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Full Moon in Aquarius / Sun in Leo 22°24

5:29am August 15, 2019

Let me explain this statement. There’s depth to it. Aquarius: Ruled by Uranus. Fixed Air. The Humanitarian Leo rules the Heart & Spinal column Aquarius rules the circulatory system Uranus rules the cerebral spinal fluid + the nervous system. 6 planets in fixed signs 6 planets in fire signs Only ONE in air: the full moon. This moon is fanning the flames of the heart, providing the pathway & the system for the heart’s message to move out into the entire organism of life. These two need each other, even if on the surface it seems they don’t. Individual Leo, often expressed through the egoic ‘look at me!!’ can appear VERY different from Aquarian’s, humanitarian views. Yet Aquarians are rebellious & individualistic, enabling an innovative Spirit that can be futuristic in nature. Aquarians often bring wisdom that has yet to be seen by the masses. They refuse to conform to the status quo. Their vision often so radical & unconventional, that at first presentation, many have a hard time understanding. This moon is opposite Venus who is conjunct the sun. So close in fact, that you could compare it to a sacrificial pilgrimage for Venus as she burns up in the Solar flares of the Sun. Venus rules relationships, finances, inner harmony, prosperity & more. Depending on where this Moon hits your own chart, you’re being asked to ceremoniously give something up as you recalibrate for prosperity. The prosperity we’re talking about is the Dharmic richness of the heart’s deepest longing + expression. The heart, when really honored connects us to the Source, which in essence is the collective. Aquarius, although poised as the evolved intellect may seem like a function of the head, when really in balance is taking instructions from the heart. ⭐️ Check in: Are you moving from your head or your Heart? This moon is asking you to keep digging deeper until you’re being guided by your heart. If you’re in your head, your work is to find that inner balance that allows you to listen & live from your heart. 🌕 When you land in that Heart-centered awareness, you’ve found the inner guide for the next level of this journey! To get there, some will need to rebel from the mental patterning of their heads. Others, firmly rooted in your heart are awakening to the recognition of the mass miseducation we have been receiving & have a strong urge to REBEL from the stories being told in mainstream programming. What we resist persists + we cannot persist much longer on the trajectory we have been going collectively. We are coming to a breaking point where we’ll have to REBEL. The rebellion is in the name of the heart. It’s in the name of the earth. It’s in the name of the people. It might ask that you sacrifice comfort, finances, safety, harmony, relationships, etc to get there. But today's sacrifice is tomorrow’s prosperity. What’s important to you? What are your values? Where does your moral compass point? What brings you peace? Anything you’re attached to that keeps you away from these things can be given to Venus to throw into the sun’s flames for transmutation. You’ll see that you only thought you needed them, but you really don’t. Not how it was showing up anyway. Aquarian’s reputation for emotional coldness is also a misperception. Aquarians can usually pan waaaay out to the 40,000 foot overview before thinking of themselves which allows the attachment to emotion to dissolve quite quickly & process their emotions just as fast. When we’re not tangled in our emotional body, Uranus can move that cerebral spinal fluid up the spine & engorge the space around the pineal gland, causing an inner activation there, which is the true inner awakening! For when the pineal gland activates, we get clear communication from Source. The inner teacher officially awakens. Lean into that super power to help you gain perspective on anything that is keeping you stuck so you can access that fire that propels you forward in the direction of your purpose. The determination of the fixed signs matched with this fire being stoked by this full moon is working to ensure you bring the passions you remembered with the new moon, to life! It’s time. One heads up: Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, is square Mercury. This can make for a very busy & sometimes unfocused mind. Breathe. Organize your inner world through breathwork or yoga Nidra before reacting to anything. Get yourself in order, center yourself in your heart + put in the time to ensure that’s where you’re rooted before all else. Otherwise you’re moving from imbalance + there’s a whole other side to this moon out of balance that I didn’t even touch upon. Practices: Aquarius Astro Nidra will help you see what you’re resisting

Mercury Rx can help you move from your head to your heart (Mercury officially leave the Shadow zone today as well!)

Leo Astro Nidra helps to align you with purpose

The Mars in Leo Cosmic Walking Meditation can help workout conflict or strengthen your manifestions. Check them out! They’re all in the subscription for those of you on the subscription. Otherwise, they’re all up on the website. Love you Moon Lovers! Jana

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