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LiB decompression techniques:
1. lay around and laugh like little kids while exchanging stories with your friends for at least one full day
2. drink a colossal amount of spring water, some of it with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to replace your electolytes + rub oils all over your body.
3. make a fresh salad with arugula, celery, cucumbers and any other raw veggies that you love plus blueberries and hemp hearts. make your own salad dressing so you feel like a champion in the kitchen: 2/3 olive or walnut oil + 1/3 bregg's amino acids in a little jar. add a little, tiny dollop of maple syrup, pre-chopped garlic, plus a bit of pepper + oregano to if you like. Shake it, pour and toss into the salad and mix it all up. Pro tip: start with less dressing and add more if needed
4. download your free astro nidra, lay down, close your eyes and follow along as I take you on a journey back to your home frequency to recalibrate with your Highest Self.
as requested: the link to the playlist from Sunday's class is here.
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