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New Moon in Sagittarius

This New Moon is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of faith driven humanitarian action. Fiercely independent, a brilliant philosopher and seeker of truth, Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter allowing them to live with very few limitations. Sagittarius is a fun-loving, playful sign that gets away with straightforward and honest conversations, which spark deeper insights and visions for collective growth and evolution.

In astrological mythology, Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur who is half man, half horse, holding a bow and arrow. The Greek Goddess, Artemis, also carrying a bow and arrow is a powerful embodiment of Sagittarius too. They are both hunters. Hunters of truth, dreams, wisdom and magic. Both exist partially in the material world and partially in the cosmic mysteries and have the ability to travel to the Underworld, almost like a bridge between the three worlds.

Saturn, the disciplinary, wise old man calling us to up-level our alignment with our emotional and Spiritual maturity, is also sitting in Sagittarius. In some mythology, Saturn is Sagittarius’s father, offering this new moon the rebellious nature of an adventurous teenager who finds incredible joy in busting through the boundaries and structures built by their father.

This new moon’s conversation is asking you to look at how you are defining yourself in the world today. How are you contributing to the greater good and how you can focus your will and energy to give back, rather relying on society and the earth to take care of you. With Venus crossing Pluto (conjunct), we start a new cycle. It is time to re-examine your core values and your relationships with creativity, love, relationships, abundance and your use of power within these relationships.

With Saturn in Sagittarius it’s time to re-evaluate perceived limitations. The truth is, Jupiter shows us there are no limits other than what we BELIEVE there to me. Belief is magic. Change your beliefs and you experience a quantum leap in your reality. More people than ever before are experience this as truth. We NEED limitations as part of living as an Earthling on this planet in a Human body, other wise we merge back to Source and no longer have form. Once we understand that the only real limitations are the ones we agree to, we can change the agreements. Time to turn your limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs!

Neptune in Pisces is opposite the North Node of the Moon in Virgo is the polarity of initiation. Neptune is dissolving the veil of illusion, peeling back the foggy lens that we have been viewing our experience as designed by the Patriarchy. Greedy and heartless corporations have bought out the systems that were originally created to serve and protect us. It is time to smarten up and question things. Take the systemic blinders off. There are definitely positives that have come out of this industrialization period, yet power does funny things to people. It isn’t to say, reject everything that is in question, but do question. Why do we have Corporations using force to remove peaceful protesters from their own lands? Why do we have mandatory vaccinations systems? Why is the vaccination industry the only part of medicine that cannot have malpractice suits against it, met with multiple billion dollar funds to pay out vaccination injuries that once you get a pay out, you are no longer allowed to talk about the injury? Why are there so many whistle blowers coming out? When you really look at it, it is a little suspicious, don’t you think?

The comfortable illusions we have accepted in the past are dissolving. Ready or not, we are being shown behind the curtain. The veil of illusion is being lifted. Suffering is often the catalyst to get us to pay attention and transform. We don’t change when we are comfortable.

These are dark times we are living in. Take advantage of the idealistic, dreamer side of a Sagittarius New Moon and boldly see the light in these dark situations to restore! Are you devastated by what you are witnessing in Standing Rock? Isn’t it beautiful that we are connecting through prayer and peaceful action? Isn’t it about time for an honest conversation among the masses about the importance of water and the need to PRAY for our water? Isn’t it nice to witness and get involved in the native ceremonies and rituals of this land and it’s people?? Isn’t it great that a conversation has been ignited about the corporate take over of our governmental systems and that the blinders are being pulled back from so many who trusted without question? Those who are awake and waking up to it are being shown just how deep the corruption truly is! Sure, people are in uproar about the American political situation, but let’s not be blind. This bypass of care for the greater good started way before Trump’s win. Governmental pockets have been lined by billion/trillion dollar industries for years, if you didn’t believe it before – it’s hard to ignore now! What other industries have bought out our governments? And in your personal life, how can you liberate yourself by dissolving your perceptions and projections to experience expanded truths of existence. Perhaps it is time to put down your weapons and offer forgiveness and Grace.

Mercury, the traveling, cosmic messenger who governs commerce and technology, is soaring through the scene at 25* Sagittarius, starting a new cycle of it’s own after being conjunct Saturn last week.

We are being shown that one of the greatest resources we have is ourSelves: Human Resource.

It is time to give back. We have been taking from the earth and from each other for long enough. It is time to grow out of being a burden on the earth and in society and shift into giving back, into creating, into supporting, into standing for the voiceless. It is time to give your life new meaning. It is time to renew your Values and examine what is important to you in this life. No matter what your political stance or what side of the fence you sit on, the collective is losing faith in the systems and structures that support us, giving us the most beautiful opportunity to renew our faith in ourselves and each other to take care of our communities. Everyone must do their part. We will become so light if we are all activating our joy, our creative gifts and living our lives as an offering. Sagittarian energy is about setting your eyes on the prize, seeing that Higher vision and then doing everything in your power to attain it while dancing, partying and having fun along the way. There is a fire behind Sagittarian energy that is playful and transformative. It is mutable fire. Burning what didn’t work in the past so we can build a new paradigm moving forward. It’s time to release our human, egoic ambitions with Spiritual fire. We are in lands RICH with opportunities. Replace judgments with compassion so you can see the Spirit in people, rather than the wounded human expression.

Reassess how you are connecting with Spirit, with yourself, your profession, the population at large. It is time to get crafty and be a part of the solution.

Sun conjunct Saturn ~ again, collectively we are going through a maturation. The old way didn’t work. We need to actively participate in creating a new way. Unplug from the means the darker powers are using to program fear based beliefs (TV, media, movies, advertising, etc.) and become a free thinker. Even better, think less and listen more to your heart, intuition and Spirit. The Powers that be have no power if we don’t give it to them. We are being moved by what we are seeing in a way that we have never been moved before. We are being asked to face our fears and lead from love.

You have the power to choose what you are investing your time and energy into. If you are working for someone else, do you believe in what you are giving your most valuable resource to? Your mind, your heart and your time? What are you giving your life to?

What if we took a huge portion of this fight energy that is being wasted feeling hopeless and put it into creation? So you can’t be on the front lines of Standing Rock, what can you do to make your community better? How can you start to wean yourSelf off fossil fuels so there is no motivation for big oil to destroy our lands and pollute our water? In smaller, everyday moments when you notice you are being triggered, what if you chose to laugh and try a new approach instead of get frustrated? We are supported by Mars at 15* Aquarius – the futurist, the inventor. This specific degree tells us that when we are focused on the new goal, we will be flooded with new ideas and ways of being.

Engineers :: Who is going to stop using their brilliance to the perpetuation of fossil fuel consumption and devote your gift of genius into inventing and building alternative energy resources and figure out a sustainable way to get off fossil fuels?

Architects :: Who is going to dedicate their expertise into building practices that use less energy?

Conservationists :: How are you going to make your passion main stream and cool? We need to inspire the masses to consume less, to give back to the earth and protect our water supplies.

Teachers :: Teach love, compassion, connection and kindness! Teach awareness, how to give back, how to contribute and elevate! Teach awakening! Lead by the way you live.

Musicians, Story Tellers, Movie Makers :: Tell a story that matters. Move people to care about themselves and each other, to wake up, to take pride in the way they live and make a difference in the world! Let’s make it cool to contribute!

Gamers and their Creators :: STOP WITH THE VIOLENCE. You are leading the next generation. It is your responsibility to get these people creating sustainable, compassionate lives. You can do better than guns and car chases!

Police Officers :: Use your voice inside your own systems! I cannot image the conflict some of you must be feeling going to work to protect the side that is damaging the earth or protecting the criminal activity. Refuse to defend the corporations and work for the people. I have loved the reports from the Veterans who are going to stand for Standing Rock. The officers who are refusing to go defend big oil. That is such a powerful statement to everyone. I KNOW that you have hearts and that this is affecting you too.

Politicians + Social Lobbiests:: What do you need from us to lobby against the atrocities happening right now? How can we support the work you are doing so that the governmental systems can restore their original design and care for the people?

Humans :: Have you started praying yet? I don’t mean dogmatic praying or begging for for material gains. I mean, thanking Creator (or however you define Source) for this Earthly experience. Daily practices of gratitude. Apologize for the collective ignorance that is damaging the Whole. Pray for the water. Pray for those who are sick and suffering to be freed from it. Pray for your perceived enemy. Pray for your unborn grandchildren and your ancestors. Pray for the Collective’s healing and awakening. Pray for your awakening so that you can be in Service to the Whole. Pray to purify the collective Heart. Try it. See what happens.

You get the idea. Let’s break the mold! It is time to do it a little differently than before.

Gather your people, the ones you laugh with, you play with, you create with and allow yourself to dream. Get active in your community and BE THE CHANGE we have been waiting for. This is an inside job. The time is now.

For a ritual to do on this new moon, head over to Gather Sacred.

Love you Moon Mavens.

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