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Gemini Full Moon

This is the third super moon in a row, making it extra powerful as it has been gaining momentum over the last couple lunar cycles. It is also the last Full Moon of 2016. Which ultimately, doesn’t mean much since the Gregorian calendar is slightly out of step with the moon’s rhythms, but it has come to signify endings in our modern day culture AND when looking at numerology, it is the end of this 9 year cycle. Another chance to really LET GO!

Tonight is also the peak of the Geminid Meteorite Shower!

Here are the major aspects with this Full Moon in astrologer talk:

The Moon in Gemini Opposite the Sun (+Saturn) in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Libra Opposite Uranus in Aries, both square Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. *** The Jupiter Uranus Opposition goes on for some time, observe the themes and get a feel for it on the peak days so you can really harness this energy! Dec 27th, March 7th + Sept 27th

The Grand Air Trine between the Moon in Gemini, Jupiter in Libra and Mars in Aquarius.

Mars is also Sextile the Sun and Uranus who are trine eachother.

This makes for a sweet little story.

Gemini is famous for the two minds. Some see this as the Higher mind and the Lower mind. Others see this as the internal world vs the external world. Opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, it will either shine some serious light on the discrepancy between the two, highlight internal conflicts and /or show you where you are living outside your truth. What are you going to do with this information?

Full Moons are a check in with how your new moon intentions are manifesting and another opportunity to LET GO. Since this is the last full moon of a Nine Year of completions – this is it! Let it all go. Let go of anything and everything that is no longer serving you. Forgive those who have hurt you. Forgive yourself. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Forgiveness is an action that untethers your from your past having power over your present and ultimately brings you into a state of sovereignty. Spend some time cultivating the soil of your lower mind into fertile ground by imagining all the possible reasons someone may have hurt or harmed you in the past that don’t include you. A common quote to guide this contemplation: “Hurt people, hurt people.” It likely has nothing to do with you. Open to compassion.

This Selfhood born from re-writing your past through forgiveness enables you to follow your metaphorical Artemis’ arrow as you aim to live your dreams. Look to the future like never before. Full attention on where you are going.

Gemini is social, intelligent, full of ideas, creative and influential. They even get creative with the truth sometimes if you know what I am saying ;-) This is a good check in point for our integrity in our own expression of honesty. This will help you get a clear line on what is being offered through Mercury’s Cosmic download and from your inner voice.

We’ve been asked repeatedly for the past few months what sets our Soul on Fire. If you’ve been following the moon cycles, you have likely been contemplating your message, or the cause your heart longs to get behind. Now you are being asked to name your big idea. What are you creating? What are you truly putting your energy behind?

We have been challenged, stretched a shocked in many different ways. Illusions have melted or been striped away, belief systems challenged, safety in question, support systems have emerged, and new ideas have been born. When an old outmoded belief system is destroyed, you make room for deeper, more contemporary truths and more aligned action. What belief system are you releasing back to the eithers? What belief are you ready to send flying on one of tonight’s shooting stars?

There is a HUGE opportunity to receive new information or insights tonight. {A Cosmic download if you will}. Listen to your heart and inner voice. Make some time to be quiet and still. Stare out into the cosmos and let your mind expand into the unknown. Find the edges of that Higher mind and then go a little further.

There are new ways of doing things emerging. Tap into your inventive, creative, Spiritually connected Self and be bold in naming a big idea that doesn’t even seem to have the support system to create it. It’s time to push off from the shore and let go of safety and see what’s out there. I just watched the new Pixar film Moana where this darling child knew from the very beginning of her life that she had to go past the limitations her family placed upon her. Her father continually said “NO” but her heart kept saying “YES” I won’t ruin the movie for you, but she learned more than imagined by choosing to rebel and go against what was expected of her. Magic lives out beyond our perceived ideas what we are “supposed” to do. Are you brave enough to go beyond and find out?

Remember, Uranus is the disrupter, the awakener, the rebel and revolutionary. When Uranus is active in the Zodiac, it’s not a slow transformation. Uranus is talking to almost everyone up there! Uranus’ influence is abrupt. If you are closed and holding on to the past, it won’t feel very good. If you are open, unattached to the way life should be, it can be a very magic (for some, intense) experience. The only thing certain is uncertainty itself – which is the bedrock of any transformation.

Time to Attune to these new frequencies!

Love you Moon Mavens!


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