Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn

January 5, 2019

 collage: jess wells   |  photography: DJ Pierce   |   model: Meghan Bhakva


Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, means business with this new moon solar eclipse sandwiched between powerful, transformative planets: Saturn and Pluto. This eclipse is happening on the South Node of the moon telling us it’s time to clear history and cut ties with the past to lighten our load as we build our future. Anything in your past that needs to be resolved for the sake of your Soul’s freedom will re-appear in your life in some way, be it a memory, a chance encounter or connection. Clean out the closets both literally and figuratively. 


Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, here to initiate change. Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn is ripe with the power it takes to dismantle, dismember, disintegrate and even destroy all that is what is necessary to clear the way for the transformation and rebirth that is on it’s way. Saturn is ready to ripen some karma, call you into heightened integrity and purpose and will show you how discipline will help you to build new structures and/or systems to fulfill your Life’s most important work: Your Dharma. Saturn uses the tool of time, especially while he’s in his home sign, Capricorn and during key transits with your natal chart.


Mercury is freshly in Capricorn as well at 1°22 while the new moon is exact, requesting that we each stand in our center and align with our truth so steadfastly that we are unshakable in our commitment to fulfill the mission as outlined by your inner voice and / or vision. 


The question we should all be asking is: What is most dear to me? What in my life is most Soul satisfying? How am I investing in that which is most dear? What boundaries am I creating to ensure that I can continue to invest in the most important aspects of my life?


Other questions we can ask ourselves: Where am I an authority? What successes can I celebrate? What obstacles have I overcome?  What are my goals moving forward?


It’s interesting to me that this New Moon Eclipse kicking off the current eclipse season is happening nearly equidistance between Saturn and Pluto almost exactly one year before Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. I see this as an opportunity to pre-pave intention around how we choose to identify with this highly significant astrological event. It’s also an opportunity to prepare yourselves emotionally by acknowledging current triggers, so you can heal your past traumas, release the charge or the grip this historical event has on you and gain clarity in the present moment because of it. Every historical experience that is unresolved has a way of cloaking us from experiencing the present moment with clarity. Soothing these historical events is far different than releasing them. 


During January 2020, when Saturn and Pluto sit at 22-23° Capricorn for what I am guessing will be quite the colossal meeting, Jupiter is at nearly the same degree Saturn is at this new moon. I read this as a good omen to be realized in the future, one year from now, for all those who choose to work with Saturn now.


Remember that New Moons are the initiation of the lunar cycle, we check in with the new moon in Capricorn intentions during Cancer season 6 months from now to see how these intentions are being realized and then again in one year’s time. Since this is an eclipse, the intention period is about two weeks and the cycles are a year, 18 months and 8-9 years. Everything is amplified.  This also means that you can look back 8-9 years to see what is closing from the previous Capricorn / Cancer eclipse season.


This new moon solar eclipse has us checking in with our relationship with authority figures, is working through the governments and the patriarchy. I won’t go into the specific politics, but I just want to highlight that each country has a natal chart based off the day that they officially became a country. 


For the US, that is July 4th, 1776. 


The most significant highlight in America’s chart is a Pluto return that has already been initiated, yet doesn’t go exact until 2022. A human wouldn’t have a Pluto return because we don’t live that long, however a country can. Remember, Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth. At one point, Jupiter and Mars dance with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.


If we are not preparing for substantial change, we are not paying attention. And right now, the US is experiencing transiting Saturn squaring America