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New Moon in Leo

This new moon kicks off Eclipse Season

2:46am at 0° Leo, July 23rd – the moon is new. With such an early degree of Leo for this new moon, we will see two new moons in Leo in a row! I believe this gives us an opportunity for mastery of this lunar energy. So let’s dive in!

The new moon is conjunct Mars at 1, almost 2° Leo (this means their planetary energies are all being filtered through the same constellation giving them a similar flavor to their expression.

The Sun, the moon and Mars are also all square Uranus at 28° Aries (who also preparing to go retrograde at this same degree. It’s almost as though Uranus is sitting still for the next couple weeks). This indicates a strong, spontaneous shift of energy and perception that can cause an awakening.

Leo is the lion. He comes with courage, but also ego. This is our time to get our ego in a healthy check. Remember, ego isn’t bad – it’s the out of balance ego that causes a ruckus on our life. Returning to balance is the way so that we can let the “Light of our Soul” shine through. Leo season is a time of dramatic self expression and when done with a balanced ego, what is experienced can be an intense self awareness. Another mythical story of Leo is that the sun God Helios rode a lion, rather than a horse which displayed his courage, his propensity to break the rules and follow his heart shine.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. For those of you that don’t know, the sun and the moon are traveling together during the new moon, that’s why we cannot see the moon, we are blinded from seeing it due to the light of the sun. It is still reflecting the sun’s light, but not toward earth, it is reflected straight back to the Sun. Couple that with the Leo archetype and we have a very sunny moon energy.

Let’s talk about the degree that this new moon is sitting at first. The sabien sign for 1° Leo is a “divorced husband and wife enjoying each other’s company.” This instantly gives me feedback on how in relationship, often one begins to NEED something from the other or DESIRES the other to be a certain way or the “if then” algorithm begins. All of these needs, desires and variables fire up the ego’s edge that creates co-dependency, bumps us out of our power and away from our essential truth and into a swirling emotional experience. When we relinquish ourSelf and the other from the bondage that binds us in relationship that creates this kind of discord, we often return to our own equilibrium and truth that reminds us of our power and wondered why we placed so much of our happiness or decision making into the other. What if we could put the ego aside and remember why we started in the first place and release them without having to throw out the relationship?

We’ll see this again when we look at the opposition between Saturn and Venus. {Venus at 20° Gemini is sitting opposite Saturn at 22° Sagittarius}. Saturn is renewing our belief systems by allowing for a huge release and resetting of a cycle, and with this opposition Venus is aligning us with ancient karmic bonds that also lead to liberation. Partnership in any form is lighting up check points for personal work. Observe how bondage is actually leading you to freedom and how that liberation is an inside job.

To live a heart-led life, it often requires that we break free from archetypal or tribal expectations and take a risk to make that shift from logical, rational decision making to non-sensical heart-led choices. The old school marriage archetype is being challenged as the rebellious lovers are re-patterning their parental imprints of how relationship and familial relating play out in their own chosen nuclear family and marriages. Pay attention to the un / sub – conscious archetypal influential patterns are playing out in your marriage and familial relations. Sometimes I wonder if when we’re battling with our partners, we are really battling with the archetypal unconscious influences that are so far beyond the personal. These archetypal influences have been playing out for generations are now ready to evolve. Maybe we are the ones chose to evolve these outdated archetypes?

Prosperity is one of those areas of life that we get to redefine our own personal assigned meaning of how we exist prosperously. I would expect a bunch of “fuck it!” “keep that!” “fuck that!” “more of this!” as we sort through what is important to us and what we want to carry forth from our families of origin and larger societal norms. Trust what you feel inside. Trust the yearning of your heart. Invest in that which you love so that it can grow. Don’t give up on the ones you love. Be willing to let them grow, listen to the feedback they have to offer and let it land all the way in beyond the cellular level into your energetic field and FEEL it all the way before even beginning to think about your response or analyze what is happening. Give yourself time to return to love. Let your ego sit in the sidelines as you re-attune to your heart vision. Maybe prosperity and partnership aren’t separate at all and life is about being abundant in love and being open to listening and evolving through your multitude of relationships / partnerships that makes us prosperous in the first place. It’s through these relationships that we truly meet ourselves. What if we tried on the reality that the other is you and to run away from the other, is another way you run away from yourself. This is a slippery slope to traverse as some people simply aren’t compatible and others we NEED space from in order to see clearly and it’s through the space that we get to see the karmic contract that we are playing out in order to learn / evolve. In any case, live deeply, rooted in your heart and watch how the world opens up to you. I’m wondering if we root ourselves in seeing the beauty in others as we travel through Leo season if it will help us temper the critical shadow side of Virgo up next season. As we are radically breaking free from anything that challenges our sovereignty (again, inside job) to allow our light to shine forth, there will naturally be a redefinition in how we engage in partnerships and prosperity. If you were paying attention to the last full moon in Capricorn, you may have noticed some of the internal structures you subconsciously built up to keep you safe are ready to dissolve. If they have dissolved, or you have become aware of them this is now the time to rebuild new internal structures that are more aligned with the current expression of your Highest Self. In any case, Jupiter is trine Venus, here to help us expand our relationships, prosperity and inner harmony.

Uranus is squaring the sun / moon / mars conjunction pouring through our nervous systems a powerful push to allow ourselves, our needs and our love to be seen. It provides an invisible force that is not so subtly encouraging you to live your best life and have a moment of clearing to help make it so.

Mercury, Uranus and Saturn are forming a fire trine along with this new moon. Listen for sudden, firey changes, communications, messengers – some may be bringing contractive information, but ultimately it’s arriving to help you awaken. Uranus is reminding us that we are never alone, that someone’s always watching, offering just the right support at just the right time when we’re listening. We are only on the cusp of understanding how supported we are from the invisible world. This fire trine is helping to burn up the blocks from understanding this as truth.

{Uranus 28° Aries

Saturn 22° Sagittarius

Mercury at 26, almost 27° Leo}

This eclipse season that we are embarking upon will continue to reveal what needs to change to live your best life, so buckle up! We’re on our way and it’s going to be an amazing ride. I’ll write more later.

Remember, Mercury enters the shadow period on July 24th for the retrograde journey that begins August 12th. Get your ducks in a row, initiate what you want to start now before the retrograde begins so you can quiet up, get to work and review the last 3 months and get yourself organized for the next cycle. This is a time to go in. Uranus is going retrograde August 2nd and we have Neptune, Pluto and Chiron in retrograde already. There is always internal work to be done.

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