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Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer

Capricorn full moon. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign. Cardinal signs initiate.

Capricorn is the half mountain goat half fish making a sea goat. An ambitious builder often bridging two worlds. Capricorn not only has the ambition to build, but they see the final outcome before a word is even written, giving them the confidence, the endurance and the grand scope vision to bring it all together ~ or summit the mountain peak like only a mountain goat knows how. They can organize with ease and lead from that organized visionary place. When we drop into the energy of Capricorn, we feel that we have everything we need and it’s realized not only in the moment we get to the mountain top, rather all throughout the almost unimaginable laborious journey it takes to get there from deep in the sea. Capricorn is governed by Saturn. Saturn asks us to step up our game, holds us accountable and asks for maturity. Saturn is the lord of karma and time. We’ll circle back around to this as Saturn is still rewiring our belief systems, so to understand it will be valuable to see how we are being worked on now.

What I find really interesting in the chart tonight is the Pluto conjunction with the Full Moon. Pluto, the tiniest planet in our solar system, playing through the tiniest constellation packs a LOT of punch. Pluto's diameter is equal to the width of the United States and it is the one planet that when it is aspecting in a chart, it is time to PAY ATTENTION! Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth. Pluto shows us where our power lies. When Pluto conjuncts the moon, you can expect some fairly serious emotional experiences. In some cases, the emotional uprising might be out of proportion to the present moment experience. Present moment amplified by an old experience or trauma that built an inner structure that is now, finally ready to crumble (limiting belief perhaps)? The Moon conjunct Pluto is a powerful one, one that may lead you to believe, if even just for the weekend, that you can’t control your own emotions. There is an idealism within this aspect accessible when you tap into the base or foundational energy that is triggering you, challenging you and/or bringing you to war as the teacher of how to allow more love to flow through your systems. Even in the struggle can you fill the experience with love? And because it is Pluto – what ever you are experiencing and feeling is also transforming and entering the birth cannel for a re-birth experience. What type of energy / emotion would you like to birth into your perceptual filters into the future? We’ll come back to this because this rebirth energy is more aligned moving forward and it isn’t where this weekend starts. We start by feeling.

Straight across the Zodiac in Cancer, the Sun is sitting conjunct Mars. This conjunction packs a little punch into your will, the ego and definitely adds fire to the rest of this astrological weather. The exact degree that Mars is sitting at honors the breakdown as necessary, even mandatory for growth. If we hold on to the past, not because it works, but because it is safe and provides relief, we keep hitting our head up against the wall. The ironic thing about these constructs is that they are barriers built within ourselves that block us from fully understanding and embodying our own essential truth. They are often that which we are blind to as we inquire how we are getting in our own way. As conjunctions on their own, they wield heaps of power already; with The Moon / Pluto conjunction in opposition to the Mars / Sun conjunction – this is an incredibly powerful storm to navigate as the water (Cancer) erodes the earth (Capricorn). It’s one of those weekends that you would do yourself a huge favor to take a step back from the eagerness to bring what ever you are feeling into the Highest or apply Spiritual teachings to UNTIL you have a chance to FEEL what you are feeling, ADMIT the strong emotions that are brewing to dismantle your inner / outer structures. Pluto opposite the Sun is going to bring up your defenses. Create an environment for yourself where you have space to feel and get messy. Where you can safely and freely express yourself even if only to your dog or a trusted sound board who won’t hold you to your words because of their wisdom that you are working through something huge and don’t even know where you are going with it YET. Once you return to a state of listening and a willingness to cooperate, the wisdom and transformation begins to flow. That clarity is coming soon, so trust your process.

A Spiritual teaching that offers promise at this time is one that reminds you that life is a perpetual state of transformation and this emotion that is rocketing through your systems this weekend is here to move some boulder sized blocks. Another teaching is to make space and maintain an openness that allows you to feel pain with the same amount of openness and presence as you allow yourself to feel pleasure. The resistance to the pain often takes us on a journey far more painful than the pain itself, so give yourSelf into it. Feel it. Let it flow through in such a way that it can reach you, teach you and leave you with ease. This is how Saturn is actually supporting us though this energy. Saturn is holding the container steady so the emotion can get messy. Saturn is saying “I’ve got you, let go,” and helps you to feel safe enough to feel all the inner chaos and allow yourself to be so ravenous in the way you feel and call yourself out that you finally say “ENOUGH!” and pull all of your energy back inward and call your power back and call your Spirit back to initiate a new cycle. This is powerful!

Jupiter is square to both of these conjunctions too, reminding us that the expansion comes after the contraction. The greater the contraction, the more vast the expansion. Feel it. Admit it. Emote it. Release. Get quite. Dream. Give the mind completely different food post release. Let this food be what germinates this fertile soil. Neptune pipes up and asks: “Great. You know you don’t want that – what do you want?” Use this dream to fill the part of your psyche that needs structure.

Mercury is connecting us back to our heart and our own internal, unconditional love source that can transmute all of this to the Higher place that the Spirituals often crave – make room to feel it all first. There is far more beneath the surface that will prove valuable later. Get good at sitting with your bad ass self this weekend. You’re a Spirit trying to figure out how to be Human afterall. That kind of contraction has got to be a tough task all on it’s own.

This moon is also Guru Purnama -- which is the moon in the Indian traditions when we honour our teachers. Let gratitude for your teachers raise your vibration this weekend. Let it be an offering back to those who have lit the path for you. Let it humble you and remind you to begin again.

with loving gratitude ~


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