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Ameo Essentail Oils

I've been using Essential Oils for about a decade. It's been a slow journey because I am so picky! Having grown up with my bare feet in the dirt, growing our own organic vegetables my entire childhood until I was 17 and then a few other garden projects since then depending where I lived -- it's in my bones to know what a clean plant tastes and smells like. 

I've prided myself on finding what I called micro distilleries for different oils where the same person tilled the soil and created the oil. I NEVER thought I would find a brand that had the integrity that I crave. 

Then, it happened. Tamara Inglesias, who has her masters in Nutrition, was in my kitchen working her superfood magic and in her pouch of potions were three little bottles of essential oils that I had never seen before. I smelled them and they lit my entire body into life. Immediately I asked her a million questions and within a couple days, I was in her living room giving the entire collection the smell test. I was shocked and amazed at how alive these oils are!

Upon diving into my own research, I learned that Ameo has invested millions to purchase the scientific studies that contain the constituent profile of the oils that they are used at a medicinal, clinical level. This is essentially the nutritional value of the oils. The quality and purity of these oils is off the charts and their integrity promise is to ONLY put oils on their shelf that meets that clinical standard. No other company that I have looked into has done this. 

They have a high standard of ethics, triple test for cleanliness (no pesticides, toxins, etc) and every bottle has a batch number on it, so you can see the report yourself at the website:

If you want to try some, click here and shop in the Ameo tab of the Zija website. It is affiliate sales, so you're joining a team of passionate Humans who want to live in a symbiotic, loving relationship with both their own body and the earth. 

Once you do, you'll get an email from me officially welcoming you to the team! We also have a private Facebook group with eduction, community and promotions.

Click here to shop!

Plant Wisdom: Allies in Healing 

The more we awaken to how perfect every little element of existence has to be for Humans to sustain life on Earth and we recognize how deeply we belong to the Mother Earth, it becomes increasingly obvious that She provides everything we need to thrive.

The dialogue I am encouraging is to respect plants as medicine and teachers and educate ourselves in their magic. When we listen to these little allies and the messages they bring to our bodies in the form of health and healing, we have an opportunity to optimize our health.

There are such simple every day uses for plants in the form of essential oils such as getting rid of endocrine disrupting chemical cleaners from our homes, clean skin care routines, monthly moon cycle care, as sacred tools for cleansing, meditation and so much more.


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