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Leo Season ∞ Jupiter Stations Direct ∞ Mercury Moves into Leo ∞ Uranus Stations Retrograde

Ruled by the Sun & ruler of the HEART ~ Leo Season is the time we remember that it is our birth right to shine in this world & enjoy this life!

The heart is the first organ to develop in the womb. It is the center of our inner solar system & the place that love grows.

With Venus all snuggled up with the sun now and the recent Leo New Moon, this is a good time to welcome pleasure, more love into your relationships, to cut the ones you love some slack & return to joy, remember your loyalties & give love generously. To know where your heart loyalties are will help keep you steady as the month goes on. Leo’s also a manifestation sign & in favorable energy to Jupiter who is at home in Sagittarius. Early this morning, Jupiter stationed direct. This makes for a great time to practice some meta-cognition (self awareness of thoughts) to refine what you are focusing on because Jupiter expands whatever you are investing your attention and energy into. Taking a moment to get clear on what you want is a good idea! Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since last November & I know many of you did the work back then to point the arrow of your awareness inward to restore your faith and get clear on purposeful action {I'll be revisiting the Sagittarius Astro Nidra at least once over the next few days to remind me of that work we did then, yet the Leo Astro Nidra is perfect for this time as well.} With Mercury in Leo, you may find yourself wanting to express yourself more freely, perhaps even a little bit of drama in your expression. The NEW Cosmic Walking Meditation for Mars in Leo will help you with this expression. If you're stumped in a conflict, challenge or situation, this walking meditation is perfect to help find resolution! I left the cues vague enough that you can bring in a challenge OR something you're working to manifest. It's meant to accompany you on a 20 minute walk to help tease out the drama, plus to help you remember that you're doing good work here being a Human and to give yourself a little credit for all you are doing. Tonight, Uranus stations Retrograde until January 10th. This 153 day retrograde period is a great time to tune into your nervous system and get to know how you are responding to your environment. Uranus is unpredictable, spontaneous and awakening. It also rules currency, technology with electricity moving through it and the nervous system. Uranus can be shocking, yet I have found that the more intimate my inner listening skills are, the less Uranus surprises me in a way that causes unwanted upheaval. Instead, Uranus is listening to our COLLECTIVE beliefs, desires & dysfunctions and offering unconventional, innovative alternative ways of being and progressing our own lives and the world around us. Uranus is rarely comfortable, yet often catapults us into the discomfort that is needed to awaken us from our dysfunctions. When we're not listening, it sucks. When we are, matched with a readiness to act -- Uranus will always keep us a step ahead of everyone else. I don't have a particular practice for Uranus just yet, rather the reminder to constantly be listening to and working with your nervous system (which is a cornerstone of ALL of the practices I offer). Remember to feel. Learn to get comfortable in the discomfort so you can grow, innovate and evolve. Depending on where Taurus is in your natal chart, we will each feel this a little differently. Keep some room for the mystery & the unexpected as unpredictable Uranus may unexpectedly surprise you with new information, ideas or even finances to bring your life to the next level!

Looking at the year long astrology, this is the time of year to play, remember that we’re meant to enjoy this life, laugh a lot & let it be light. Take advantage of this time!

Let loose, remember your youthfulness, enjoy the sun shine & the company of the ones you love! Invest in your inner creative artist!

Set intentions to include how you’re going to greet each day to ensure your passions have time to thrive!

We create much more powerfully from joy than we do from burden or lack. You are abundant. You deserve a good life. You are lovable.

Fall in love with your life! ♥ Check out the 2019 Leo Astro Nidra to integrate & embody these teachings. I've been imagining a cellist to accompany the astro nidras for some time and The Wong Janice reached out recently and has laid in an adaptation of her song "Ecstasy" from her album: Cello Music for Meditation -- It's STUNNING. Please check it out. For everyone who already purchased the Leo Astro Nidra, go back to your download page and you'll find it there.

Love you Moon Lovers!

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