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Autumn Equinox


Libra Season ♎︎

First day of Autumn

Birth of Venus in Libra

conjunct Mercury in Libra / both Square Saturn & Pluto Rx / opposite the Moon & the north node in Cancer

The Equinox marks equal day and night. The Earth’s breath is equal length on the inhale and then exhale. As the Earth comes to this balance point, it may that you feel more clearly where you are imbalanced, in which case, pay attention. You are receiving instructions on the work ready for you and what needs to be attended to in order to bring more balance to your life. It’s time to pull your energy in and restore your connection with self from yet another perspective. This time, the mirror. No more blaming. This life is yourself to live. Take that in. Adjust your sales. Feel into your support systems and allow another to take the lead for a bit. Someone you trust that will also honor you and who will also allow you to take the lead at times while you honor them.

Today we move into the second half of the zodiac wheel.

The first half of the wheel starts in March in Aries Season. We spend 6 Sun Seasons refining our relationship with ourself through key questions:

♈︎ Who am I? What do I identify with?

♉︎ What do I value? And do I understand my worth?

♊︎ Who is my community and what is my message?

♋︎ How do I need to be nurtured? And how do I nurture?

♌︎ What is my moral compass? And personal expression?

♍︎ How do I bring this all together to be my best Self? Do my daily routines and rituals reflect this? How am I here to serve?

And for the past 4 months, we have had Retrograde Saturn ♄ ℞ in dialogue with Pluto across from the North Node in Cancer PLUS just to amp it up a notch, eclipses on the Capricorn / Cancer axis- one step forward, two steps back, dismantling everything that isn’t in the highest integrity, showing you potential, and in some cases, then taking it away… ah ah ah! Not quite yet. Are you giving away your authority? Where are you deriving your authority? What’s your relationship with your inner authority? Only to be seen more clearly now that Saturn has stationed direct last week Wednesday.

It’s been a tumultuous summer. Lots of me me me, look at me, these are my needs, my boundaries, fuck me! Who are you? What is happening? Who am I? What am I doing here? What is time? And where did I it go? Shit - where should I be focusing my attention and energy?

Now we are shifting. Things are slowing down.

It’s no longer about me.

This change of season isn’t just from Virgo to Libra,

Mutable earth to Cardinal Air

Mercury to Venus ruled (who are both in Libra now)

it’s from Summer to Autumn.

It’s from ME to WE. It’s from longer days & shorter nights to longer nights & shorter days.

It's from the extroverts playground to the introvert's homeland.

Even the currents of the oceans shift now, which changes the primal & intuitive migration instructions for the animals.

Even though we are moving from me to we, we are also getting quieter, more internal, being asked to listen more.

Instead of driving ahead with our manifestation techniques and plans, we soften back to listen much more deeply and tap into the infinite source of support when we open to another.

We soften the ego, lean into connectivity and move into realms of social justice.

Greta Thundburg’s climate strike on Friday is the biggest global movement we have seen yet and she says “We’re only just beginning!”

Do you think it’s a coincidence that coincides with Libra season, the time of social justice?

I’ll get into Libra more in my next post, but for now:

The Birth of Venus happens about every 18 months. What is it? In ancient Babylonian astrology, they taught that the planets visible in the night’s sky have far more strength than the others. When you watch the sun set on the Western horizon, shortly after, you’ll see Venus shining. She’ll be visible for 9 months before disappearing again.

Venus is at home in Libra, so she is even stronger now + Venus is everything most of us desire: Harmony, prosperity. money, abundance, relationships, love, luxury, beauty… for the next two weeks watch all these areas of your life getting a boost.

Yet beware: Venus is square Saturn + Pluto, who is opposite the North Node in Cancer. Venus is going to be asked to work a little slower than usual, ensuring that integrity is in tact, that you’re working within the best aligned structure + system. That you’re integrating the lessons of the past 4 months + really aligning with a refined sense of purpose in your life. There’s no more room for bulshit. It’s time to initiate more meaning & purpose in your life and the Universe is here to support it! Yet at the same time:

new relationships that are mutual uplifting are coming together.

creative projects that have been disrupted or on hold are receiving new life.

channels of abundance are opening

Take your time. Feel into every step. Feel for the fit on all layers of your being. Wait until you get the green light that it's meant for you. Let it flow.

Trust, that even in your suffering, the Universe has your back.

Because it does. You are so supported. Stay in integrity.

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