we have seen the world is in upheaval politically across the globe, Pisces season had us feeling the weight of the world in our sensory systems, feeling and emotional bodies. Some even retracted into their own private worlds to clear out the mental dis-ease that accompanied all the turmoil of the past few months. Aries Season has initiated the introspection that inspires us to Soul search for who we are and what we have to offer through our passion and fire and how we want to express our truest nature so we can get to work! We’re moving into Taurus season where we’ll start to understand the value of our gifts and through the experimentation of expressing ourselves we have the potential to stand up for and realize our Self worth. The expressions we put out now will start coming back to us providing incredible clarity on where we are most valuable in this play of life. It’s time to care more about people, our health and the health of our plant over lining pockets of the power and corporate interests. We can already see that there are more and more people committed to supporting the entrepreneur over big businesses. Small business is boss, choosing to go for direct exchanges of currency over filing it through the bigger companies. How are you making this shift? Have you woke up to the fact that we vote with every single dollar? If you speak of caring for the earth and our health, yet still don’t buy organic food, your vote isn’t fully aligned with your desire just yet. With Uranus conjunct the sun, we might see the upheaval erupting from within. It could show up as a sudden shift of perspective. Your eyes might open to something you just couldn’t see before now. There are many other sides to every story. What about a sudden unplugging from a national or worldview passed down through society and / or the news or an alteration of belief systems passed down generationally. With retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius in favorable aspect (trine) the Sun and Uranus, we are getting a systems upgrade, specifically in our belief systems. This is literally a re-wiring of your brain structures. Saturn in squaring Venus and Chiron hints to a maturation happening in your relationships, perhaps a release of old stories or wounds or the alchemization of karma into Dharma (circumstance into purpose). Pluto reminds us that there is power in letting go and noting expiration dates on thought patterns and systems of oppression are falling as we recognize more and more that we are the co-creating our lives.

Mercury went into Retrograde as of Sunday, April 9th, 2017. This retrograde season will have Mercury revisiting Uranus and the Sun in Aries before it goes direct in Aries on May 3rd. Treat this retrograde as a recapitulation, a remembrance or a return to your Soul’s original mission. Feel for what is primal. Pay attention to your dreams and visions. Clean up everything superfluous and others expectations of you. A few months ago you were fired up and ready to take action. Where are you headed, what are you doing? You have something to offer, it’s time to get clear.

Venus is the Ruling planet of this Full Moon and Venus also rules Taurus. Mars is sitting over in Taurus. Mars is bringing balance from yet another angle. At 22, almost 23° Taurus, despite all the slow down and re-work of the retrogrades, Mars is holding steady to the inner vision, almost blind to the chaos around him. Taurus is an earth sign, keeping it real and maintaining Higher, almost psychic perspective to the long range forecast asking you to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. Mars Trine Pluto is okay with things having to transform or fad away to maintain the vision / mission!

I know the charts don’t mean much to many, but the visual might be helpful. The middle of the chart is planet earth. The little symbols are the planets. The outer ring with the symbols in colour are the zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are actually star clusters that we see as constellations when you look up at the sky. In this chart, the green zodiac signs are earth signs, the blue zodiac signs are water signs, and the red ones are fire signs. Cool, right?

For the Kundalini & Katonah yogi’s and the sacred geometry lovers, you all know using angles are where it is at to harness power and transform. In astrology, we use angles as well. When the planets are different angles from each other, their personalities blend to create different influences. For the Moon specifically: when the Sun and the Moon sit in opposition to each other (across from each other with the earth in the middle), we see a full moon. When the sun and the moon meet or are conjuct, we have a new moon. These are the most consistent strong aspects we see in astrology. They are our two luminaries (or primary Lights). There is quite a bit more to this, but I thought I would share a short lesson for now.

You can see in today’s chart:

~ The Sun ☉ and the Moon ☽ sit in opposition (☍) to each other (thus, full moon).

~ Jupiter ♃ and Uranus ♅ also sit in opposition (☍) to each other.

~ The Moon ☽ and Jupiter ♃ sit conjunct (together) (☌) in Libra

~ The Sun ☉ and Uranus ♅ sit conjunct (☌) in Aries

~ Pluto ♇ in Capricorn sits at a right angle to all of that creating a square (□)

~ Venus ♀ is in retrograde (Rx) and is conjunct (☌) Chiron in Pisces

~ Jupiter ♃ is in retrograde

~ Saturn ♄is in retrograde in Sagittarius, squaring Venus Rx ♀, trine the Sun ☉, Uranus ♅ and Mercury ☿

~ Mercury ☿ went into Retrograde in Taurus on Sunday, April 9th

~ Mars ♂ in Taurus is trine Pluto ♇ is telling us to keep working steadily to honour that inner vision of what you are building and trust your intuition at every step. The slow down caused by the retrogrades is her to refine your mission. This is all very good. Trust the big vision. Remember, Grace is on your side.

For a practice that helps with all of this, I have created this beautiful Yoga Nidra practice. You can find it here.

For a ritual for this full moon, visit Gather Sacred.

With love ~


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