2020 - 2021 Attune to the Moon Astro Journal


This Astro Journal is a workbook, learning tool + map to harness the astrology. Within the pages of the journal, you'll find a very unconventional calendar to help get you in step with the planetary rhythm.


It starts on the Astrological New Year: Aries Season


Instead of following the months, it follows the Sun Season

{don't worry, the months are still there, it's just how it is organized}

Notations on the calendar are New + Full Moons, eclipses, retrogrades, when planets change signs and moon void of course times more then 4 hours (any more than that and it starts to get confusing!!)

Plus, each sun season gets a whole page with insights, education & journaling prompts, plus pages to write your contemplations & New Moon Intentions.

We may have sold out of the Attune to the Moon stickers, but we have magnets for the next 50 people who purchase!

The price includes shipping to the US and Canada. If you're outside of North America, please email: inquire@janaroemer.com to make arrangements, but please know that since it is callibrated to PST, the notations will be off for Europe & Australia.

NOTE: Times are PST, but it is compatable to use outside of PST.

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Jana Roemer