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Sagittarius Full Moon

 {image by Lori Menna of @cosmiccollage}

Sagittarius Full Moon - Gemini Sun 

On the Full Moon, the sun and the moon are in opposition to each other, so we have to take them both into consideration to understand it.

We also have:

Moon conjunct Jupiter, square Neptune, opposite the sun

Neptune trine Mercury

Mercury conjunct Mar, opposite Saturn

Mercury and Saturn on the North and South nodes of the moon respectively.

Here’s the breakdown:

Curious Gemini’s inquisitive mind is always asking questions trying to understand the whole story. In the life cycle, Gemini is the 4 or 5 year old with a million questions: "What does this mean? Why do you do it like that?" If we look at that from the perspective an actual 4 or 5 year old, their analytical mind hasn’t developed yet as they're primarily in Theta or Alpha brainwaves states, so most information comes in quite freely. Everything is new and up for exploring. They are programmed to learn and their ability to uptake information is extraordinary. Their belief systems are in their first phase of development, through the perfect mixture of naivety and curiousity, their role models and environment have a huge impact on the development of their minds and developing worldview.

Gemini is opposite Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules Higher Learning, adventure, foreign lands, belief systems and faith.  Sagittarius are truth hunters and Spiritual seekers. They are looking for purpose in life. The more mature Sag may even be a teacher or a mentor or be drawn to some form of writing or publishing. Sagittarians are usually asking questions of a deeper nature: “What is the purpose of life? What is my purpose? What do I belief in? What can I trust? Where do I place my faith?”

The challenge lies in the major difference between the Gemini and Sagittarius life cycle: as adults, we don’t often ask those questions until we’re either confused or in pain. With Neptune squaring the moon and Jupiter, that should take care of putting us in a state of confusion ;-) And Mars opposite Saturn should create the discomfort we need to have us begging to know whyyyyy we are feeling the way we do!! And of course, Jupiter is going to expand whatever we are focusing on! 

The good news is that the exact degree that the Full Moon happens at is a gateway to Remembering, dreaming, conceiving, visualizing and creating as we invest in reinstating the sacred in our lives {according to Elias Lonsdale}.

With both the nodes of the moon being activated, this isn’t a time for looking back and brewing on what didn’t work, replaying the old story again and again. Identify what hasn’t worked, be it habits, relationships, endeavors, etc and let it go. All eyes on the goal, looking forward like the centaur’s arrow focused on the target, everything out of alignment with your goals is released.

Because this full moon happens on the Galactic Center – which we now know is a giant black hole, we get an extra boost to help us let things goooooo. Every time there is a significant event on the galactic center, I like to think of it as an opportunity to take the metaphorical trash out! We carry so much spiritual and emotional weight around with us, so this is a chance to write it all down and burn it as you send it out through the galactic center’s black hole – never to be seen again!

Once you’re done that, there's a good chance you'll feel a little lighter. Both Gemini and Sagittarius love play, fun, adventure and laughter! Remember one of my favorite Spiritual teachings: This is all a Cosmic Joke and we’re not to take everything so seriously. It’s okay to make light of things!

We are in the midst of so much intensity in the Cancer Capricorn axis with Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Mars and the Nodes of the Moon. Let this Full Moon allow for some lightness. Let yourself get silly, take an adventure or try something new. Remember that the solution to the problem is likely something you’ve never tried before otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue. 

You might find it beneficial to look back at your Sagittarius New Moon intentions from 6 months ago when you were getting clear in your vision for this year and see how you’re doing. It will help you refine the direction of your heart’s arrow and adjust your decisions to bring that vision to life. 

Of course, check in with your intentions from two weeks ago too, on the Gemini new moon, yet it’s important to remember the bigger cycles too!

Take the time to revisit the Sagittarius Astro Nidra that you did 6 months ago to realign with that vision and feel it come alive in your bones.

Remember: Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign - transformation, so use fire in your ritual and make sure that if you didn’t put your crystals out last night, you do it tonight!

If you want to tap into the dreamer within to help remember your vision, pull out the Pisces Astro Nidra called "The Dreamer" and go to sleep with that tonight! (Gemini, Sag, Pisces and the cosmic walking meditation are on the subscription page for those subscribed)

Love you Moon Lovers!

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