Full Moon Full Lunar Eclipse Super Moon in Leo

January 21, 2019

 {artist Unknown, if you know, please tell me so I can credit}


This moon is potent and complex. I started to unpack it all piece by piece, but it think it will confuse the potency. So instead, I’m pulling out the strongest messages.


I’ll go into an explanation, but the most important message is this:


We need to redefine integrity. 


Integrity is a devotion to uphold your moral code and to do the right thing whether you’re being observed or not. 


Integrity has been morphed into this expectation of staying true to your word, even when it is out of alignment with your heart and Soul’s purpose.  It’s moved out of heart-lead action and into a head-focused promise. 


This eclipse brings with it a new embodiment of integrity.


We need to restore the original meaning of this word as being true to your moral compass. And your moral compass lives in your heart, not your head. 


Give the reigns of your inner leadership to your heart and let your head take a seat. This moral compass is guiding you to Wholeness. 


We’ve been living in an integrity model where your integrity is based off what you can do for me. 


We need to adjust that integrity model to include an understanding that by aligning with your heart’s desires & life’s purpose, you seamlessly add value to all life by being the most authentic expression of you that you could possibly be. 


This Lunar Eclipse, the moon is at 1° Leo, but the north node which makes the eclipse, is at 27° Cancer.


Leo rules the sun – the Masculine Luminary 

Cancer rules the Moon – The Feminine Luminary


We have been experiencing eclipses on the Leo Aquarius polarity since Feb 2017 and this is the culmination of those upgrades. Leo is the Lion, fixed fire, ruled by the Sun and encourages self-expression, playfulness and courage. There is a certain kind of charismatic leadership here that inspires integrity of the heart.


The sun moon opposition, which creates the full moon, sit on the Leo / Aquarius axis and the nodes which create the eclipse sit on the Cancer /Capricorn axis and it happens moments after the sun moves into Aquarius.


Aquarius is the time traveler or more commonly known as the water bearer, fixed air, ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Discipline to bring the New Earth to life. Aquarius is the revolutionary humanitarian. It’s like the Aquarian archetype came from another time or space to bring the wisdom and the innovation that evolves humanity.


This polarity ran a huge story line of shifting the power from the power centers (banks, power, governments) into the hearts of the people.


The Capricorn Cancer polarity where the nodes rest is one of security. Family security and survival / surTHRIVAL security.


Capricorn is the Sacred Feminine dressed in drag. Often confused as a masculine sign, this mountain goat really has the most profound nurturing capacity to ensure that there is a roof over your heads, that there are social structures and that there is a sense of authority ruling over the village to ensure everyone is taken care of always in all ways.  Saturn, who rules Capricorn and Aquarius, heads the charge with the responsibility to ensure that every individual is playing out their sacred role in a healthy society.


Cancer is the Divine Mother, Cardinal water, ruled by the Moon and lives in the belly and the breasts of humanity.  Cancer is highly intuitive, creative energy and emotional connection is her currency and she is built to nurture.  This sensitivity that comes with the Cancer archetype is a gift, yet at times, if left unchecked, the emotional rollercoaster can go to far.