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2019 Yoga Teacher Trainings

These trainings are opportunities to get to know yourSelf.


After facilitating and witnessing hundreds of people go through these courses, what has become clear is that they are not solely for people who want to guide yoga, meditation and yoga nidra.


These trainings are for YOU! 


They are for people who want to awaken to their potential by rising above their conditions. They are for people who want to bring more meaning to their lives, more peace in their minds and hearts. Many end up applying the teachings to their careers and family life. Lawyers, accountants, body workers, nurses, police officers, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, engineers, carpenters, and more have all had deeply moving and transformational experiences.


Everyone is welcome.

You will learn about the body, the nature of the mind, Spirituality, philosophy, conscious use of word and sound. You will learn postural alignment, energetics and body systems. You willl learn how to command a room and be a great teacher. 

Through all of this, you will learn how to pay attention to aspects of Self, from the obvious to the hidden subtle nature. We will use a blend of science based study and deep dives into the realm of the mystic. 


Ultimately, you will learn to LOVE yourself deep down into the space inside every cell and into your expanded multidimensional Self.

We will keep it simple: Practice the ancient techniques that are time tested and true. Over the course of the training(s), you will adopt and refine your own personalized version of a yogic lifestyle. It is a chance to honestly look inside yourSelf to clean out what wasn’t yours in the first place and reclaim who you are. 

To read more about Jana's YTT philosophy, click here.



Both the 200 hour and 300 hour trainings are in accordance and registered with Yoga Alliance which certifies you to teach all over the world. The 200 hour training is the first step. To join the 300 hour training, you must have completed a 200 hour YA registered training (there are exceptions, please talk to Jana or Sasha personally to find out more if you are interested).

These yoga teacher trainings are not about how much you know about yoga or about how much you can teach the world. It is about learning to sit in the seat of non-judgemental observation to tap into the internal, eternal well spring of Self love. To live a life guided by love makes anything possible. In many ways, it is an act of rebellion.

These training are multi-dimensional with a balance of many different aspects of the practice. The primary learning tool of both trainings will be through the experiential practice of ancient yoga techniques: asana, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra


You can think of the 300 hour as a continuation of the 200 hour.  Read More:


By the end of our time together, you will emanate light from your Highest degree of personal expression. You’ll be more comfortable in your own skin and a new found embodiment of your unique essence. Yet most importantly, love will flow through you with ease.


Yoga always meets you where you are and never leaves you the same as it found you. Get ready. The time is now.


Come. Join us.

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