Virgo Virtual New Moon Circle


We gather  via Zoom. In this virtual community, we'll hold sacred circle with a guided meditation, astrological update and how you can use the astrology to uplevel your life. There will be ritual, intention setting an opportunities to share. 

As we begin to build this virtual community, there will be 11 spots available. 

We learned a LOT in the first one and already have refinements and tools being created for the next.

This time, please include your birth time, date and location so I can pull up your charts. You will also recieve instructions ahead of time on how to open your own chart so you can have it ready.  My intention is to use this as a starting point to learn how to read your OWN chart and work with the moon's energy to your benefit.


I hope you'll join us! It is sure to sell out, so don't wait to save your spot!

Practices of Self Love       Learning to Love it All

Jana Roemer