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New Moon in Aquarius 2017

This New Moon and the Sun sit at 8* Aquarius which is about visionary transformation. The kind of transformation that is evolutionary. Internal, eternal transformation that nudges you closer to your authenticity and sovereignty. Aquarian energy is inventive and futuristic. The creativity of this time has the potential to show the world something it has never seen before. Your thoughts, your visions, your intentions help guide the direction of that change on a global scale.

Aquarius is an intellectual air sign drawing information from other dimensions. This is the new moon in Aquarius as we move into the Age of Aquarius, a 2160 year cycle. The seeds we plant here in this lunar cycle will germinate for quite some time. This is the beginning. As Beings of Light, we have a responsibility to anchor in the light and become even more aware of our thought patterns and the frequency we are emitting into the collective consciousness.

We have access to incredible amounts of unconditional Divine love this week and are being held to high levels of Spiritual Integrity. This means, calling in your Highest Self to help rise above challenges. This means, trusting in the Divine's plans, even when it makes no sense what so ever. This means holding steadfast to your Spiritual practices. It means listening and letting go.

The rest of the planets are telling the story of what is changing now.

The Ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn’s mission is to mature us and remind us of our responsibilities. This Saturn square Venus is asking us to put aside our differences and go back to our ancestral roots remember that we all come from the same Source. Look inside yourself to see where you are sitting in judgement. Discover where you tend to stop listening because of a differing view point or belief system and choose to keep listening. It begs us to drop our ego, ask questions and really listen to those who have beliefs or opinions different than our own and get to know their motives, belief and desires. Heal with your heart open to find compassion and empathy. To continue separating, judging and rejecting perpetuates the chaos. As cliché as it is, it is time to confront our fears and alchemize it to love. Allow yourself to feel the pain of your enemy to make room for more compassionate living.

Uranus is a disrupter. He is responsible for sudden shake ups, revolutions, awakenings. Uranus leads

the charge to disrupt social programs and cultural conditioning. Uranus rules the nervous system. He

provides wisdom for inventions, technology, genius and divergent thinking. He pulls you into

alertness, yet also insomnia. Uranus governs Social Activism, Humanitarian motives, dictatorial

tyranny and REVOLT. He also brings in friendship and gentle kindness to balance it out. With Uranus

in Aries, he is on a warriors mission.

This whole year we are being influenced by an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus. I have talked

about it in previous posts and will continue to talk about it throughout the year.

Jupiter is the Guru. Jupiter brings the Highest teachings and sitting in Libra the High teachings are of

justice, repairing relationships, restoring balance and beauty. Ultimately these two are working to

AWAKEN on a scale so much larger that we can even consceptualize within a standard 3D

perspective. Lean into the current world energy with a humble honouring that we truly have no idea

of the larger forces at play and trust that we are moving toward a LIGHTER society, even if it doesn’t

seem that way right now. That faith doesn’t mean we sit back and watch. In this revolution, the

opposite is true. If there has ever been a time to get involved, the time is NOW.

Looking at Shiva of Hindu Mythology, the teachings include the five Acts of Shiva OR the

Five Acts of Grace:

1. Shrishti – Creation / Evolution

2. Sthiti – Preservation / Support

3. Samhara – Destruction / Evolution

4. Tirobhava – Illusion

5. Anugraha – Release / Emancipation

These five acts are happening all the time in syphony with each other. As one thing is being destroyed, another is being created, we sit in the illusion to preserve our sanity, we are released from delusion with the perfect readiness and willingness to see beyond the illusion. All of these are taught to be acts of the Infinite / Creator / Source. In every single moment, we have free will of choice :: Which part of the puzzle are you contributing?

Uranus is actively forcing us into an evolution. A Revolution. Jupiter is here to guide us, connect us and release us into Emancipation. Together they are launching us into the next great awakening!

This Jupiter – Uranus opposition is presently squared by both Pluto and Mercury.

Pluto is power, death, transformation and rebirth. In the Higher Octaves, Pluto is also the deepest, most hidden aspect of your Soul’s Purpose. When in dysfunction (or when we’re not listening), Pluto is overpowering, rigid and demanding, even violent in his persistence to see the transformation through to rebirth.

A Pluto – Uranus square is about preservation of our freedom. It tells a story of crisis. It warns us of the consequences of apathy. Pluto in Capricorn is about destroying structures and systems. Pluto typically works slowly, but with a Uranus square, it will delivered with sudden, powerful jolts (this square cycle has been active since 2012).

The Jupiter – Pluto square tells us not to rely on anyone else to elevate our situation. The powers that be are not going to save us. It is up to each of us as individuals, working together.

Things may not be what they seem. Mercury square Jupiter reminds us that we are not done listening yet. There is more to learn. We must educate ourselves. In some cases we are being lied to and /or information is being held back. In other cases, our beliefs are not aligned with Truth. This could be in the global political scene or in our own hearts and homes. We are not privy to the much more grand Divine Design.

Spiritual Integrity!

To read a ritual for this new moon check out Gather's Sacred's website.

Much love Moon Mavens!


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