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I am looking for a responsible, trustworthy Soul to help me out with Freddie on this upcoming retreat in Golden AND during the Women's Teacher Training on Vancouver Island.


Ideally, this someone is sensitive to the energy of the yoga room, is interested in the material at hand, yet understands that their primary responsibility is to Freddie and in Service to the group. In my dream world, Freddie gets to stay in the yoga and workshop space as much as possible. Perhaps even sitting with me or in a carrier when he's calm. Yet in the moments he fusses or needs changing or just needs to babble or scream, there is someone there to take him out of the room, talk to him, calm him, change his diaper or feed him.


This person has experience with kids, is soft in their nature and is a practicing yogi. Your expenses to and from the retreat will be covered as well as everything at the retreat (food, accomodation, teachings that work). Specific compensation will be discussed with interested candidates.


If you think this is you, please email me ::


For the all woman's yoga retreat, the candidate is a woman and ideally lives in the area. Juliana's little boy is 2 months younger than Freddie & will need care during this training as well.  Same email for interested loves.


Thank you so so so much! 

with great love ~




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