Gemini New Moon

June 13, 2018

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Moon + Sun in Gemini


This New Moon is a Supermoon, making it more powerful than usual. We get to work a little harder and will feel the affect a little longer than normal. 


Gemini is represented by the twins: the polarities, the subconscious and conscious mind, the dark and the light, the day and the night. Unity and separation, the individual and community, acceptance and rejection and in many places, perceived contradiction. Yet when we really get to know the Gemini archetype: it’s not contradiction, it’s the acceptance of the polarities. And perhaps acceptance isn’t the word to connect you to the essence of this teaching, rather to be able to sit steady and allow for complete presence with your whole heart no matter what life places in front of you. Or maybe it’s the innocence not to judge right and wrong and allow opposing forces to sit next to each other in peace. Or the curiosity to explore it all. The ability to be tender with yourself to hug back in and accept the previously rejected parts of yourself and others. And we are at a time where we are being given many opportunities to practice this. 


Gemini is a mutable air sign. Which means it’s changing intellect. It is ruled by Mercury, which is communication, commerce and collaborations. Gemini season and the Gemini moons are times where we check in with our mental health because it rules the mind and because it’s mutable, it’s the transformative powers within mental health states across the human experience. Gemini also rules the nervous system, so tune into what your nervous system is doing and how that’s affecting your mind. 


Gemini season is thinking thinking thinking thinking all the different points of view. Are you open to them or in resistance to what you hear?


With the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury freshly in Cancer, there is a high likelihood that emotions will run high through communication. This degree is giving us strength to stay connected to our Highest and as we navigate this ride. When we masterfully relate to our own truth with a grounded confidence, those external forces don’t have the same grip on them as they do when our seat isn’t so steady. To steady ourselves in the face of challenge, we need to know what are anchors are. Perhaps they are community, meditation, nature, dancing, plant medicines and so much more.  

Contemplations to help you decide which practices to do this week:the power of thought and perception of experience on the neuroplasticity of the brain, the breath as a tool to down regulate the nervous system, and utilizing the inner pharmacy of the endocrine system through your feeling states.


Gemini is also the toddler of the zodiac, so behavior is unpredictable and there is a lot to be done with recognizing our own inner child who (sometimes innocently) quietly carries all kinds of wounds, that sneakily infiltrate present moment reality in your perception, reception and reactions to the world around you. We can harness the power that is the final degrees of Cancer through Venus who holds space to nurture ourselves emotionally and acknowledge what is vital and remind ourselves that life is unfolding in a Divine plan and that we can trust the process and that the Highest lessons will unfold as the time ripens (which might not be now). Patience Love. The truth will set you free. Trust that. Stay in your heart and in integrity and you’ll come out alive.


We get drawn back into our hearts and into a more peaceful place with Venus moving in Leo later that same day.


A good practice would be to ground this air element by balancing it with earth and then putting conscious effort into the listening side of the communication equation. Listening includes to those points of view that are different than your own and make space for those POV’s to be true for them, just as your view points are true for you. 


Retrograde Saturn is in opposition to Mercury at 6°51 Capricorn (earth) and any time Saturn is involved there is a school of hard knocks on the program. This particular degree tells a story of a satyr sitting at the edge of a pond staring at it’s own reflection. The image of someone half God half Human in a deep contemplation reflecting on their karmic contracts, past behaviors of a time less conscious and continuing the punishment to a point where it’s hard to see the way out. The metaphorical foot that lands on your own head may take a miracle to remove, but that very miracle that removes it is the Highest of High Heart teachings that grant you a miracle if you can figure out how to let them in.


Saturn’s opposition to Mercury also reminds us to stay in our own lane and stay out of your defenses. The competition or opposing forces are no thread to you unless you allow them to derail you from your mission. Channel your focus and attention into your own work and let that be where you shine. You doing you to the best of your ability IS your insurance policy.  There’s no need to put down or shun another for the work they are doing. A nod of respect will do as you continue down your path.