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Yoga Nidra... the Journey Home

with Jana Roemer

2020 Course Dates + Locations:

Portugal October 17 - 27th

This training will be a little different then the rest. Stay tuned for details coming soon.

Yoga Nidra Course Details:


My intention is to create a deeply personal experience that will help to clear blockages and allow you time to explore your inner landscape so the practice speaks for itself. This training will set you up to guide yoga nidra practices with confidence.


We will take a careful look at the following topics: 

~ developing a more intimate relationship with your breath 

~ the basic template of a Yoga Nidra practice

~ theory / why?

~ witnessing principle

~ the nature of the mind

~ neurology as relevant to the practice (brain wave states, neuroplasticity of the brain, etc)

~ subconscious programming / samskaras

~ limiting beliefs

~ altering the infrastructure of the mind

~ scriptwriting and language

~ sankalpa 

~ practicum

~ music selection

~ meditation

~ pre-practice movement theory and sequences to clear and enhance pranic flows within the nidra practice

~ and more

With almost a decade of experience leading public classes, privates, 3000 hours of facilitation of 200hr and 300hr YTT's, international retreats and other trainings, Jana has finally birthed this work into Practices of Self Love through her own, most authentic voice. She works in intuitive and loving ways to help coax your truth to the surface. You will receive personal coaching, participate in group discussions and refine your skills as a nidra guide through a teaching practicum and an optional post-training mentorship. 

Tuition / Investment: 

All these details will come soon.

To Register:

Registration will open in a couple months. If you have additional questions, please send them to:

My Journey with Yoga Nidra - Jana Roemer

Yoga Nidra is the practice that took me home into the softest, gentle womb inside my heart. After years of work to silence my hyperactive, sometimes neurotic mind using tools of yoga, breathwork and meditation, yoga nidra gave me something nothing else ever could: Silence. 

Over a decade ago in Edmonton, Alberta, Jessica Fergusson and Jai Kai were the first yoga nidra guides I encountered, but I actually had no idea what I was doing, nor was I able to make it past my right big toe in the body scan. All I knew is that I woke up feeling amazing and my mind and nervous system were calm. 


My thirst to understand the practice became unquenchable so I dove in deep with Tanis Fishman. After that first teacher training, I scoured my notes for every single reference she offered and continued my studies gobbling up books, taking online courses, studying with other teachers and practicing nearly every day.

The thirst lead me to other trainings, including Rod Stryker's Para Yoga Nidra and the International Yoga Nidra Conference where Kamini Desai, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Indu Arora & Richard Miller all presented and blew my mind open. Yet my primary and most influential teacher currently is Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has translated the mystical experience into a scientific explanation that makes more sense than anything I have ever found. He satiates my intellect enough that it can let go and journey into the unknown. He educates about the nervous system and the endocrine system in a way that grants me access to my own. The integration of his teachings into the practice of yoga nidra is a map to breaking free from the matrix of illusion and truly becoming a bigger player in my own life, while still profoundly surrendering to the mystery at the same time. 

It's a radical and revolutionary path if taken seriously, yet to live it we have to unlearn so much of what we have been taught. By searching outside of ourselves, we are more than likely to be mislead. It's all inside.

Even with all these extraordinary teachers, they are merely pointing the light of my own awareness to the vast inner kingdom within.

The more I practice, the more my inner world opens & the more attuned I become to my inner teacher. In essence, this practice gifted me a rebirth of my mind space.

Stick around. You can 

Cancellation Policy:

60 days before we start, 100% refund minus the $500 of the deposit

30 days before we start, 50% refund minus the $500 

within two weeks of the start date, there are no refunds

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