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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

The Sun and the New Moon sit at 8* in Pisces along with a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse marks the end of a two year eclipse cycle involving Pisces which inevitably leads to the beginning of a new two year eclipse cycle involving Leo and Aquarius. In two weeks time we are heading toward the Virgo Full Moon. This Pisces - Virgo polarity is about initiation. They are opposites. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Virgo is a mutable earth sign I’ve heard mutable signs described as portals as they are full of transformation. Nothing is the same after a journey through the mutables, especially Pisces. Don’t try to hold on to anything during this moon cycle, find a way to get in the flow.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign. Yes, Pisces season is an emotional time, yet even more so, it grants us a heightened sensory awareness that can open gateways of an incredibly psychic path. In Pisces season, the body awakens to it’s true nature as the ear to the Universe. Listen. Pisces is sensual. The intercourse of breath into the body is delivering the mysteries of the Universe into the body for the mind to interpret. Listen. This dance is what allows us to merge into and realize Oneness during Pisces season. It fills us with magic, which allows us to easily travel between the physical and invisible worlds. Pisces is mystical. Pisces can shape shift and will often sacrifice their inner needs in a quest for peace in their external reality, leaving them feeling pulled in two different directions. (remember the symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions). One shadow side of fitting in everywhere and being completely lovable by all is blurry boundaries. Forgetting one’s Self to ensure others feel good and then internally feeling horrible that they sacrificed themself and subsequently feel like a victim or martyr because of that sacrifice. Yet no one asked them to make the sacrifice. Pisces are hard to get to know because they understand you so well that they present as what they think you want to see rather than as who they truly are, which again, causes this internal oppositional pull. A huge piece of their Dharmic work is to learn boundaries, to learn how to stand steady in a soft power and to be able to be in the world without losing themselves in it. This Solar Eclipse in Pisces is a momentary disconnect from the Solar light energy that momentarily casts us deep into our shadow (especially with Chiron, the wounded healer sitting at 23, almost 24 degrees Pisces). You are gifted this moment to travel back in time to see your deepest wounds so you can feel it, heal it, release it and let it go. Feel yourself in such a way that you cannot deny the truth of what you feel and while still carrying the courage from the last full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, finally walk away from anything that dims your light. Use a protection prayer today. Carry rose quartz and black tourmaline. Burn sage or palo santo or frankincense resin. Do yourSelf a favour and spend more time internal, listening to your body as the ear to the Universe to tap into your Highest wisdom and Source Knowing. You will likely receive validation of what your heart already knows is next. Listen. When you walk away, it’s similar to when a snake sheds it’s skin – she doesn’t look back. The following two weeks is your initiation where you absorb the wisdom and light teachings from past pains and sufferings where you no longer experience hurt from your past. You realize those experiences as karmic contracts you agreed to so you can connect to a particular collective pain body and emanate a wave of healing far and wide into the Collective Consciousness so that even people you don’t know start to heal that same wound. The healing you do within you here in Pisces season radiates into the Collective in ways likely never realized apart from witnessing healing and awakening happening in your local communities and across the globe. Your healing raises consciousness. We, the Awakening Ones are leading the way. It is such a massive reset for so many that you would be wise to completely drop whatever repeating thought, expectation of yourself and others and stop living for the potential. The potentials just changed. Watch what is happening. The world is changing rapidly. People are activating. There is a tendency for a Pisces to see what they want to see in someone, rather than what is real in someone; heal this now too. Trust how people show themselves to be, watch where you are projecting upon them in both the light and shadow. Part of me feels like this whole “Fake News” fiasco is a set up. We are supposed to be experiencing this right now. The surface of reality is finally showing us that we can no longer follow blindly. It is time for us to know the difference between the truth and a lie. It is time to take our power back. It is time to learn to trust ourSelves on entirely different levels. No longer do we rely on someone else to plug us into Source, we find our own pathway in. And the pathway is IN.

Another shadow of Pisces season is to run away and hide or to avoid facing reality, but we simply cannot do that any more. We have to stay present. Presence is how you take your power back now. We have to feel our bodies and trust that our body never lies. It is a great time to get sober. With Neptune, also hanging out in Pisces and the Ruling planet of Pisces – the shadow is addiction, numbing out, over indulgence or delusion. If you are using plant medicines, please do so intentionally and not to run away or numb out. Get to know the plant and it’s medicinal properties. Treat them with respect and learn from them. (I’m talking everything from essential oils, to super foods, to healing, master plants). We have the opportunity to commune with so much more than what is seen by the naked eye right now. It is all about the felt experience. It is a time of intuition activation and switching on of our inner psychic. Up your meditation practice. Up your dream time. Up the amount of time you spend in your imagination.

Because Pisces season heightens our levels of sensitivities and our opportunity to feel, we also manifest faster than ever before. Emotion and feeling states are fuel for your manifestational powers! It is your work to get out of your own way! Limiting subconscious patterns are what trip us up when we make requests of the Universe. We can have anything we BELIEVE we deserve. Ask and it is given (if you believe). Any non-believing thought pattern slows down the manifestation process. Imagine it is already so and FEEL it. Interrupt disbelief with imagination of what you are calling in until you believe it. During this is eclipse season, the intentions we set now have more power to them and will manifest over the next lunar cycle, six months and we set ourselves up for what we are building over the next two years!

Mars is basically conjunct Uranus opposite Jupiter, Venus not far off; all square Pluto. This means that there are high chances of immanent change. This is support for you to stand in your power and live your truth. It helps you to achieve whatever you put your mind to. Watch sneaky anger that says “F*ck it! I’m done with that BS!” and makes for rash decisions. You won’t be able to walk it back. This is a good thing when needed and not so awesome when it comes from a temporary emotional experience. Remember to breathe.

March 4th, we see Venus go retrograde just before it meets Uranus and Mars in Aries. It’s almost like Venus taps into that radical transformative energy and then does a personal check in to ask “Is this what I really want?” And then grants you time to take back your power, tap into Grace and move from a beautifully elegant place. Venus will revisit Mars October 5th in Virgo which will be another transformative time.

The next round of Eclipses are six months from now in the fall, so as much as the portal of Pisces is an intense one, we are laying the foundation for what is to come. During this lunar cycle we have the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year March 20th, so yes, endings and beginnings. Reset. Right now we are floating in the Collective, next we go right into the Individual with Aries. Get clear now: What are you building? What are you investing your attention and energy into now? Have you paused long enough to really listen? You’ll start defining who you are soon enough… for now allow yourself to float on these dreams.

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Love you Moon Mavens!


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