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New Moon in Aries

(graphic by AWMYL designs)

If last month we were having a Pisces party — watch out! It is an Aries meet up like no other Along with the Sun + Moon in Aries, we have Venus, Uranus and Mercury! This is a LOT of fire. Plus, Saturn is sitting at 27° Sag, so a little more fire for our flame.

The Sun and the moon are sitting at 7° Aries. The Sabian symbol of 7° Aries of a double headed eagle with heads facing in opposite directions. It is telling of a beautiful and expansive eagle eye vision and perspective to help you remain focused on where you are heading and what you are consciously creating, while the shadow side of you reflects and learns from where you have been. It is important to maintain a steady gaze forward and allow for a gentle meeting of these two perspectives deep in your heart where the past is being learned from, rather than carried around with you. It’s calling you to embrace your shadow to bring more of you to life and weld powerful momentum. What a beautiful practice first new moon of the astrological year!

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, always ready to initiate and the first sign of the zodiac. This Warrior Ram lacks the fear that causes trepidation as there is a naivety about the way Aries sees and approaches life. They jump in, with two feet, ready to go! Aries is ruled by the planet Mars — the warrior planet that likes to get going in the directly of your Soul’s work, so you can expect a lot of forward momentum which will come in handy soon as the checks and balances that come along with a whirlwind of retrogrades in our near future! (we’re already in two, more on this later) This aforementioned, steadfast, forward looking eagle vision will be of primary importance. Aries season is about defining who you are and rebelling against the status quo. Be clear what you are asking the Universe for this new moon and understand that what you are putting into motion goes for this lunar cycle, for the next six month when we meet the Aries full moon and the entire year! The key to this year’s creations are a mixture of patience with the unfolding (not so easy with Aries energy coming in hot) AND to be open to spontaneous, surprising opportunities and solutions. Jupiter is sitting opposite the bulk of the planets in Aries creating what’s called a locomotive chart shape. So Jupiter is leading the way! Thank goodness! You can trust that any setbacks are only asking you to take a second look and rework, realign and / review to make sure you are destined for victory. You’re being asked to double check that what you are putting out is really YOU and YOUR expression. Remember, this is a year of crumbling structures and innovation, so you can expect one of the most creative years and the more you up your meditation and listening practices, the more insight that is available to you! The ones who are open to change, who are deeply caring for their mental health and who are anchoring the light are the leaders of this revolution.

Venus is in her retrograde journey at 3° Aries completing a 8 year cycle. She is in the “underworld” where we are unable to feel her full power. She travels so close to the sun, that the sun energy blinds us to Venusian love and peace. This may be a time of self doubt or questioning OR you could look at it as an opportunity to have an honest look inside and reflect where you could realign with your highest and best in your relationships. Where are you compromising your values? What are you holding on to from your past? How are you letting that memory imprint affect your current relationships? What if you were to offer yourself and your partners a clean slate? And how would that alter the energy inside your relationships? It’s not fair to carry forward the energy of a past relationship and project it into your current relationships. Have you forgiven yourself for your past? Forgiveness is release. Forgiveness and letting go makes you lighter and create space to listen to the here and now. Allow yourself to evolve by letting go of the past and re-inventing your way in relationships of all kinds. This kind of self reflection helps you to see who you really are, what you value and how you need to express to feel healthy and authentically you. This will be important as we move into Taurus season next where the dharma is to own your self worth. First we must understand and define who we are.

Saturn, who is aligned with the galactic center at 27° Sagittarius is trine Mercury (25°) and Uranus (23°) in Aries; Square the Sun and the Moon. This is a cosmic reset of our systems. Mega releasing of history / story that has kept you stuck in the past or looping around in ego banter makes room for quick and fast wisdom downloads, ah HA moments that shift your reality and fresh evolutionary perspective.

Sometimes when we go through mega releasing spells, it will appear as triggers, regression or agitation. Considering that there is so much fire in the astrological weather, I would guess that this might be one of those times. What if you viewed these moments as an opportunity to FEEL what was repressed in the past. It’s important to understand and make friends with the full spectrum of emotions because in one way or another we have to feel our experiences. We either feel it voluntarily through our emotions or through our bodies in the long run as the experiences live deep within until we acknowledge and release. This may be seen as a warning to bite your tongue when the fire starts burning and listen more than you speak. Watch the tendency to project your experience on others or to place blame for what you feel on someone else. At the same time, if you’re not feeling triggered or agitated, have the courage to strike up conversations with strangers, loved ones and people you admire. You never know what you’ll learn. Stay curious, eye wide open like a child open to see that which has not yet been seen. You may notice your mind moving a little faster than usual, or a sharpness in your understanding that hasn’t been there before. This is yet another reason to ground in with a meditation practice to start your day.

Jupiter sits in the opposite sign of Libra at 19° in opposition to Uranus and Mercury, with Pluto squaring all of them. This is the same message, clearing, destruction, dismantling and death / transformation of the old to make way of the new world to emerge. All the planets are pointing us back to the same message. Get it.

Pluto at 19° Capricorn is trine Mars at 12° Taurus maintaining a steady pace while grounding our vision into reality. And Neptune sits at 12° Pisces, sextile Mars helping us to keep the vision of our dreams alive. It’s nice to have the additional support to keep us on path. Do you this month and do it full on. Whatever you create or don’t create in Aries season leads you into your experience in Taurus season. The more you infuse your heart and soul into now, the higher you vibe as we progress through the astrological seasons. You’ll see. Get to work! Be original! Be the best YOU possible. It’s time to be a little selfish and get yourself in order.

A look into the future of this month (things are about to get real folks):

Jupiter is in retrograde all month. Keep looking inward.

April 3rd retrograde Venus moves in Pisces

April 5th Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius

April 8th Retrograde Saturn squares retrograde Venus

April 8th Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus

April 10th Full Moon in Libra

April 15th Venus goes direct in Pisces (a dreamy return for Venus to the light)

April 20th Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn

For a ritual visit Gather Sacred.


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