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Full Moon in Libra

{ art by @t.radz }

Libra Full Moon -- Cardinal Air

Venus rules Libra AND Taurus and Venus slides right into home in Taurus as the moon lights up in her full glory.

Aries is a cardinal air sign, ruled by Mars and Mars is traveling along in Capricorn snuggled in close to Saturn, squaring the sun and moon. So this is hot! Across the zodiac is Cancer, the nurture, so we can call on the Nurturing Mother archetype of watery Cancer to help balance and cool this squared-up, full moon energy.

After a long stretch with very little air in the chart (thus a pull inward and feeling to skip the socializing before it got awkward), we are returning to a social feel with this airy, Libra full moon. But the conversational aspect of this air sign is more that of an inner politician seeking justice than a social butterfly aiming to please. Since we've been pulled deep within, asked to re-establish boundaries and clean up our lives, this re-emergence could have some fiesty tendencies. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so be mindful of your communication style and techniques. It could be rocky out there.

I've always thought it was pretty cool that in the middle of Aries Season, which is all about recalibrating back to the Individual, we get a powerful Libra Full Moon that asks us to take what we are learning as we rediscover ourselves and use it to deepen ALL our relations. It's a Divine reminder to check in to ensure that your selfishness is folding back into selflessness. It is impossible to exist without the world around us, yet if we allow the world around us to dictate who we are, we lose ourselves. If we get too enraptured in our own world without awareness of the effects and consequences of our thoughts, words and actions, we become reckless. There comes the balance that this full moon brings. Big Check Ins. Remember to nurture your bigger purpose along with your inner child that jumps in quickly. Allow for forgiveness to meet each internal fire that erupts, especially if it spews sparks onto others. Make space for your relations to grow and heal. Let the fire within point the mirror upon yourself for ultimate growth as projections can be raging during this full moon energy. This one in particular comes during this Mercury AND Jupiter Retrograde period where the potential exists for the personal work to go so far within that one could almost begin to merge with the world around us into Oneness. There is a fine line of presence of Self and presence with All that is that paves the pathway for full and complete trust that when we listen to that voice within, we are actually being Guided by the Universal Love force that moves through all of creation. To get there, there must be humility present which reminds us that we are re-awakening in every single moment, in a string of present moments that the world and the experience is new with every single breath. Re-awaken. Re-awaken. Awaken. Awakening. Re-awakening. In every single moment. Remembering that we know nothing so that we can be guided.

Here's the Astro-Nidra for this time. It is working with the energies of the entire Aries Season including this moon. Please enjoy!

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