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A Brief History of Jana Roemer

Current Obsessions: Freddie Wilde, the nine year old hilarious, overly dramatic star child & August Wolfe, a feisty four year old quadruple Scorpio who, no doubt has come to transform us ~ organic, plant focused, high vibration home crafted nourishment & superfoods ~ astrology ~ yoga nidra / Astro Nidrasᵀᴹ 


Vices: Copious amounts of high quality, organic dark chocolateonline courses from teachers I love and respect + Instagram


Main Teachers:  Hands down, number one teacher is our Solar System. Every student who has sat in front of me on their mat or cushion or in a zoom room. Nature. My daily meditation practice, the vast field of consciousness & this wild ride of a human experience. Dr. Joe Dispenza, Indu Arora, Venerable Robina Courtin, Ally Bogard, Tanis Fishman + all my sisters. Thank the good Goddess for Soul Sisters.


Facilitation Experience: Over 3000 hours of 200 + 300 hour yoga teacher trainings, 500 hours of yoga nidra trainings, workshops, sacred circles & transformational retreats. Guided thousands of hours of yoga classes, meditations and yoga nidras.  Co-created + co-facilitated trainings and retreats with Lysa Cooper, Sasha Bahador, Elena Brower, Ally Bogard, Christine Price Clark, Kristin Campbell, Meghan Currie, Sarah Zandbeek, Kat Villain, Satu Tuomela and more. 

Founder of Attune to the Moon - A virtual temple, home to embodiment practices such as Astro Nidras, Cosmic Walking Meditations, Universal Breath Practices & more that shift along with the planets. New Moon Circles & Astro Journals! 

Education + Experiences:


~ Dr. Joe Dispenza - Advanced Retreat in Cancun
~ the deconstruction of the current of Attune to the Moon began while 
simultaneously building a new app for ATTM

~ ran the first annual Ancient Future Retreat with Lysa Cooper: Astrology, Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Bufo

~ built of community of over 35people with Healy

education centered around quantum, frequency & network marketing

~ created team resources, efficiencies & automations for my Healy Team, officially making it the best place for influencers, teachers & public figures to promote Healy

~ after a long and miraculous battle with cancer, my mama turned a corner & for 6 weeks, I was by her side, slept in her bed with her and walked her to her last breath.

~ rocked by grief, initiated into tenderness and a new love for motherhood

~ her death was clearly why my Soul screamed for me to press pause on my Yoga Nidra trainings. I needed time for me, my mom and my grief journey

~ facilitated two rounds of my virtual Yoga Nidra Training 

~ tried home schooling Freddie for a semester

~ got schooled in life (oh my what a time)

~ received a message from my Soul loud & clear to press pause on my Virtual Yoga Nidra training after the second round launched. It didn't make any sense at the time, but the message came like a scream inside, so I had to trust it.

~ bought my first Healy


~ got schooled in running a virtual studio + all that comes with it

moved my Yoga Nidra Training virtual: focus on community - two rounds this year

~ Although Attune to the Moon was conceived in 2014, I officially launched Attune to the Moon as a quantum temple and new home for my signature Astro Nidras™, Astro Journeys, moon circles + more


~ co-facilitated an Embodied Yin + Yoga Nidra training with Satu Toumela

~ moved my moon circles online in response to the pandemic

~ moved from Venice Beach, CA to Nelson, BC

~ walked with my mama through very non-traditional cancer treatment that saved her life with Auggie in a carrier on my heart at each step


~ welcomed August Wolfe Roemer on Oct 28th, 2019

~ Advanced Retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza

~ attended the first ever International Yoga Nidra Conference

~ taught at Wanderlust Festival in San Fransisco

taught at Lightening in a Bottle

~  facilitated 2 Yoga Nidra trainings 


~ taught Yoga Nidra at the inaugural Wellspring, by Wanderlust

~ Advanced Follow-up: DreamTime with Dr. Joe Dispenza

~ ParaYoga Nidra: Enlightened Sleep Master Immersion w/ Rod Stryker

~ published a 10-day meditation course on Insight Timer

~ taught at Lightening in a Bottle

~ Advanced Retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza

~ wrote the Yoga Nidra manual for the school: Practices of Self Love + facilitated 3 yoga nidra trainings in 3 countries


~ Progressive Workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza

~ co-created + co-facilitated a 300 hr YTT w/ Sasha Bahador

~ published my first Astrology Calendar

~ taught at Oregon Eclipse Festival

~ published on Insight Timer

~ facilitated a 200hr YTT in my living room in Venice

~ trained in Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan @ Yoga West with Guru Singh + guest teachers

~ Kundalini Prenatal YTT ~ Golden Bridge with GurMukh + Sarah

~ Astro Nidras were born

~ 80 hour Yoga Nidra YTT ~ Tanis Fishman



~ thai massage course~ Koh Phangan, Thailand

~ co-facilitated a 200hr YTT in Thailand with Sarah Zandbeek

~ registered my own yoga school with Yoga Alliance

~ 80 hour ~ Sequencing YTT at Wanderlust Hollywood, LA 

~ initiated in Trancendental Meditation (TM)


gave birth to Freddie Wilde who birthed me as a Mama

~ taught at Unify Fest in Edmonton, AB

~ co-facilitated 2 x 200hr YTT's


married :: changed from Jana Derges to Jana Roemer

~ moved from Canada to Los Angeles

~ taught at the inaugural Bloom Festival in Edmonton, AB

~ co-facilitated 2 x 200hr YTT's with Gaiatri Yoga

~ my father transitioned out of his body



~ traveled to Nicaragua, Resident teacher for a month at Aqua

~ first experience with plant medicine in Shamanic Ceremonies

~ co-facilitated 2 x 200 hour YTT's with Gaiatri Yoga

~ participated in Landmark Forum


~ attended my first Burningman (went four consecutive years)

~ assisted a 80 hour ~ Energetic Body Advanced YTT in Bali

with Ally Bogard

~ sat on the facilitation team of 2 x 200 hr YTT's with Gaiatri Yoga

~ sat for hours with an Ayurvedic Doctor while he took patients & schooled me in the ancient practices of Ayuruveda + Astrology in Rishikesh, India 

~ 110 hour Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism Meditation course ~ with Venerable Robina Courtin at the Tushita, McLeod Ganj, Northern India 

~ Tantric Sexuality, Rishikesh, India


served at a Vipassana meditation retreat

~ sat in to assist my first 200 hr YTT with Gaiatri Yoga

~ 2010 - 2014 ~ Lululemon Ambassador


~ Bhagavad Gita Intensive with John Friend + Ram Dass

~ backpacked Peru

~ 500 hour E-RYT ~ Anusara Yoga, mainly with John Friend + Karen Sprute-Francovich (independant of each other)

~ 10 day Silent Vipassana Retreat ~ over 100 hours of meditation in 10 days

~ 2nd back surgery to have metal screws + rods removed


200 hour YTT ~ Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Trainings and Beyond with Trevor Yelich + Ally Bogard

broke my back snowboarding that lead to surgery



~ unintentially taught my first yoga class under the full moon light. Some participants might have been naked.


traveled and lived in New Zealand


~ worked part time as a flight attendant with WestJet from 2004 - 2012 which allowed me to travel to some of the most amazing teachers in the world

~ first asana class with Trevor Yelich

~ B.Comm, with many electives in Psychology ~ University of Saskatchewan, Canada


~ backpacked Thailand

~ spent 6 weeks in French Immersion in Trois-Rivieres, QC


~ first known formal notebook with yoga philosophy

~ introduced to the teachings of Abraham's Law of Attraction as shared by Ester + Jerry Hicks.

~ backpacked Malaysia + Australia

1997 - 2001

~ let myself be young, wild and free 

attended the University of Saskatchewan


 ~ traveled to Sweden and into Europe

1993 - 1997

~ first teaching job as a figure skating coach

1979 - 1997

grew up on an acreage outside Craven, Saskatchewan :: Population: 150 people. Total. Raised by hippies - the real kind, not the new age kind, they came by it naturally through their farming roots & life philosophies. Spent time as a kid / teenager meditating, doing visualization work, competitively figure skating + gardening.

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