One of the intentions I have with this astro journal is to help people understand how to harness the power of the astrology. 

Another intention is Unification.

When I look at the world and all the division we are witnessing and feeling, the only thing I can find that we all have in common is that we all stand on the same earth, revolve around the same sun and stare at the same beautiful moon. It transcends gender, race, religion and all other measures of separation.

In essence, they are Master Teachers of unification and light messages.

Let us honor these Luminaries as the Masters they truly are.


I hope the ongoing studies that we do help you to see the truth in that, support you in your awakening and give you a personal point of inquiry to view and refine your life.

Many of you have asked if there will be a calendar for 2020


The answer is YES! But this year's is different - it's an Astro Journal

An Astro Journal with cosmic education, an unconventional calendar with notations of the new moons, full moons, eclipses, retrogrades, void of course moons and when the planets move signs. There is a little energy write up for each sun season, new and full moon along with journal questions + room to write your New Moon Intentions!

This year, instead of using the typical months, it is organized by Sun Seasons!


It's a little different, but I think you'll love it! It's a perfect way to reframe you relationship with Astrology.


It starts at the astrological new year: Aries Season!

 I'm so excited to share this with you!

with loving gratitude ~

x Jana  

Jana Roemer

Practices of Self Love       Learning to Love it All