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Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter, who changes signs once a year moved from Libra (relationships, equilibrium + order, indecisiveness + harmony with group over authenticity to self) into Scorpio today, Oct 10th and will stay there until November 8th, 2018. This is a completion of a cycle. It's time to honour it with quiet reflection. Where did you over extend yourself for the sake of relationship? How have you gotten to know yourself through others? Where have you been indecisive? Libra medicine is about learning how to HONOUR yourself and then turn that inner knowing into your sacred offering for the collective. It is about seeing yourself in others and the community. It can even be a little political at times as it is a very social air sign and leveraging their community is how Libra creates, yet because it’s Libra and they have such a strong desire to be liked, they’ll make sure that in those co-creations, everyone wins! What did you learn about your relationship to relationships?

When Jupiter transits your sun, moon or rising sign, it is a year that resets a 12 year cycle. For Libra sun, moon and rising, this year will be about unpacking what you learned in the past 13 months and reclaiming your values and self worth by putting what you learned into practice and making adjustments in your life. This year will show you what you value in relationship and how you WANT to invest in them along with all the medicine of Jupiter in Scorpio.

For Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising yesterday was the completion of a 12 year cycle and now you are stepping into a new one!

Jupiter in Scorpio is all about embracing your shadow. It's a time when secrets will be revealed. It's a time of learning how and who you can trust. Jupiter in Scorpio will be a deep dive into our own inner mysteries. It could be a year of igniting passions ~ rekindling the old, refreshing the current and / or sparking something new. It could be a year when we get confronted with more shadow than ever before and have to decide what to do with it. Scorpio represents big transformations – divorces, meeting a life partner, a love affair, birth of a child or a business, death and rebirth. This year could include big transformations of career, personality or appearance. Scorpio also represents magic and mystery, so maybe it's not all meant to be understood. This is the polarity of Scorpio energy, they want to remain a mystery, yet want to know everything about everything else. Expansive Jupiter, traversing water sign Scorpio is waking up intuition and occult wisdom. This can also be a time when we move big, old fixed emotions from our body and heal! When Jupiter transits Scorpio and our own wounds or shadows surface, it can ignite compassion and forgiveness for self and others. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, so this is not the time to sit back and watch it all, it is a time to take ACTION!

On the ingress of any planet (when it moves from one sign to another), having a peak at the whole chart helps to understand the tone of the entire transit. Based off that, here's my list of homework for the collective this year:

• self observe the balance of your inner Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine and then self regulate to restore the balance.

• This is a year of awakening the Self. Do transformative inner work involving looking at the parts you have kept hidden in your closet for far to long.

• Feel into what pains you until it transmutes into compassion and forgiveness. We are all flawed, imperfect Beings. Cut yourself and others some slack.

• This is a year of tough conversations, allowing for all topics to surface and sit on the table until you are able to trust what you know, live in integrity and forgive, let go and / or grow!

• Ditch the surface conversations and engage in conversations with depth. We are at the 11th hour people. It is a time of lasting transformations. We need the artists of the world to create options!

• Be willing to forget who you were and step into who you are becoming!!!

As much as this is specifically powerful for Scorpios, this transit affects the collective. Remember, we all have Scorpio in our chart somewhere. If you would like a personal Jupiter in Scorpio reading to look at where it will be affecting you, I will open a limited number of special Jupiter readings for $50 (click here).

The sooner, the better, I would love to work on these while flying across the Atlantic on Oct 14/15th.

much love to you all

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