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Virgo Full Moon

Art by Lori Men of Cosmic Collage

Virgo Full Moon - Super Moon + Welcome to Pisces Season

Mutable Earth

Feminine Sign

Ruled by Mercury + Chiron

(you can read more about the Virgo Archetype here + Pisces Season post to come next)

This lunation carries with it an extraordinary potential to heal. With Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces, there is an opportunity to see the underlying patterns of your existence (subconscious programs) and by seeing these patterns they naturally begin to transform. This can be done through self-observation, Yoga Nidra or dream work. With no attempt to explore the subconscious, this aspect could appear as anxiety or stress as the deeper layers of the subconscious mind are stirred in an attempt to be liberated. It can feel like life is folding into itself for a deconstruction as of all your fears and limiting beliefs are pushing their way to the surface. That stirring is the mind trying to take advantage of this time to liberate itself. Pay attention. The greater you can accept these patterns as they are without judgment or criticism (this is the life’s work of the Virgo archetype), the deeper you will be able to penetrate these programs. Use Mars in Taurus trine the Full Moon in Virgo to activate a toddler-like curiosity to penetrate these inner doorways of the subconscious mind knowing that it is an initiation into your healing. Mars is conjunct Uranus, the spontaneous awakener, so it may come in loud and strong like a stroke of insight.

Remember that Virgo is also ruled by Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Chiron is freshly in Aries showing us what we are ready to face in our healing journey as we reclaim or establish our identity. This Chiron passage through Aries may become a little confrontational at times as this is what’s necessary to get real with ourselves about what we stand for in life. This is just the beginning of the Chiron in Aries – he’ll be there until 2027!

The Virgo Full Super Moon comes at the perfect time to assess and reorganize your daily routines to ensure that you’re giving yourself the opportunity to follow through on your intentions from the Aquarius New Moon two weeks ago. This daily reboot is important to ensure that you have the structure and systems in place to bring this great vision to life.

With Venus conjunct Saturn, there is a message of how beautifully the sacred masculine qualities of structure and form create the parameters for creativity to flow. This is a reminder that in a whole society, there is a balance and both the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine are necessary to give birth to great vision.

The Super Full moon in Virgo, the virgin, the healer, the organizer, the one who can’t help themselves to take care of all the details and fixer and figure-outer. They are known for perfectionist tendencies that come from the inherent need to be their best self. Ruled by Mercury, this earthy virgin is highly intellectual, where Pisces is the mystic whose journey into the Soul is the gateway to explore the world beyond form. With the Sun in Pisces, the dreamer, the watery intuitive, the escape artist, this Full Moon in Virgo is an experience of a healing initiation.

This Full Moon is here to heal your inner wounds so that the Pisces dreams have fertile soil to land and grow bigger. Both Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs – this means change. When these two team up with mutual respect and admiration, they are a powerful team of manifesters! Pisces has been called the emotional sponge of the zodiac – they pick up all the emotions of everyone around them – Virgo sees all the details of life with razor sharp vision. Virgo vision sets the path so clearly that it cannot be missed and the fuel for manifestation is the emotion (energy in motion) brought forth by Pisces.

0 degrees is new beginnings in general. Yet 0° Virgo / 30° Leo is the Great Sphinx monument who sits in the sand saying: “Within me is the power of creation. I am very potent, for I have the patience to wait through eternity for the right moment to reveal what I know.” Near this point, you find the Star Regulas in the sky – ruled by Angel Raphel – the healer, Royal star, King of all stars, connected to angelic realms. One of the most powerful stars in the sky. Helps you make important life decisions / executive decisions.

Virgo rules the intestines, which physically in the body uptake hydration and release anything toxic or otherwise rendered useless. This full moon is asking us to let go of illness, criticism, judgments, toxins, burdens, stuck emotions and anything holding you back.

It’s a check in with the ego and what you’re holding on to to allow you to be humbled to serve the greater good.

It’s time to becoming the best of yourself.

With Mars, even through there is impatience with Mars conjunct Uranus, in Taurus there is staying power for what is initiated here.

Remember on the Super Moons, the tides move the most. You can expect there to be a significant movement of the waters within. Although Virgo is not always seen as an emotional sign, the emotions run deep underneath their serious, hard working shell. You just have to earn their trust to access. There may be movement on a level within that you're not fully expecting. Stay close to the ones you trust.

Use the Virgo Sesaon Astro Nidra until Thursday to help connect with the beautifully healing energies available to us right now. That Astro Nidra is beautifully designed to channel healing energy from this Virgin, Healer archetype.

Love you Moon Lovers!

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