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Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus

Scorpio is a water sign and water can take many forms. When I feel into Scorpio’s waters, they are moving, churning, even boiling. Scorpio is okay with the discomfort needed to cleanse. Surface engagement will never satisfy the Scorpio’s deeper intuitive knowing. They have the uncanny ability to pierce into the hidden truth in most situations and have a way of reading people that cuts through the bullshit quickly.

Scorpio can easily dive into the depths of the darkness to see what is real and ready to be revealed and what needs to be transformed or alchemized. Scorpio recognizes death is part of the natural cycle of life and transformation follows. To be reborn is a virtue of Scorpio energy, but we have to be willing to feel it all the way through to gain the perspective and wisdom presenting for our growth. Scorpio is a fixed sign, likely because of their strong inner knowing or determination to see their goals through they become unbudgable. They simply won’t compromise the truth for comfort.

The Mercury - Uranus conjunction in Aries is further enhancing this revelatory energy. When these two join forces there is a high probability of sudden revelations, swift alterations of perceptions and reality as new information is revealed. Sometimes revelations sting for a moment, but breathe through it and see what is also being delivered to you. Lasting liberations ~ once you know something you can’t unknow it. Unexpected introductions through social networks could lead to very favorable outcomes, growth and prosperity.

With the moon’s nodal axis shifting today along with this full moon, many of us will no longer be able to fake it – it’s heart lead living or bust. No longer are you okay with following the status quo if it doesn’t fit where your heart is guiding you. With anxiety on the rise, it’s time to take an honest look at what that anxiety is trying to teach. We KNOW that things need to change. It’s time to do it.

The heart needs to be plugged into what brings it alive, to what ignites the inner artist and what sets your Soul on fire! Resistance shows us what we don’t want – now even unplug from the resistance and DO what YOU do want. Spend time dreaming about expressive creativity. When we resist, we feed that which we don’t want. What we resist persists. Stop feeding the doubt and the fear and start to feed your passionate heart. Take your power back and begin to recreate. It’s time to find a new angle to overcome. We need the artists, the rebels, the inventors and creators to pull their energy into themselves and harness the emotional tides for what is to come. Our futures have not even been imagined fully yet – with Neptune square Mars, some might be starting to see that we need to keep imagining a new future. It doesn’t look like today. The direction we have been going is broken. Let the trine between the Moon and Neptune propel you to a dreamy space of what’s to come. There is much to dredge up with this moon before we can see clearly. Remember, there is a Divine order to existence. Feel it, breathe it, pay attention and listen with every cell in your body. You are being polished by these happenings.

We are still in Taurus season – this is a powerful time of manifestation. It doesn’t need to make sense or be logical, it just needs to FEEL good and be in alignment with your morals and values.

Taurus reminds us what we value and Scorpio shows us our desires. This moon is asking us to check in to see if what we desire is in alignment with our values. In the same way the New Moon in Taurus was here to show us we are valuable and to see our worth, the Scorpio Full Moon is here to show us that we are desirable in many different ways. What you hold in your heart and your sacred message is needed now, we long to hear from you. Speak your truth and share your gifts. The time is now.

One major recalibration that will serve the greater good in profound ways is to delete the programming that Spiritual work shouldn’t be mixed with money. A new angle to meet what is happening in the world is to shift the balance of power of who holds the money. Spirituals – you deserve to live in abundance and prosperity too. Trust your heart and your sacred offering, put it out into the world and graciously receive the financial exchange you are worth. Can you imagine a world where the people with the financial power actually have humanity’s best interest at heart? Where schools, progressive education and health care are valued over war? Where the environment is respected and we celebrate the ones creating new technology (instead of suppress them)? A world where the industries like oil and big pharma become obsolete because of new inventions? We are evolving, ALL of our systems must evolve with us. We are able to see how what we have created is making us sick – it’s time to shift into a more symbiotic relationship with our planet. (please don’t tell me I am far to idealistic – there are people doing this on a small scale, the more we invest into it the more power it gains. We have to do it together). It’s time to shift the balance of financial power into the hands of those here to Serve or to access the hearts of the ones that hold that power and help them to remember their connection to Spirit.

The New Moon in Scorpio was Oct 29th – right before the American election. It’s time to check in with the intentions you set then. How are they coming to life? Are you still on track with doing your work to support that vision?

Paramatma Siri Sadhana reminded us today that what the world needs now is passion over perfection. That we need to be bold enough to shine brightly, to radiate our light and be brave enough to put it out into the world. The world needs your light.

For a ritual to go with, visit Gather Sacred

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