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New Moon in Scorpio

A Higher Octave Scorpio is the mysterious and passionate artist who wields a type of power that comes from allowing their emotions to churn, hidden inside which eventually brings about transformation and change through exquisite expression.

In Scorpio season, the darker underbelly of existence, that has long sat dormant is churning within and is ready to be released. The questions are: How are you going to use the power that is created with this inner churning? How will you express what is found? I think this might be part of why Scorpios have a reputation for being the most sexual sign of the zodiac. They don’t always want or know how to express it, but the energy has to move out some how. Plus, it is a really fun way to move energy!

This “Day of the Dead” Halloween weekend is an annual time when the veil between worlds is especially thin. We have the ability to access the underworld, our shadows and the other side with greater potency. It’s your annual internal clean up job to free yourself up and release what has been shoved down, unexamined, that is flavoring your subconscious mind, controlling your perceptions and keeping you stuck to your past. Paramatma Siri Sadhana likened this time of year to the creation and emergence of haunted houses representing the call to clear our inner hauntings. It’s time.

There are a few ways you can trek through this cycle. You can stay deeply engaged in the world, continue to point fingers and place blame. Continue to allow frustrations and anger to be spilled and feel like shit or hopeless about your situation. This is the lower octave energy of this time. This technique usually has us unconsciously defending our wounds until something more forceful or tragic happens that refused to allow you to ignore the ego’s shadow. Eventually one is given no choice but to finally deal with themselves and it’s often not pretty or desired. OR you can spend time with yourself to engage in an intentional, honest inward journey to bring light to your blind spots, call yourSelf out and step up to a higher vibrational octave of existence. You have a choice of HOW you will relate to changing times – but with Uranus squaring Mars and Pluto – change is inevitable.

With Mercury hanging out in Scorpio with the Sun and the Moon, we are reminded that this will most likely be cleared by examining how we communicate with ourSelves, Spirit and others. Become aware of your projections. Take note of what you are seeing in another and observe where this is how you are unconsciously relating to yourSelf. It is so much easier to see fault in others :: remember that they are a mirror for you to see yourself or a tool to illuminate what you’re not yet seeing in yourself. Take the humbling step to cop to your own short-comings and map out a new path toward inner peace and more harmonious, high vibrational living.

Remember, the words you are speaking don’t discriminate to who you are speaking about – as they are being spoken, you are calling the experience into your existence. What stories are ready to be retired? How can you rewrite the past with a new story based on what you learned from it, rather than how you were hurt?

Uranus in Aries is squaring Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius. We are being asked to build a plan for a new, bold way of doing things in order to bring light into our lives. Redefine your values. Get clear on what is important to you so you can give what is meaningful your best energy. Anything outside of that – let it go. Less is more. Still. When you gain focus and spend your energy intentionally, you will pour life into those creations and they will flourish.

Call upon the invisible world to support you in your journey. No matter what you are living, or how you are feeling – there are Light Beings waiting for you to ask for help. Just ask.

We have a beautiful opportunity to heal.

A full ritual is posted on Gather Sacred.

Love you Moon Mavens!

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