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Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2017

We are in eclipse season! This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo is a BIG one! We are in the mists of mega energy upgrades. Rest, meditate, cleanse and create space in your inner world. If you are feeling off, lay down, breathe, do nidra, sleep. Make sure you are nourishing yourself in every way. Let these energies work on you, just like you would allow the magic of pregnancy work on you, transform you and welcome new life.

What you are focusing on now will be amplified. Apply self-discipline to your thought patterns, focus and participation in relationships. Eclipses launch your thoughts, desires and dreams. The accelerate time. We can use this energy portal how ever we want. It is neither good nor bad, it just is. You choose what you want to amply and how you want to play with it.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the very center of our solar system. Feel the LIGHT that is being provided, that sustains us and keeps us warm. Leo lives in the heart of all Beings and also the spine. There is a level of courage that comes through Leo energy that warms the world and so beautifully helps you grow your backbone and strengthen your spine. Leo energy is the courage to speak up for what is moral and ethical. It is the courage to express your essential Self and deeper emotions and feelings. With the eclipse landing on this full moon, the feelings and emotions will come up from deep within, long repressed expressions are bursting to come out and it’s time to be the most real YOU you have ever known. Jupiter in Libra is activating our voices to speak up for justice, the sun in Aquarius expands it to be justice for ALL. Leo is the leader, in the same way that all the planets revolve around the sun, a well balanced and active Leo energy will lead the way back to the light. Notice that the sun isn’t loud, it is not boisterous or pushy. The sun just shines. We all know His presence and have a natural attraction to Him. Do your inner work at such a deep level that your presence speaks for you. Let your inner light shine through your skin. The opposition between the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo is the recalibration of the leader’s efforts and benefit going to the whole instead of channeling directly into the individual. The sun never goes out on us, we only turn our back or hide in the shadows. This light source is ALWAYS available. Many of you reading this are Spiritual seekers and live a Spiritual life. This is the time for spiritual authority to rule. Not in a way that is preachy or dogmatic, rather in a way that unplugs from this all-pervading fear tactic that is radiating out from certain organizations and proudly creates a new path.

We are being asked to be creative, courageous and find your way through play! Einstein said “Play is the Highest from of research!” Let yourSelf get a little ridiculous!

We are going through a transformation portal that is so profound that from day to day, you might be doing yourself a huge favour by re-introducing yourself to yourself every single day. Look in the mirror every day, smile and say “Good morning. Who are you today?” then spend some time listening to your Heart and Soul.

You have the opportunity to release grudges and limiting beliefs, to alter your thought patterns and perceptions, to launch your dreams and completely disregard anything attempting to hold you back. It is also an amazing time to support your community in their dreams. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between you celebrating the success of another or celebrating your own success. When you choose to celebrate the success and evolution of others, your electromagnetic field calibrates to success and evolution. Same with feeling joy for another’s joy, compassion for others struggles. When we choose to alter our interpretations and inner commentaries about what you see, your simultaneously alter your own circumstances. The shadow side of this is to sit in judgment or fear which will have you burying yourself in the same. Your thoughts matter more than most of us recognize.

A quote from one of my long time teachers which often reappears in my life is “As bright is the light, as dark is the shadow.” While there are forces in the world right now that seem dark and destructive, there is equal access to love and light. There is so much love available to us as we travel through dark times ~ the universe is working in balance. You get to choose to unplug your emotional experience from the dark so that you can stay present to what is happening in the world without being taken down by it. Then lean into the light teachings and take virtuous action and let your presence lead the way.

We also have this ongoing Uranus – Jupiter opposition. I mentioned it before and will continue to mention it all year. Uranus governs the nervous system and shock along with awakening and revolution. Steady yourSelf in this energy. Since it is the nervous system, commit to a daily conscious cooling breath practice. Long deep breathing, Sitali breath, nadi shodhana and one minute breathing are powerful, grounding and balancing practices especially for this year’s astrology. I will make some downloadable breath practices in the coming months for those of you who would like them. Watch my website, instagram or newsletter for them to go live.

The Moon in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are in a fire trine, sextile Jupiter in Libra today – observe and become the witness to your emotional experience and see how your emotions are showing up, starting fires and moving through you to help you overcome and awaken to revolutionary action. I’m starting to feel like resistance isn’t necessarily the way. It’s more of a revolt and recreation of systems and structures that are made from Light Sources. This trine of fire signs tells me something needs to burn down, so something else can rise. Anger, rage and these more intense emotions are fuel for the fire, but we have to learn to use them in productive ways that create warmth and light. The days of Spiritual seekers shying away from these emotions are over. It is your Spiritual integrity that calls you to feel it all and let it burn inside your creative oven and produce the most magnificent work of your life! This destruction, while hard to travel through, is impermanent and will eventually be a big gift. The more we open ourselves to seeing it like that, the better. The destruction is now out in the open and while it burns down some of the structures you like, I’m hoping it leaves nothing in it’s path, that every stone is turned over. It’s time to burn and expose the quiet and sneaky evils like Monsanto and the Pharmaceutical industry. (I am definitely not saying all pharma is bad, there is great need for this industry and so much good has come from it. It just needs to be put into check and the corruption needs to be exposed). As it burns, what is then revealed will be the most nutritious soil for what is to come.

Remember we just came out of a 9 year of completions. This year, new life will be born that we haven’t even imagined possible. Uranus also governs technology ~ I want to see revolutionary water systems, farming theories, modes of transportation and communication come to light and become mainstream. The seeds have already been planted, now it is up to us to germinate them. Releasing old ideas and ways of doing things is key to weed out the garden of life so these new technologies can flourish. Clean your mind, cleanse your body, release belief systems, allow yourself to empty out. Mercury is traveling through Aquarius for the duration of this Eclipse portal between this lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse on Feb 26th in Pisces. This positions your mind into a visionary, innovative phase. Now, right now, we are preparing for the new wisdom coming when Pisces connects us back to Source. Pisces rules our psychic selves along with our delusion – so adjust your behaviors and inner world until they match so you can afford to be transparent. It is coming anyway.

Jupiter is in retrograde now until the second week of June. It is an inner revolution where you mine for the Highest teachings inside. What are you working on and expanding over these four months?

This time of change is so grand that it may be hard for some to keep their cool. Paramatma Siri Sadhana says that the ones that are able to keep their cool through these times are the ones who will lead the revolution.

We are in a time of disruption. So be a disrupter: disrupt your fear with love, your grief with trust, your seriousness with play, your stagnancy with creation. Disrupt the ones who are trying to suppress you with your expression and do it all with enormous amounts of love.

Who’s with me?

For a ritual I wrote to go along with this full moon, visit

So much love Moon Lovers!


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