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Manifestation & Creation
"Matrika Shakti" ~ H
ow the words we choose create our reality.


Where is this workshop? Uma House, a private studio in Los Angeles, California.   *** Email for details.

This workshop will include techniques I've used over the years to design a dream-like life style and enables me to work and sustain life in unorthodox ways. I have used these practices to attract in the LOVE of my life, completely affordable & beautiful living arrangements and friends that fill me up in all the perfect ways. By understanding the power of the word & the 'art of allowing' -- doors have opened in places I didn't even know they existed, resistance to my fears have subsided and I've found more and more love in all the corners of my life.

The best way this work showed up for me was when I was working to clear myself of debt. Using very clear thought & imagination processes, careful attention to the words I chose & a series of hints from the Universe, I ended up getting 6 out of 7 numbers right on a lotto max! The ticket paid out just $35 shy of my total debt load!

This work is heavily influenced by Ester and Jerry Hicks' "Law of Attraction," a steady meditation practice, my father's forever reminder that "we are what we think about," and his constant encouragement and belief in my abilities to do whatever I put my mind to. You'll learn how to use imagination in a productive way and activate this ancient practice of yoga :: asana, pranayama, meditation.

The techniques I will share with you will be rich and nutritious enough to keep you busy for the next year :: perhaps through out your whole life. I know for myself, I've been experimenting with these techniques for about a decade and they just keep revealing their magical ways.

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