Virgo New Moon

September 8, 2018


Sept 9th, 11:01am PST, 17°0' Virgo


Virgo, Mutable Earth ruled by Mercury and Chiron




This is the 6thhouse of daily routines, habits and health

It rules the digestive system, nervous system and spleen.

Virgo is the Virgin, the herbalist, the perfectionist, the healer.

Virgo connects in deeply with the angelic realm, infinite potential and possibilities and through these experiences and the culmination of the personal side of the zodiac wheel, holds the possibility of Wholeness in a truly unique way.


Virgo is such a devote student, eager to learn, to better themselves and to be the best they can be. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by mercury meaning that Virgo season is a time where we check in with our mental health and make adjustments to our lifestyle to ensure that we are caring for our mental wellbeing. Since Chiron is also a ruler of Virgo, it’s an honest look at our childhood wounds, the deeper subconscious programs that are running behind the scenes of our existence. When we are unaware of these subconscious programs, we can be in reaction, as we are becoming aware of these subconscious programs there starts to be space between actions transforming reactions to responses and when we are in full awareness of the programs, we get to uninstall that old hard drive and consciously choose new programs to install to support our Highest Vision and learning.


A younger expression of the Virgo archetype is critical, over analytical, self centered with a bunch of nervous energy, even anxiety. Once there becomes emotional maturity, and self awareness grows and feels a sense of personal, Divine wholeness, this archetype turns to selfless service. Embraces the healer within and truly takes care of others.


To read more about the Virgo Archetype, read this.


Virgo New Moon at 17°0’ opposite Neptune. This 17° degree of Virgo is telling us to get very real right now. No cutting corners, straight to the point, dig in to find what’s underneath.  This means upping your game around physical integrity: Clean your work space, your Sacred space, your inner body temple. Purge the clutter, reorganize, clean out the refrigerator and apply some critical thinking to your choices around consumption on a variety of levels. Everything that goes into your spaces, has an effect. Music, environment, human influence, food, daily products, work choices and how you are contributing to the world. All of them. Have a look. Virgo loves the details. Detox your life. Tighten up your daily practices and navigations. Once you clean up the surface, you have  a better chance of seeing what’s underneath. Yet this new moon will likely be peeling back the curtain on reality whether you’re ready or not.


Mercury and Chiron rule Virgo, let’s start with Mercury. This gender fluid planet is at 6°42’ Virgo, which is one of Mercury’s homes in the zodiac, and on the tail end of the grand earth trine with Saturn and Uranus. This is a really interesting degree and aspect to traverse. It could be very uncomfortable to be faced with karmas, conflict, consequences and all the gritty bits of life. The inner world reflecting the outer and vice versa. It’s asking us to grow up quickly, to see what we haven’t been able or willing to see, to connected across cultures and divides and make peace, by having the hardest conversations and being open to empathy. Be soft and spacious enough that you can skip the defense line and feel into the deeper layers of what you are being asked to wake up to right now. Jupiter is in favorable sextile energy to the new moon is encouraging us to open to each other, connect with each other, in the name of Spirit and a Higher Vision.  


This grand trine is also a catalyst for bringing ideas to life. It wants you to continue clarifying, keep creating and maintain an open channel to listen with your whole being for unexpected inspiration or collaborations that bring your ideas to life in new ways!


Chiron is Rx at 0°44 Aries coming in with a strong desire to fix what is broken with the work ethic of someone overcome with gratitude for a fresh start ready to do anything and everything is takes to get there.  It’s in favourable energy with both Venus and Mars, bringing balance to the masculine and feminine within. Sacred masculine to build structure and form, divine feminine to bring creativity and fluidity. Mars is freshly direct and Venus is preparing for her Rx journey come Oct 5th.


The New moon is sitting opposite Neptune which sits at 15°01 Pisces. Remember this polarity is about initiation. These two combined feel everything on all levels. To to be connected and fully aware within both sides of this polarity would create a very strong awakening experience. If any part of you lacks clarity, it could turn to confusion very quickly. Which is where the majority of people will slip in and out of over the next few days. What are your awareness practices? Do