Scorpio Full Moon - Blue Moon - Buddha Moon

May 19, 2019

  {art by @colormelurid}


Scorpio rules the sex organs and our reproductive systems, Taurus rules the 5 senses and our throat, neck, vocal cords and thyroid. 


The axis between these two is sensuality and sexuality. It’s sensitivity and how it manifests in the world as well as what we keep secret. The Scorpio Full Moon calls forth the most potent powers of transformation available to us: death, birth, divorce, deception, addiction, the occult, power and the abuse of power and profound healing. Scorpio goes so far beyond the world of the seen into the greatest mysteries of existence, that there is depth to the Scorpio archetype that is impossible to know through the intellectual mind / ego. That is why this moon can bring Ego Death and is heralded as the rising of the Phoenix, the Alchemist and the Shaman. 


The ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Mars tells us what’s worth fighting for and Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth and also shows us our power (when we know how to work with it).


I’m just wondering why no one is mentioning how aligned the Full Moon is with the abortion ban?


Pluto sits retrograde at 23° Capricorn, who rules authority and government. This degree of Capricorn tells a story of the peak of the Masculine expression. The Chandra Symbol as shown by Elias Lonsdale as “An old priest using oil to anoint a carved stone lingam” – do you know what a lingam is? A penis and an erect penis is the only way I’ve seen this idolized in statues. 


An old priest using oil to anoint a carved stone lingam. 
The masculine life-force brought to its highest expression. The wise, wakeful, fully present activation of the masculine aspect as something to be reckoned with. Formidable and directly impressive. Bearing such a pronounced potency of being that one can readily take charge of any situation. A karmically well prepared, magnificently endowed attainment. The ability to become like a God. Such intensive awareness of self that you know very well that you are standing in for God the Father as a pure vessel. Nonetheless, you are called to become the quintessential higher masculine as completely as possible to the deepest roots of your being, in order to make a difference and to bring the shared energy and attention to a focal point of the true central clarity and meaningful direction onward from here.


Pluto Rx is sitting conjunct Saturn Rx at 20° asking us to look at all the potential possibilities of Human expression across time and space, including recognizing that within the belief of multiple lives, you very well likely have sat in many different seats, ideologies and belief systems. You may have been the warrior and the saint, the abuser and the abused, the pacifist and the militarist, and as hard as it may be to believe, you may have been both a republican and a democrat! You have likely sat on many different sides of these never-ending debate topics. By contemplating the many expressions of self, we start to see that there is most likely a common thread that drives you forward life after life and that’s to reconnect with and live from your Highest Soul expression. And when you can see that in yourself through the multitude of lifetimes, you can start to see that is what everyone’s doing, it’s just our ideas of what that looks like vary and we have to work it out in our own ways and the nature of this earth experience is contrast. We can thank our opposition for helping us to see the contrast and keep listening so we can come to understand wholeness.


Pluto Rx & Saturn Rx are sextile the moon & Neptune (the moon & Neptune are trine each other). These are all favorable energies for this transformative moon. Neptune is working with creative forces on a level of mystery very few can access outside of the dream state or state of yoga nidra, yet diligently planting seeds in our subconscious mind for future germination in Divine timing.


On May 15th, Mars moved into Cancer, the Divine Mother. Which is totally appropriate, because when looking at Pluto for empowerment instructions, it’s often advised to look at the polarity axis where he sits (Capricorn – Cancer). Exactly where Mars lives now and for the next six weeks (May 15 - July 1st). Mars guides us where we are to take action and even though Mars isn’t completely comfortable in Cancer, there is definitely a unique flavor of Mars in Cancer. This is the unconditionally loving, forgiving, nourishing Divine Mother archetype.


The Divine Mother is there for her children, and we, as humans are ALL her children. She is asking us to embody her archetype as we move forward. The Divine Mother accepts her children no matter how they show up, in all their choices, sexual expressions, and missteps. When they rebel and push back, she sits waiting to love them when they return. She nourishes unconditionally. We are all different, yet we all need love. We may have different beliefs, but we all long for belonging. The Divine Mother does just this. She takes you into her bosom and loves you into wholeness.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationship, prosperity, harmony, beauty and all things luxurious. Venus is sitting conjunct Uranus in Taurus.


Uranus is the awakener, he’s electric shocking, unconventional, a non-conformist and rebel. Uranus will do whatever it takes to wake us up to a creative future reality on it’s way through the innovative nature of existence. He’s working right now through having so many of us on our knees, in disbelief, questioning everything, wondering what the world is coming to with this madness. No matter what side of the debate you’re on, there is a good chance that you’re questioning something over the last few days. Questions catapult us into the unknown, open us to possibilities and a recognition that we need to remain present and strengthen our self governance. 


What we’ve been witnessing and shouting about with this abortion ban is timed so well with this full moon activation. Let it be known that this isn’t just a women’s issue. This is a Humanity issue. Both Men and woman should be taking note and choosing for themselves how they are going to use this time as a way to empower ourselves. 


If there was ever a time to talk about SEX, it’s now. 


My question is: What the actual f*ck is the government doing in our gentials? They have no place there. This is and has always been a personal place where we are encouraged to keep private and have been forced learn to self govern due to an embarrassing lack of healthy support to relate to our genitals and the sexual experience –pleasure, pain, the sacred and the profane. Our sexuality, sexual union is between ourselves, our partners and however you definite Creator energy. Pluto and Saturn are working diligently for the next year or so to deconstruct the multitude of unhealthy structures and systems of authority. Make sure