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“The depth of gratitude I have for this beautiful woman goes far beyond what words can express. For seeing me and my potential with such clarity and love & for standing as such a steady example of dedicated evolution, you are a such a light. So grateful to count you among my teachers & for your illumination." ~ Breanna Morandi, Gaiatri YTT Grad 2012, Golden Retreat 2014


"Empowering, supportive and just so damn fierce." ~ Caren Hui, owner of Yoga Life Studios, Edmonton


"To sum up my experience in Jana's Yoga Teacher Training I have three words; vulnerability, introspection, & transformation. This experience was one of the most amazing and profound experiences I have had during this magical journey through life. It was also humbling and difficult; even tumultuous and emotional. I felt lifted to enlightenment at times, and at other times raw and confused through ripping apart my perceptions of who I thought I was. The training taught me new information about my body. I learned how to feel more deeply into this physical vessel and new ways to move and breathe. During the training I learned how to take a step back and become an observer of my critical and over-analytical mind. Jana Roemer's classes were one of the reasons that I was drawn to yoga in the first place, and her Gaiatri training exceeded my expectations. Jana’s wisdom and presence have been inspirational and completely life changing. Through it I have expanded my connectedness to this universe… as well as connecting with the most amazing beautiful souls, my family of classmates. ~ Sarah Dycks, Gaiatri Grad, Edmonton 2013


"I'm a groupie. Whatever you put on, I'm there! I love all of it!" ~Kata Milas, retreats, YTT's, workshops, all of it, all the years


“My experience with Gaiatri YTT was life altering. I have never felt so loved by a group of people. Every day that I stepped foot in the Kiva I was welcomed by tender souls with warm hugs and open hearts. Jana has a wealth of knowledge that will leave you craving more. Everything that came out of her mouth left me inspired and in awe. I left the training as a teacher, but more than that, a better student. My practice now transcends limits. The reason why I step onto my mat has changed. There are a few people who can touch your soul and Jana is one of them.” ~ Tiffany Cimolai, Gaiatri Grad 2013


“How amazing and great the world would become if more people could just meet, open up and enlighten themselves every year like we did - or even just once in their lifetime..." ~ Jeff Der, retreat participant 2014


"Lots of times after connecting with Jana I wander off on how I should be tapping into the core of my being... you're such a beautiful light, Jana, down to earth, fun, true and cool, and your world is spinning at the very right speed with all the beautiful elements you've learned to harness and surround yourself with. It's infectious. Keep ruling, sunshine!  ~ Jen Shaw


I have been working with the teachings that you introduced me to at your workshop. It has really helped me keep perspective; its very effective and practical and positive. I've gotten plenty of practice getting myself out of some deep holes by using these principles and understanding the vibrational nature of all things (and thoughts). It's been a life saver. ~Denise Currie, yoga teacher and Manifestation and Creation workshop participant 2014


“We are here and fully immersed. Was little "worried" to come here. You know, when you have this distant relationship with people, who you kinda know, but don't really know at all, who you hold to this vision you've created from the things that you think you know. I was "worried" that my vision of these two beautiful ladies (Jana Roemer and Elena Brower) may get completely crushed when I arrived, but I was wrong. Two such beautiful open spirits, who felt the same as me, that they know me, but look forward to getting to know me on a much different level. Pretty excited for the days to come. Still feel like I'm floating, it's a surreal experience when you find yourself in your Dream, the exact way you envisioned it, being in it, physically experiencing it. Beautiful.” ~ retreat participant Facebook status update, day 1, Soft Core Super Clear retreat, April 2014, Golden, BC


"I had heard yoga teacher training changes lives and WOW, did it ever change mine. The training sparked a paradigm shift that I am still transitioning through. Jana's perspective, caring and honest teachings stay with me to this day and help me move from a place of panic, frustration and fear to a calm, steady and assured inner confidence. To add to this, I met many new friends and formed deep friendships which have helped me grow and expand as a more loving, trusting and open person. I love being part of the Gaiatri Tribe." ~ Noorish Yoga / Gaiatri YTT 2013 grad Amy Liz


“The 200 hour Gaiatri YTT at Noorish Yoga helped me to realize that I am truly supported, loved and blessed in every moment. Throughout it, I experienced exponential growth in self-love and understanding. This growth was facilitated by the context of community not only within our Kula, but also in the building itself and the beautiful space and energy provided by Ayaaz and Sheniz Kassam. I am infinitely grateful to have experienced and continue to experience the love, support and wisdom of the Gaiatri family and very proud to be a part of it - I wouldn't be the same without it."

~ Quinn Pétra Charlie Boulet ~ 2013 Gaiatri Grad


"Registering for the YTT with Jana was the best gift I've ever given my Self! I was held in so much love, support, and nourishment as I cracked myself wide open and shed layers of fear, pretense, and insecurity. This program is a well of inspiration where I found everything I needed to start rebuilding myself from a true place of authenticity. From the luminous teachers eager to share every bit of their wisdom, to the amazing open minds and hearts that walked the path with me, I just can't believe my luck to have been a part of such a magnificent community!" ~ Shannon Solieva, Gaiatri Grad 2013


"Thank you for the lovely meditation workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed the conversation and feel as though I have the tools to take my meditation practice deeper and make it more meaningful. I'm looking forward to taking more classes with you."  ~ Trishia Mayor, meditation workshop participant, 2014


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